Description: Tee off with family and friends in the biggest Mario Golf game yet. Hit the green with up to four players locally* or online** and golf with familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters. Modes range from Standard Golf to the energetic Speed Golf and an RPG-like golf adventure in story mode. Intuitive motion or button controls, a shot gauge that adapts to the curve of the course, and other new features make it easy for both new players and seasoned pros to drive and putt with power. Swing simultaneously and make a break for the ball in Speed Golf Tee off at the same time with up to three other players* and race through the course to get your ball in first. Outpace and interrupt your opponents with dashes and special shots. Luigi, for example, can freeze the green and King Bob-omb can pelt the course with bombs. Rise through the ranks of golf training in story mode Enroll your Mii™ character in golf training in a prestigious country club and go from rookie to pro! You’ll face off against your Mushroom Kingdom classmates and earn experience points. Level up to improve your character’s stats like power, movement, and spin. You can bring your character (and their customized stats) into other modes, too!


  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: Jun 25, 2021
  • Camelot Software Planning
Publisher: Nintendo


Shugo Takahashi
Directed By: director: Camelot
Tomohiro Yamamura
Directed By: director: Nintendo
Charles Martinet
Cast: Mario,Luigi,Wario,Waluigi
Samantha Kelly
Cast: Princess Peach,Toads,Toadette
Deanna Mustard
Cast: Princess Daisy
Laura Faye Smith
Cast: Rosalina
Kenny James
Cast: Bowser
Caety Sagoian
Cast: Bowser Jr.
Sanae Uchida
Cast: Boo,Spikes,Stone Spikes
Kazumi Totaka
Cast: Yoshi,Birdo
Takashi Nagasako
Cast: Donkey Kong
Kate Higgins
Cast: Pauline
Motoki Takagi
Cast: Hammer Bros,Fire Bros,Boomerang Bros
Nate Bihldorff
Cast: Shy Guys
Tomo Adachi
Cast: Mii
Toru Asakawa
Cast: Dry Bones
Hitomi Hirose
Cast: Mii
Yûko Kaida
Cast: Mii
Ayumi Nagao
Cast: Mii
Max Rainbow
Cast: Young boy
Takuya Sato
Cast: Mii
Yuya Takezawa
Cast: Lumas
Shuntaro Furukawa
Produced By: executive producer
Toyokazu Nonaka
Produced By: producer
Shinya Saito
Produced By: producer
Hiroyuki Takahashi
Produced By: producer
Shinya Takahashi
Produced By: general producer
Shugo Takahashi
Produced By: producer
Satoshi Tamai
Art Direction: art director: Camelot
Tomoyoshi Yamane
Art Direction: art director: Nintendo
Kosei Kitamura
special thanks
Shunsuke Makita
special thanks