Description: Forced is a 1-4-player co-op arcade action RPG with puzzle and tactical elements. You are cast as slaves in the toughest fantasy gladiator school of them all, condemned to fight as a gladiator and eventually win your freedom.


  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Wii U
  • PlayStation 4
Initial Release Date: Oct 24, 2013
  • BetaDwarf
Publisher: BetaDwarf


Tim Ekberg
Cast: Balfus,The Master, Slarth, Narrator
Calle Leppäjoki
Cast: Wrathhoof, Graw, Mordar
Fredrik Häthén
Cast: Slarth, Mordar
Grahn Emma
Cast: Mordar
Greulich Christoffer
Produced By: producer
Daniel Rocha Larsen
Produced By: programming producer
Johnny Myhre Mikkeslen
Produced By: programming producer
Jan Olesen
Produced By: programming producer
Bjorn Trollmo Rogetzy
Produced By: programming producer
Jesper Kristiansen
Sound: sound designer
Klaes Simonsen
Visual Effects: 3d artist
Peter Buje
Art Department: lead designer
Lange-Nielsen Filip
Animation: additional design
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