Description: Developed by acclaimed studio Epic Games and available only on Xbox 360, "Gears of War 3" plunges players into a harrowing tale of hope, survival, and brotherhood that will conclude the current story arc for "Gears of War." With the last human city destroyed and the remaining survivors stranded, time is running out for Marcus and his comrades as they fight to save the human race from the jaws of extinction.


  • Xbox 360
Initial Release Date: Sep 20, 2011
  • Epic Games
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios


Aaron Linde
Written By
Eric Nylund
Written By
Karen Traviss
Written By
John DiMaggio
Cast: Marcus Fenix,Minion
Carlos Ferro
Cast: Dominic Santiago,Trescu
Fred Tatasciore
Cast: Damon Baird,Locust Drone,Locust Boomer,Thrashball Player #1
Lester Speight
Cast: Augustus Cole
Nan McNamara
Cast: Anya Stroud,Warehouse Woman #1,Escaping Stranded Woman
Claudia Black
Cast: Sam Byrne
Cast: Griffin
Michael B. Jordan
Cast: Jace Stratton
Dwight Schultz
Cast: Chairman Prescott,Old Man,Ash Man
Peter Renaday
Cast: Adam Fenix,Various Stranded
Michael Gough
Cast: Anthony Carmine,Benjamin Carmine,Clayton Carmine
Robin Atkin Downes
Cast: Locust Kantus,Locust Boomer,Male Former
Dee Bradley Baker
Cast: Theron Guard,Locust Drone
Carolyn Seymour
Cast: Myrrah
Jamie Alcroft
Cast: Victor Hoffman
Tess Masters
Cast: Bernie,Various Stranded
Peter Jason
Cast: Dizzy,Captain Michaelson
Gideon Emery
Cast: Stranded Crew #1,Thrashball Fan #1
Peter Jessop
Cast: Stranded Crew #2
Yuri Lowenthal
Cast: Stranded Crew #3,KR-70 Pilot,Balcony Man,Door Gunner
Keith Ferguson
Cast: Stranded Crew #4
Neil Kaplan
Cast: Stranded Crew #7
Jennifer Hale
Cast: Stranded Crew #8,Warehouse Stranded Leader,Faraday,Azura Voice
Chris Edgerly
Cast: Sailor #1,Stranded Guard
Brian Bloom
Cast: Pilot,Guard,Drone,Boomer,Additional
Chris Cox
Cast: KR-03 Pilot
Fay Masterson
Cast: Warehouse Woman #2
Greg Grunberg
Cast: KR-01 Pilot
Audrey Wasilewski
Cast: Various Stranded
Courtenay Taylor
Cast: Female Former,Various Stranded
Salli Saffioti
Cast: Stranded Female
Isaiah Mustafa
Cast: COG Gear
Jordan De Geus
Cast: Quality Assurance Tester
Brittany Goodwin
Cast: Samantha Byrne
Richard Chapman Jr.
Cast: Additional Voices
Bob gunter
Cast: Additional Voices
Justin C. Shaw
Cast: Young Jace Stratton
Rick D. Wasserman
Cast: Michael Barrick
Kira Anderson
Sound: dialogue editor
Zak Belica
Sound: audio director
Will Best
Sound: adr recordist
Chris Borders
Sound: voiceover director
Mark Camperell
Sound: dialogue editor
Bryan Celano
Sound: sound designer: In-Game Cinematics
Emma Emrich
Sound: audio production coordinator,studio assistant
Daniel P. Francis
Sound: dialogue editor
Judah Getz
Sound: original dialogue mixer
Elizabeth Johnson
Sound: dialogue editor
Daniel Khim
Sound: dialogue editor
Jacob Kinch
Sound: sound editor
Joey Kuras
Sound: additional sound designer
Michael Larson
Sound: audio director
Amanda Long
Sound: sound editor
Noa Lothian
Sound: sound designer
Eric Marks
Sound: dialogue editor
Jean-Édouard Miclot
Sound: additional sound designer
Garrett Montgomery
Sound: dialogue editor
James Moriana
Sound: foley artist: In-Game Cinematics
Chris Pinkston
Sound: dialogue editor
Jamey Scott
Sound: lead sound designer
Brett Voss
Sound: foley mixer: In-Game Cinematics
Csaba Wagner
Sound: sound designer: In-Game Cinematics
Jeffrey Wilhoit
Sound: foley artist: In-Game Cinematics
Brian S.M. Wroth
Sound: dialogue editor
Chris Borders
Casting Director
Francois Antoine
Visual Effects: senior visual effects
Ryan Apuy
Visual Effects: digital effects artist
Orlando Barrowes
Visual Effects: visual effects artist
Adrian Dimond
Visual Effects: cinematic character rigging lead: Digital Domain
Alia Dong-Stewart
Visual Effects: mocap technician
Jon Gourley
Visual Effects: cinematics artist
Josh LaBrot
Visual Effects: motion editor/animator
Wes Louie
Visual Effects: VFX concept artist
Richard S. Morton
Visual Effects: cg supervisor
Chris Bartlett
Art Department: graphics designer
Collin Grant
Art Department: storyboard artist
Ben Shafer
Art Department: senior concept artist
Derek Crosby
Animation: Visual Effects Artist
Josh Hutchins
Animation: motion capture specialist
Aaron Lambert
Animation: animator
Eric LaShelle
Animation: lead animator: cinematics
Mahyar Sadri
Animation: cinematic animator
Wesley Welcomer
Animation: motion capture animator
Alex Whitney
Animation: cinematic facial animator
Tom Arnold
special thanks
Jimmy Fallon
special thanks
Eric Holmes
special thanks
Larry Hryb
special thanks
Phil Spencer
special thanks
Dallas Aimer
Music Department: orchestrator
Jeffrey Biggers
Music Department: score mixer
Lori Castro
Music Department: assistant engineer
Erick DeVore
Music Department: technical score engineer
Dave Holden
Music Department: synth programming
Philip Klein
Music Department: orchestrator
Penka Kouneva
Music Department: lead orchestrator
Christopher Lord
Music Department: electronic music
Northwest Sinfonia
Music Department: music performed by
Robert Puff
Music Department: music preparation
Pieter Schlosser
Music Department: composer: additional music
Jacob Shea
Music Department: composer: additional music
Allen Vizzutti
Music Department: musician: trumpet
Nathan Whitehead
Music Department: composer: additional music