Description: American McGee's Alice returns, with his own brand of creepy supernatural Victoriana.


  • PC
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360
Initial Release Date: Jun 14, 2011
  • Spicy Horse
Publisher: Electronic Arts


Benjamin Kerslake
Directed By: creative director
Paul Kurowski
Directed By: development director
R.J. Berg
Written By: story
Lewis Carroll
Written By: novel
American McGee
Written By: original concept
Susie Brann
Cast: Alice Liddell
Roger Jackson
Cast: The Cheshire Cat,The Mad Hatter,The March Hare,The White Rabbit,Tweedledum
Jarion Monroe
Cast: The Caterpillar
Anni Long
Cast: Queen of Hearts,Pris Witless
Charles Meyer
Cast: Tweedledee,The Mock Turtle,The Walrus,Additional Voices
Sam Gusway
Cast: The Carpenter,Additional Voices
Laura Coughlin
Cast: The Duchess
Jo Whitfield
Cast: Nan Sharpe,Additional Voices
Arran Hawkins
Cast: Wilton J. Radcliffe,The Octopus,The Doormouse,Additional Voices
Helen Goodman
Cast: Additional Voices
Susie Gordon
Cast: Additional Voices
Alistair McGowan
Cast: Dr. Angus Bumby,The Dollmaker
Wim Coveliers
Produced By: lead producer
Li Jia
Produced By: producer
Abhinav Pradhan
Produced By: producer
Allen Qiang
Produced By: producer
Roland Shaw
Sound: sound designer
Chen Baowu
Visual Effects: technical director
Yang Zhiye
Visual Effects: senior vfx artist
Xiaofeng Wang
Art Department: lead technical artist
Lin Xiao
Art Department: lead 3D artist
Lu Jun
Animation: senior animator
Chris Magovern
Animation: senior cinematic animator
Bai Yanbing
Animation: technical animator
Tang Yeping
Animation: animation director
Zhang Yu
Animation: senior animator
Lewis Carroll
special thanks
Marshall Crutcher
Music Department: composer: main theme