Description: Alien Hominid is a fast-paced 2D side scroller where players must run, jump and shoot their way across the globe in persuit of the alien's coveted UFO. This version of Alien Hominid has been built specifically for consoles and it shows. The backgrounds ooze with parallax. Shrapnel scatters all over the screen. The explosions are the greatest hand-animated explosions to ever grace a television screen. Some of the bosses are so huge that we need to zoom out the camera to show them in their entirety (it's a cool feature, kinda like the scaling in Samurai Shodown). There are 16 hot levels, complete with mini-bosses and main-bosses. We've brought back all your old favorites and thrown in tons more. This game is overflowing with enemies, and they come armed to the teeth. Have no fear, the alien's arsenal has been taken up a notch! You now have seven power-up weapons, which also upgrade your grenades. A charge shot has been added so you can hold down your button and unleash a giant ball of destruction. You can dig into the ground for defensive measures, then reach up and pull your enemies under. Enemy riding and head biting is still intact, but you can now also flip over an enemy and carry him, or throw him in eight directions! Even two-player has been added, with the classic "press start to jump in at any time" mechanics! Twice the firepower! [Behemoth]


  • Xbox
  • PlayStation 2
  • GameCube
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Xbox 360
Initial Release Date: Nov 21, 2004
  • The Behemoth
Publisher: O3 Entertainment