Description: In Football Manager 2019 YOU are the author of your club's success: you define the tactics and style of play, and drive player recruitment to build the ultimate squad. You take an active role on the training ground, developing your squad and fine-tuning the preparations for upcoming matches. Then, when Match Day arrives, you take your place on the touchline, overseeing proceedings as your players cross that magical white line. Now, your footballing vision is put to the test! Will the perfect substitution or tactical tweak be the difference between an agonising defeat or an ecstatic victory? Features: * Test your skills in 50 of the biggest footballing countries. * Climb to the top of the table and beyond with any one of world's top 2500 clubs. * Play the transfer market and scout more than 500,000 real players and staff. * Watch your unique football vision play-out on our acclaimed 3D engine.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Nov 2, 2018
  • Sports Interactive
Publisher: Sega