Description: [WiiWare] FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS is the sequel to the hit RPG FINAL FANTASY IV. The story takes place many years after the original and centers on a young man named Ceodore, son of the paladin Cecil and the white mage Rosa, who, along with their loyal and steadfast friends, once saved the world from evil born of the second moon. Now, monsters are reappearing in a world that had finally attained peace. The second moon has returned anew. What tidings does this ominous harbinger bring? Familiar faces and new allies join the battle to save the Blue Planet once more. [Nintendo]


  • Wii
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • PC
Initial Release Date: Jun 1, 2009
  • Matrix Software
Publisher: Square Enix


Toshio Akiyama
Directed By
Ichiro Tezuka
Written By
Takashi Tokita
Written By
Takashi Tokita
Produced By: producer