Description: Utilize magic as a deadly weapon while defending the fate of Albion. Embark on a perilous quest to unmask the evil that threatens the land as you learn how to harness your plentiful and mysterious powers. Give up your easy-going nomadic life and become heroic as you help decide the fate of Albion. Assume the role of Gabriel and defend Albion from the dark Corruption in this story chock full of Fable's signature wry humor. Fable: The Journey thrusts you in a role-playing experience with a host of familiar faces and foes. In this action-packed adventure you’ll form a lasting bond with your horse through an emotional journey.


  • Xbox 360
Initial Release Date: Oct 9, 2012
  • Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios


Kevin McMullan
Directed By
Rich Bryant
Written By: writer
Martin Alexander Korda
Written By: lead writer
James Swallow
Written By: writer
Zoë Wanamaker
Cast: Theresa
Geoffrey Breton
Cast: Gabriel
Susie Trayling
Cast: Theresa #1
Kelly Williams
Cast: Theresa #2
Alastair Parker
Cast: Fergus
Max Brown
Cast: Katlan
John Talbot
Cast: The Ferryman
Caitlin Mottram
Cast: Betty
Adam Croasdell
Cast: Ghost #1
Michael Chomiak
Cast: Ghost #2
Guy Henderson
Cast: The Hollowman
Jason Baughan
Cast: Benny
Adjoa Andoh
Cast: The Temptress
Andrew Buchan
Cast: Finley
Anthony May
Cast: Sol,The Devourer,Daniel
David Annen
Cast: Preacher
David de Keyser
Cast: The Corruptor
Derek Riddell
Cast: Tutorial Narrator
Mark Healy
Cast: Sergeant Pullman,Ghost Soldier
Pandora Colin
Cast: Stone
Rupert Evans
Cast: Blaze
Timothy Watson
Cast: Captain Flower,Xander,Ghost Soldier
Tom Bromhead
Cast: Lobber,Rider
Jemma Harris
Produced By: producer
Peter Burgis
Sound: foley artist
Eliot Connors
Sound: sound designer
Glen Gathard
Sound: sound designer
Nerses Gezalyan
Sound: foley mixer
Bryan Higa
Sound: Sound Designer
Justin Langley
Sound: sound recordist
Kristoffer Larson
Sound: sound designer
Connie Kennedy
Visual Effects: virtual production producer
Ken Wilder
Visual Effects: cinematic visual effects artist: Rhythm&Hues
Jamie Galipeau
Animation: animation lead
Tina Nischan
Animation: animator
Alexander Leeman Johnson
production assistant
Peter Molyneux
creative consultant
Gavin Skinner
additional level design
Stuart Whyte
chief publishing officer
Tom Wiggin