Description: The crime world's fastest getaway driver is back on the streets in Driver 2, the sequel to the action-packed Driver. Like its predecessor, Driver 2 is an adrenalin-fueled, high-speed car chase through the streets of four cities, where you, as Tanner, infiltrate the criminal underworld, using your driving skills as well as your cunning to disrupt their plans. All the true-to-life features of Driver; such as realistic car handling, complete with damage modeling and true, real-world physics reactions on all cars; extensive production, giving the cities an amazing realism, featuring recognizable landmarks; new features such as foot missions, dual player, and the enhanced cut scenes make this game a real adrenalin rush.


  • PlayStation
Initial Release Date: Nov 14, 2000
  • Reflections Interactive
Publisher: Infogrames


Martin Edmondson
Written By: concept
Maurice Suckling
Written By: screenplay
Antonio Fargas
Cast: Detective Tobias Jones
Kurt Busch
Produced By: executive producer
Kirby Fong
Produced By: producer
Sarah Wadey
Produced By: producer: FMVs
Martin Edmondson
development director,game designer
Joseph Gatt
motion capture actor: "Tanner"
Craig Lawson
game designer