Description: Death Awaits HITMAN 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy and takes players around the world on a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox locations. Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional for the most important contracts of his entire career. Supported by his Agency handler, Diana Burnwood, 47 joins forces with his long-lost friend Lucas Grey. Their ultimate mission is to eliminate the partners of Providence, but they are forced to adapt as their hunt intensifies. When the dust settles, 47 and the world he inhabits will never be the same again. Top of the World Every mission location in HITMAN 3 is meticulously detailed and packed full of creative opportunities. Players will have unrivalled freedom to complete their objectives and the game world will react to everything they do. A Platform of Assassination The World of Assassination trilogy is fully realised with HITMAN 3 as the ultimate place to play all three games. Players of previous HITMAN games will be pleased to know that it will be possible to 'import' locations that they own from the previous two HITMAN games into HITMAN 3, essentially putting all 20+ locations from the entire trilogy in one place. Playing the entire trilogy from beginning to end, from within HITMAN 3, also means that the progression systems in HITMAN 3 work across all locations. You can unlock an item in Dubai and take it with you to Paris, for example. HITMAN 2 players will have the option to carry over their hard-earned unlocks and progression into HITMAN 3.


  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: Jan 20, 2021
  • Io Interactive
Publisher: Io Interactive


Nick Price
Written By: lead writer
Michael Vogt
Written By: main writer
Oliver Winding
Written By: writer
Christel Cecilie Graabæk
Written By: writer
Janine Hawkins
Written By: writer
Mikkel Bak Sørensen
Written By: writer
David Bateson
Cast: Agent 47
Jane Perry
Cast: Diana Burnwood,Greed
John Hopkins
Cast: Lucas Grey
Philip Rosch
Cast: Arthur Edwards (The Constant)
Isaura Barbé-Brown
Cast: Olivia Hall
Kerry Shale
Cast: Carl Ingram
Iain Batchelor
Cast: Marcus Stuyvesant
Moir Leslie
Cast: Alexa Carlisle
Derek Hagen
Cast: Montgomery,SpecOps 01,Orson,Commentator,Civilian Male 07,Ajit 'AJ' Krish,The Censor,Supporting Cast - A Gilded Cage,Supporting Cast - Freedom Fighters
Nicholas Goh
Cast: Hush
Elsie Bennett
Cast: Imogen Royce,Civilian Female 05,Lucy Phillips,Supporting Cast,Shisha Cafe Waitress,Hotel Staff Members,Hotel Guests,Hospital Patients,Heidi Santoro,Penelope Graves,Sister Yulduz
Yolanda Vazquez
Cast: Tamara Vidal
Nathan Osgood
Cast: Don Yates,Civilian Male 10,Omar Al-Ghazali
Ben Crowe
Cast: Bodyguard 04,Supporting Cast
Gideon Emery
Cast: Bodyguard 03
Peter Arpesella
Cast: Bodyguard 02
Adam Bond
Cast: Bodyguard 05,Cortázar
Sean Power
Cast: Bodyguard 06,Greed
Harrison Collett
Cast: Bodyguard 07
Merle Dandridge
Cast: Civilian Female 03
Shea Hall
Cast: Civilian Female 06,Cornelia Stuyvesant,Pam Kinglsey
Cast: Bodyguard 08,SpecOps
Agni Scott
Cast: Civilian Female 01
Susan Taylor
Cast: Civilian Female 08
Rebecca Crankshaw
Cast: Civilian Female 08,Rebecca Carlisle,Miranda Jamison,Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating,Civilian Female 09
Adam Kenneth Wilson
Cast: Civilian Male 01
Karen Ascoe
Cast: Civilian Female 10,Emma Carlisle
Keythe Farley
Cast: Civilian Male 02,Mansion Staff,Event Staff,Club Crew,Waiters
Raphael Corkhill
Cast: Civilian Male 03
Oliver Cotton
Cast: Civilian Male 05,Gregory Carlisle,Mr. Fernsby,Supporting Cast,Tharn Srisai,Hotel Staff Member,Hotel Groundskeeper,Hospital Director,Hotel Staff,Landlord,Wes Liston,Ezra Berg,The Curator
Andy Hoff
Cast: Civilian Male 04
Jewels Jaselle
Cast: Civilian Female 02
Abigail Revasch
Cast: Civilian Female 03,Art Crew,Mansion Staff,Partygoers,Club Crew,Facility Analysts,Waitress,Winery Worker,Providence Herald
Matthew Gravelle
