Description: Choose from several game modes including the all-new Story Mode, which puts you on a journey to travel the world and help spread the love of tennis. You’ll travel to exciting locations to challenge a variety of characters and inspire former tennis greats to rally around the sport and help you. Interact with other characters to gain knowledge and special items, and even unlock new characters to play with. [SCEA]


  • PSP
Initial Release Date: Jun 28, 2010
  • Clap Hanz
Publisher: SCEA


Keisuke Futami
Directed By
Shougo Sakamoto
Written By: scenario
Ali Pettitt
Cast: Gallery
Alison Dowling
Cast: Amorette,Lobby Characters,Gallery
Charlie Norfolk
Cast: Robo T,Gallery
Dan Russell
Cast: Hugo,Gallery
Harriet Carmichael
Cast: Bridget,Lobby Characters,Gallery
Kerry Shale
Cast: Toshi,Xavier,Lobby Characters,Gallery
Laurence Bouvard
Cast: Zeta,Kanani,Gallery
Lewis Macleod
Cast: Lobby Characters,Gallery
Lizzie Waterworth
Cast: Lani,Emily,Lobby Characters,Gallery
Maria Darling
Cast: Gloria,Natasha,Lobby Characters,Gallery
Nigel Pilkington
Cast: Troy,Helghast,Nate,Lobby Characters,Gallery
Peter Dickson
Cast: Suzuki,Gallery
Rupert Degas
Cast: Colin,Fong,Rolf
Tim Whitnall
Cast: Lobby Characters,Gallery
Kiyomi Asai
Cast: Lani
Cast: Fong
Hiroaki Hirata
Cast: Colin
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Cast: Toshi
Kikuko Inoue
Cast: Gloria
Miyako Ito
Cast: Robot Tennis
Shizuka Itô
Cast: Emily
Yûko Kaida
Cast: Sam
Shinji Kawada
Cast: Nate
Motomu Kiyokawa
Cast: Xavier
Yuki Matsuoka
Cast: Amorette
Michiko Neya
Cast: Kanani
Tomomi Nishimura
Cast: Suzuki
Fumiko Orikasa
Cast: Bridget
Mitsuki Saiga
Cast: Troy
Yakkun Sakurazuka
Cast: Yakkun
Hiro Shimono
Cast: Hugo
Hana Takeda
Cast: Natasha
Christian Miranda
Produced By: producer
Masashi Muramori
Produced By: producer
Tomohiro Imura
Sound: lead sound designer
Kaori Ohshima
Sound: sound producer
Mizuki Tsuda
Sound: sound producer
Shinpei Yamaguchi
Sound: sound producer
Rumiko Shinoda
Animation: character designer
Keisuke Futami
chief designer
Toshiyuki Kuwabara
chief programmer
Masashi Muramori
project design
Takashi Muramori
product manager
Yoshihiro Ueno
chief programmer