Description: NBA Inside Drive combines NBA end-to-end action with the high-flying acrobatic dunks of Vince Carter and all of the NBA's stars. Stunning graphics put you on all of the NBA arena floors and pits you along side all of your favorite NBA players. Inside Drive is one-touch passing and shooting, combined with the pace and action of real NBA basketball challenges you to bring your best game -- both offensively and defensively. NBA Inside Drive 2002 takes basketball gaming to a new level!


  • Xbox
Initial Release Date: Jan 21, 2002
  • High Voltage Software
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios


Fred Northup
Written By
Kevin Calabro
Cast: Self (Commentary)
Marques Johnson
Cast: Commentary #2
Akemi Takei
Cast: Commentary #3
Eric Radovich
Cast: Commentary #4
Brandon Fish
Produced By: producer
David Henry
Sound: audio lead
Chad Lichty
Visual Effects: motion capture supervisor
Chad Mirshak
Visual Effects: motion capture artist
Raine Coons
Art Department: digital artist