Cast: Civilian Male 06,Patrick Carlisle,Rolf Hirschmüller,Corvo Black,Greed,The Collector,Supporting Cast,Hotel Waiter,Hotel Staff Member,Hotel Groundskeeper,Recording Crew,Hacker,Morgue Doctor,Resort Chefs,Hospital Patient,Abel De Silva,The Herald,Nicholas Laurent
Ethan Olson
Cast: Civilian Male 12,Hugo Großer,Waiters,Event Staff,Penthouse Staff,Facility Analysts
Alexander McMorran
Cast: Civilian Male 08,Flowers,Galen Vholes,The White Rabbit
Al Rodrigo
Cast: Civilian Male 13,Providence Herald,The Band Member,Aidan,Waiters
Sophia Claire Thompson
Cast: Civilian Female 11,Marion Keene
Lance C. Fuller
Cast: Civilian Male 09,Aron Ford, Jr.,Steven Bradley,Jimmy Chen
George Weightman
Cast: Crowd
Nancy Richards
Cast: Civilian Female 12,Wrath
Richard Stemp
Cast: Civilian Male 11,Edward Carlisle
Vera Chok
Cast: Chinese Civilian Female 01,Chen Ting,Wang Junli,Jiao
Sarah Lam
Cast: Chinese Civilian Female 02,Sister Lei
Windson Liong
Cast: Chinese Civilian Male 01
Johnny Ong
Cast: Chinese Civilian Male 02
Priya Davdra
Cast: Hindi Civilian Female 02
Sheena Bhattessa
Cast: Hindi Civilian Female 03
Aman Mehra
Cast: Hindi Civilian Male 04,Karan Dhar,Bhavin Sagar,Vanya's Servant,Bollywood Crew
Aakash Shukal
Cast: Hindi Civilian Male 03
Célia Alturas
Cast: Hispanic Civilian Female 01
Catalina Lutz
Cast: Hispanic Civilian Female 02
Kelly Agredo
Cast: Hispanic Civilian Female 03,Valentina Yates
Luis Soto
Cast: Hispanic Civilian Male 01,Pablo Liosa
Paulo Rivera
Cast: Hispanic Civilian Male 02,Gabriel Vargas
Rob Pomfret
Cast: Hispanic Civilian Male 03
Jackson Gutierrez
Cast: Hispanic Civilian Male 04,Miguel Llosa
Ash Rizi
Cast: Vicente Murilla,Hispanic Thug 01
Jose Palma
Cast: Hispanic Thug 03
Royce Pierreson
Cast: SpecOps 02,Supporting Cast - A Gilded Cage,Militia Soldiers,Militia Technician,Supporting Cast - Freedom Fighters
Richard Katz
Cast: Janus
Algernon Bulseco
Cast: Peacock
Richard Teverson
Cast: Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer
Michelle Asante
Cast: Olivia Hall,Inez Ekwensi,Adeze Oijofor,Elusive Target Cast
Simon Thorp
Cast: Peter Burnwood
Amanda Drew
Cast: Nancy Burnwood
Sean Bean
Cast: Mark Faba
Amy Maghera
Cast: Hindi Civilian Female 01
Antonia Bernath
Cast: Sierra Knox
Elena Saurel
Cast: Announcer
Ina Marie Smith
Cast: Knight
James Goode
Cast: Jorge Franco
James Sobol Kelly
Cast: Nolan Cassidy,Ken Morgan,Sean Rose
Joan Carles Suau
Cast: Hispanic Thug 02
Laila Pyne
Cast: Zoe,Sophia Washington
Martin McDougall
Cast: Robert Knox
Matthew Brenher
Cast: Tyson Williams
Narinder Samra
Cast: Hindi Civilian Male 01
Nicholas Khan
Cast: Hindi Thug 03
Norah Lopez Holden
Cast: Alma Reynard
Osy Ikhile
Cast: Stone
Ramesh G Nair
Cast: Hindi Thug 01
Ravin J. Ganatra
Cast: Hindi Thug 02
Ronan Summers
Cast: Rico Delgado
Sagar Arya
Cast: Dawood Rangan
Salli Saffioti
Cast: Civilian Female 07,Francesca De Santis
Shiraz Yasin
Cast: Hindi Civilian Male 02
Shivani Ghai
Cast: Vanya Shah
Stewart Scudamore
Cast: The Maelstrom
Yolanda Kettle
Cast: Andrea Martinez
Zigi Ellison
Cast: Athena Savalas
William Salyers
Cast: Erich Soders
Ramon Tikaram
Cast: Mr. Fanin
Alex Wyndham
Cast: The Herald
Peter Vollebregt
Cast: Viktor Novikov
Jon Curry
Cast: Viktor Novikov,Marco Abiatti
Alec Newman
Cast: Brendan Conner,Wen Ts'ai,Pavel Frydel,Keratoplasty Patient,Elusive Target Cast,Supporting Cast,Oybek Nabazov
Catharina Christie
Cast: Nila Torvik,Nicolette,Gabriel Santos Entourage,Etta Davis,Elusive Target Cast,Supporting Cast
Gary Busey
Cast: Gary Busey
Gary Cole
Cast: Gary Cole
Nicholas Boulton
Cast: Warlord Bodyguard,Walter Williams,Pertti Järnefelt,Otoplasty Patient,Elusive Target Cast,Walter Menard,Supporting Cast,Brother Akram,Klaus Leibleid
Timothy Watson
Cast: Anthony L. Troutt,Richard J. Magee,Rhinoplasty Patient,Mr. Giggles,Elusive Target Cast,Supporting Cast,Craig Black,Owen Cage
Andrea Deck
Cast: Supporting Cast
Brian Kimmet
Cast: Training Mechanics,Training Civilians,Training Guards,Sophus Fatale,Palace Chef,Dr. Oscar Lafayette,Street Performer,Movie Crew,Special Effects Crew,Headmaster,Tyler Clark,Printing Crew Member,Market Vendor,Consulate Guard,Shisha Cafe Waiter,Marrakesh Civilians,Hotel Staff Members,Recording Crew Members,Hotel Guests,Various Civilians,Jasper Knight,Sebastian Sato,Father Francesco
