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  • Summary: Burly Men at Sea is a folktale about a trio of large, bearded fishermen who step away from the ordinary to seek adventure. Set in early 20th-century Scandinavia, the game's story branches through a series of encounters with creatures from folklore.
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  1. Sep 29, 2016
    This is a game that speaks in plaintive accordion tunes and whispers, airy sighs and polyphonic hoots, that marries quirky activities with starlit encounters and aquamarine serpents plucked from Norwegian myth. It’s a little bit The Old Man and the Sea, a little bit O Brother, Where Art Thou? And a reminder that the journey is a maundering circle, filled with both farce and delight.
  2. Oct 18, 2016
    Burly Men at Sea is the closest thing I’ve played to an interactive fairy-tale.
  3. Nov 14, 2016
    Burly Man at Sea is a perfect adventure to spend a couple of hours in total relaxation, amazed by the crazy adventures of three sailors and discovering all the little details that the team hid in every corner of the game.
  4. Dec 9, 2016
    Filled with quirkiness, wonder, and exploration, Burly Men at Sea is certainly a niche game targeted more towards children and adults who want to be kids again. Not everyone will find it a pleasant journey, but I suspect more will be surprised by its charm than not — even if it does not last.
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  1. But goodness, it’s a tiny-but-then-not-tiny, lovely thing with so much character and a wonderful sense of adventure. It’s a gentle seafaring tale I’m looking forward to playing through with a child when I next see my smaller family members but which I’m more than happy to play for my own enjoyment as well. I think I’m on my sixth distinct playthrough at the moment and still discovering new things.
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