Description: On a cold distant planet, the war against extinction is on and your command skills will determine its outcome. Control an Alien hive, Predator clan, or lead an elite squad of Colonial Marines and fight for the survival of your race. Harness the unique advantages as an Alien, Predator or Colonial Marine to wage war in 21 single-player missions. Control one of three different races - each with its own characteristics and abilities to suit any style of play. Upgrade up to 10 different unit types of various races including new, never before seen units such as the Predator Hydra or Alien Ravager. Engage the enemy in 21 unique maps, from jungles to deserts to high-tech laboratories. Utilize powerful resources and strategies including pulse rifles, exosuits and air strikes to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. [Electronic Arts]


  • Xbox
  • PlayStation 2
Initial Release Date: Jul 30, 2003
  • Zono Inc.
Publisher: EA Games