Brian T. Delaney
Cast: Supporting Cast,Silvio Caruso
Christopher Corey Smith
Cast: Supporting Cast,Trailer Narrator
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Cast: Supporting Cast,Training Civilians,Sanguine Models,Market Vendors,Marrakesh Civilian,Valerie St. Clair
Daniel Bonjour
Cast: Training Mechanics,Tren Po,Sanguine Stylists,Palace Chef,Palace Guards,Sal Falcone,Gardener,Mansion Staff,Church Staff,Lab Technician,Special Effects Crew,Printing Crew Member,Protest Leader,Shopkeepers,Marrakesh Civilian,Hotel Staff Members,Exterminator,Recording Crew,Surgeons,Morgue Doctor,Hospital Patients,Kalvin Ritter,Max Decker,Erik Olander,Fortune Teller,Amos Dexter,Salvatore Bravuomo
Dave Fouquette
Cast: Supporting Cast,Elite Soldier,Sayid Laham
Dave Hill
Cast: Training Guards,Training Mechanic,Training Soldiers,Sanguine Stylists,Paris Guards,Roberto Vargas,Chef Marcello,Church Staff,Gardener,Mansion Staff,Special Effects Crew,Movie Set Fan,Shoeshop Owner,Soldier,Shisha Cafe Waiter,Marrakesh Civilians,Hotel Guard,Hotel Bodyguards,Recording Crew Member,Yoga Instructor,Nails,Hospital Resort Chef,Various Civilians,Terry Norfolk,Helmut Kruger,Konny Engström,Annoying Tourist,Hacker,Agent Smith
Gavin Hammon
Cast: Cilas Netzke,Training Guards,Training Soldiers,Mansion Guards,Elite Soldiers,Bodyguards,Hotel Bodyguards,Militia Soldiers,Various Guards
Jeffrey Johnson
Cast: Ritter's Bodyguard,Training Guards,Training Soldiers,Kurt Donovan,CICADA Guards,Mansion Guards,Military Officer,Elite Soldiers,Bodyguards,Otis Kaplan,Militia Soldiers,Militia Technician,Militia Spec Ops,Militia Elite,Resort Security,Various Guards
Keith Ferguson
Cast: Supporting Cast,Matthieu Mendola
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Cast: Supporting Cast,Dalia Margolis
Natalie Griffiths
Cast: Martha Herris,Sanguine Models,Rocco's Sister,Mansion Staff,Waiter,Carpet Saleswoman,Marrakesh Civilians,Resort Staff,Hospital Patients,Various Civilians,Hannah Highmoore,Hotel Staff Member,Hotel Guest,Lana Caprice
Rochelle Greenwood
Cast: Supporting Cast,Training Civilians,Market Vendors,Marrakesh Civilians,Hotel Staff Member,Pam Kingsley,Mrs. Mookjai
Traci Lords
Cast: Training Civilians,Sanguine Models,Housekeepers,Lab Technician,Consulate Secretary,Market Vendors,Marrakesh Civilians,Hotel Staff Member,Hospital Patients,Hospital Doctors,Resort Staff,Various Civilians,The Agent,Dexy Barat,Maya Parvati
Vanessa Marshall
Cast: Supporting Cast,Trailer Narrator
Yuri Lowenthal
Cast: Rocco,Training Mechanics,Training Bartender,Training Civilians,Training Guards,Training Soldiers,Movie Crew,Special Effects Crew,Market Vendors,Shisha Cafe Entrance Guard 1,Marwan,Consulate Guards,Marrakesh Civilians,Keith McKenzie,Stalker,Hotel Staff Members,Recording Crew Member,Various Guards,Hacker,Dave's Guns Commercial,Morgue Doctor,Ayakashi,Salman Al-Ghazali,Jason Portman
Yukino Maruyama
Cast: Supporting Cast
Patrick O'Connell
Cast: Claus Hugo Strandberg
Jason Isaacs
Cast: Reza Zaydan
William Mapother
Cast: Dino Bosco
James Sie
Cast: Kong Tuo-Kwang
Jonny Cruz
Cast: Jordan Cross
Travis Barbour
Cast: Newscaster
Ben Dilloway
Cast: Militia Soldiers,Supporting Cast - Freedom Fighters
Susan Momoko Hingley
Cast: Yuki Yamazaki
Naoko Mori
Cast: KAI
Steve Blum
Cast: Guard
Karim Boussoufa
Produced By: producer
Mikkel Dalfoss
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Markus Friedl
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Celine Gil
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Ciaran Devlin-Rushe
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Arthur Graley
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Martin Vaughan
Casting Director
Alexander Andersen
Art Direction
Nick Nørbo Andersen
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special thanks
Hannah Cook
Casting Department: casting assistant