Description: D4 is an episodic murder mystery for the Xbox One where you must use your ability to go back in time to solve the mystery of your wife's murder.


  • Xbox One
  • PC
Initial Release Date: Sep 19, 2014
  • Access Games
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios


Directed By
Written By: screenplay writer
Ben Pronsky
Cast: David Young
David Lodge
Cast: Forrest Kaysen
Carrie Keranen
Cast: Peggy Young
Erika Harlacher
Cast: Olivia Jones
Liam O'Brien
Cast: Phillip Cheney
Amanda Rollins
Cast: Deborah Anderson
Ben Giroux
Cast: Antonio 'Rabbit' Zapatero
Chris Tergliafera
Cast: Roland Walken
Michael Sorich
Cast: Derek Buchanan
Ray Chase
Cast: Duncan
Richard Epcar
Cast: August Oldmann
Victor Sgroi
Cast: Additional Voices
Caitlin Chang
Cast: Additional Voices
Eri Escamez
Sound: additional sound designer,sound effects editor
Nick Friedemann
Sound: sound editor
Rick Hernandez
Sound: sound designer
Justin Kohler
Sound: sound designer
James Scullion
Sound: sound editor
Tony Solis
Sound: sound designer
Jun Umeda
Sound: dialogue recordist
Chad Greene
Art Direction
A.J. Gam
production coordinator
Jason Wohlfeil
test engineer
Ivan Linn
Music Department: pianist