Description: Master deep, tactical combat. Join up to 3 other players - but know that only one of you will have the chance to become a God.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Sep 14, 2017
  • Larian Studios Games
Publisher: Larian Studios Games


Swen Vincke
Directed By
Chris Avellone
Written By: consultant
Sarah Baylus
Written By: senior writer
John Corcoran
Written By: writer
Devin Doyle
Written By: writer
Charlene Putney
Written By: writer
Rachel Quirke
Written By: additional writing
Stephen Rooney
Written By: writer
Jan Van Dosselaer
Written By: lead writer
Ine Van Hamme
Written By: additional writing
Kevin VanOrd
Written By: writer
Brian Bowles
Cast: Narrator
Alix Wilton Regan
Cast: Sebille
Harry Hadden-Paton
Cast: The Red Prince
Alec Newman
Cast: Beast
Chris Finney
Cast: Ifan ben-Mezd
Tamaryn Payne
Cast: Lohse
Mark Healy
Cast: Male Player Warrior 1
Mary Stockley
Cast: Female Player Warrior 1
Karl Jenkinson
Cast: Male Player Warrior 2
Gemma Stroyan
Cast: Female Player Warrior 2
Arthur Bostrom
Cast: Male Player Scholar
Deeivya Meir
Cast: Female Player Scholar
Paul J Rose
Cast: Male Player Fun
Jessica Carroll
Cast: Various
Amelia Tyler
Cast: Malady
Charlotte Lucas
Cast: The Meistr
Angus King
Cast: Tarquin
Ruben Crow
Cast: Gareth
Andres Williams
Cast: Various
Annabelle Dowler
Cast: Saheila,Amadia,Various
Arkie Reece
Cast: Kniles the Flenser,Elf Warrior,Dominick,Matis,Various
Drew Horner
Cast: Kerban,Brother Bire,Spirit of Kerban,Bunny
Emily Houghton
Cast: Feder,Tarlene,Waltz,Shrieker,Flaming Pig,Various
Harry Myers
Cast: Lohar
Jack Goddard
Cast: Various
Jay Britton
Cast: Zharat,Various
Jennifer English
Cast: Leya,Various
Joseph Capp
Cast: The Shadow Prince
Kate Kennedy
Cast: Elves,Dwarves,Flaming Pig
Liane-Rose Bunce
Cast: Han,Mody,Various
Stephen Hogan
Cast: Goblin King
Tracy Wiles
Cast: Various
Robert Brown
Cast: Black Ring Commander
Octaaf Fieremans
Produced By: producer
David Walgrave
Produced By: executive producer
Rob Brown
Sound: dialogue editor
Gabriel May
Sound: dialogue editor
Benjamin Rooker
Sound: dialogue editor
Marcel Zinatulin
Sound: sound designer
Joachim Vleminckx
Art Direction
Bert Van Semmertier
Assistant Director: technical director
Cliff Laureys
Art Department: 2d artist
Koen Van Mierlo
Art Department: technical art director
Isabella Walsh
Art Department: sculptor
Steven Hamel
Animation: 3d animator
Thierry Van Gyseghem
Animation: animation director
Jacqui Bardelang
Casting Department: casting coordinator