Description: It's 1765. 10 years before the American Revolutionary War in the north, Spanish forces plan to take control of the Louisiana Territory in the south...but they have yet to reckon with Aveline, a deadly Assassin who uses every weapon and well-honed skill in her arsenal to win freedom for her land and her people. Whether silently eliminating her enemies with vicious slow-motion chain kills or luring them into deadly traps, Aveline strikes mortal fear into the hearts of any who stand in her way. As an Assassin, Aveline finds herself on an unforgettable journey that will take her from the crowded streets and voodoo-haunted swamps of New Orleans to ancient Mayan ruins. She plays a pivotal role in the turbulent birth of the new nation and fights for freedom not only for herself, but for her fellow citizens, as well. [Sony]


  • PlayStation Vita
Initial Release Date: Oct 30, 2012
  • Ubisoft Sofia
Publisher: Ubisoft


Bozhidar Grozdanov
Written By: original story by
Jill Murray
Written By
Andreas Apergis
Cast: Erudito
Shawn Baichoo
Cast: Protester #3,Town Crier
Michael Benyaer
Cast: Additional Voices
JB Blanc
Cast: Rousillion
Steve Blum
Cast: Additional Voices
Claudia Besso
Cast: Additional Voices
Jon Curry
Cast: Additional Voices
Jake Eberle
Cast: Additional Voices
Gideon Emery
Cast: Additional Voices
Susan Glover
Cast: Additional Voices
Michael Gough
Cast: Additional Voices
Arthur Holden
Cast: Gilbert Antoine de Saint-Maxent,Spanish Guardsman
Mark Ivanir
Cast: Additional Voices
Alex Ivanovici
Cast: Letter from Vásquez,Spanish Guard Captain
Nick Jameson
Cast: Additional Voices
Marcel Jeannin
Cast: Phillippe Olivier de Grandpré,Carlos Domínguez
Olivier Lamarche
Cast: Gérald Blanc,Spanish Guardsman
Eleanor Noble
Cast: Additional Voices
Leni Parker
Cast: Madeleine de L'Isle
Christopher Lee Parson
Cast: Additional Voices
Simon Peacock
Cast: Additional Voices
Phil Proctor
Cast: Additional Voices
Peter Renaday
Cast: Additional Voices
Eliza Schneider
Cast: Additional Voices
Jennifer Seguin
Cast: Animus
André Sogliuzzo
Cast: Slaver
Elias Toufexis
Cast: Additional Voices
Vlasta Vrana
Cast: Additional Voices
Dave Wittenberg
Cast: Additional Voices
Sean Burgos
Cast: Spanish Guards
Mark Camacho
Cast: Additional Voices
Lucinda Davis
Cast: Jeanne
Bruce Dinsmore
Cast: Governor Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie,Protestor #1
Dave Fennoy
Cast: Houngan
Amber Goldfarb
Cast: Aveline de Grandpré
Tristan D. Lalla
Cast: Agaté
Luca Massimo
Cast: Additional Voices
Chimwemwe Miller
Cast: Slave
Christian Paul
Cast: George Davidson
Conrad Pla
Cast: Diego Vásquez
Kwasi Songui
Cast: Baptiste
Noah Watts
Cast: Connor Kenway (Ratonhnhaké:ton)
Kyle Switzer
Sound: trailer sound designer
Ivet Jordanova
Visual Effects: lighting artist,visual effects artist
Ashley Keeler
Visual Effects: motion capture consultant: Synertial
Alexandre Messier
Visual Effects: motion capture specialist
Nikolay Peev
Art Department: 3d environment artist
Sébastien Rouleau
Stunts: stunt performer
Peter Arpesella
dialect coach
Stone Chin
pr manager
Yerman Gur
dialect coach
Serge Hascoet
chief creative officer: Ubisoft
Julia Lenardon
dialect coach
Simon Peacock
voice director
Amanda Wyatt
voice director
Brent Wilkinson
director: customer support & production planning
Winifred Phillips
Music Department: vocals performed by
Winnie Waldron
Music Department: music producer
Jean Boucher
Casting Department: casting coordinator