Description: Fifteen years following the events depicted in the multi-award winning "Deus Ex," the world is just beginning to recover from catastrophic depression. As an elite anti-terrorist agent, you must fight numerous militant factions bent on violently reshaping the world to suit their own agendas. Using high-tech gadgetry and futuristic body modification (or biomods), you are granted near superhuman powers. Travel the globe while uncovering fiendish plots of world domination. Unmask the conspirators, while uncovering the shocking truth behind your own origins.


  • Xbox
  • PC
Initial Release Date: Dec 2, 2003
  • Ion Storm
Publisher: Eidos Interactive


Harvey Smith
Directed By
Abigail Windham
Cast: Generic Citizen
Alexander Brandon
Cast: Tracer Tong,Generic Citizen
Bernadette Nason
Cast: Leila Nassif,WTO Guard,Egyptian Citizen
Bill Johnson
Cast: Generic Citizen
Bill Wise
Cast: SSC Guard,Announcer (TalkBullet)
Christopher Sabat
Cast: Alex D (Male)
Dane Hereford
Cast: Thug
Deborah Jolly
Cast: Generic Citizen
Edwin Neal
Cast: Generic Citizen,WTO Guard
Elizabeth Byrd
Cast: Vera Maxwell,Generic Citizen
Ellen Locy
Cast: Nicolette Duclare,Generic Citizen
Free Dominguez
Cast: NG Resonance
Glen Powell
Cast: Urchin
Gray G. Haddock
Cast: SSC Guard,Announcer (American)
Halim Jabbour
Cast: Egyptian Citizen
Hash Patel
Cast: Egyptian Citizen,Announcer (Egyptian)
Heather Kafka
Cast: Billie Adams
J.C. Shakespeare
Cast: Templar Soldier
Jasmine Baker
Cast: Lin May Chen
Jason Douglas
Cast: Sid Black
Jason Henderson
Cast: Order Seeker
Jay Anthony Franke
Cast: JC Denton,Paul Denton
Jessica Robinson
Cast: Templar Soldier
James M. Daly III
Cast: German Citizen
John Dodson
Cast: Scientist
Kevin Remington
Cast: German Citizen,Announcer (German)
Lane West
Cast: SSC Guard,Announcer (American)
Laura Bailey
Cast: Alex D (Female)
Lisl Friday
Cast: SSC Guard
Marci Winters
Cast: Order Seeker
Mark Turner
Cast: Illuminati Elite Troop,WTO Chief
Michea Carter
Cast: Thug
Mona Hosseiny
Cast: Egyptian Girl
Myra Spector
Cast: Egyptian Citizen,Scientist
Paul Norton
Cast: Chad Dumier,Silas Archer
Paula Rester
Cast: German Citizen,Order Seeker
Ricardo Bare
Cast: Gray,Omar Trader
Robert Graham
Cast: Saman
Robert Ashker Kraft
Cast: WTO Guard,Omar Protector
Robert Newell
Cast: Leo Jankowski
Ryan Wickerham
Cast: Generic Citizen
Steven Chester Prince
Cast: Templar Soldier
Sue Birch
Cast: Donna Morgan
Terri Brosius
Cast: Ava Johnson
Tiffany Grant
Cast: Klara Sparks
Tom Hall
Cast: Dr. Stan Carnegie,Project Director
Whitney Ayers
Cast: SSC Chief
Limm Sueii
Cast: Soldier
Michael Whitener
Cast: Scientist #3
Mark Lampert
Sound: dialogue editor
Warren Spector
Production Design: designer
Mark Vearrier
Visual Effects: digital effects artist
Den Johnson
Art Department: art department
Andy Cockell
head of creative
Steve Powers
game designer
Jason Walker
mastering manager
Francesco Fraulo
functional test lead: Microsoft UK