Description: Assume the role of the last known human in the universe, and all that's left of you is a disembodied head. Seeking clues to your fractured past, you must travel through a hostile world of machines using a special helmet that allows you to dock into and take control of any robotic host body. As you launch from one body to the next, you'll start to discover that things are not quite what they appear to be, and the fate of humanity has yet to be decided. From Double Fine Productions, Headlander is a a retro-futuristic, side-scrolling, action-adventure game set in a world inspired by 70’s science fiction. It's a world of automation, a utopia gone wrong in which all of humanity have transferred their minds into robotic imposter bodies and are ruled by a deranged computer.


  • PC
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
Initial Release Date: Jul 26, 2016
  • Double Fine Productions
Publisher: Adult Swim


Lee Petty
Directed By
Lee Petty
Written By
Phil Proctor
Cast: Methuselah
Grey Griffin
Cast: Krystal-9,Persephone-3,Female Citizen 3
Richard Steven Horvitz
Cast: MAPPY,Male Citizen 2,ART-E
Mike Loprete
Cast: ROOD,Male Citizen 3,Pre-War Drone
Nika Futterman
Cast: Kill Queen,Electrosux 2
David Kaye
Cast: King,Male Citizen 1,Patrol Shepard,Evacutron
Cassandra Lee Morris
Cast: Rhea-6,Hunter Shepard,Electosux 3
Courtenay Taylor
Cast: Artemis-11,Female Patrol Shepard
Jeannie Elias
Cast: Soldier Rebel,Female Citizen 2
Steve Blum
Cast: Riot Shepard,Announcer,Scientist
Jonathan Lipow
Cast: ERL,Newscaster
Michelle Wong
Cast: Female Citizen,Rebel 2
Christopher Lam
Animation: lead animator
Miyuki M. Richardson
Animation: animator
Jon M. Gibson
the producers wish to thank
Amanda White
the producers wish to thank