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  • Summary: Wage epic turn-based battles as you follow Daryon and Selene on their quest to find a cure to the all-consuming Corrosion in this grand tale of hope and sacrifice.


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Edge of Eternity - Early Access Announcement Teaser | Gamescom 2018
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Aug 9, 2021
    The overall feel of the game is great and I would recommend it to any fan of the RPG genre. Some things seemed out of place for the type of RPGs I like to play but each person has their own preferences. Midgar Studio did a fantastic job of putting this title together.
  2. Jun 9, 2021
    Edge of Eternity is a quite entertaining fantasy rpg, albeit having an almost sterile presentation, while feeling unfinished here and there.
  3. Jun 8, 2021
    Ambitious in size, scale, and scope, Edge of Eternity offers a somewhat enjoyable romp that could last you over 40 hours. Sadly, it's also very rough around the edges, and poor pacing can be detrimental to your experience.
  4. Jun 11, 2021
    Edge of Eternity is a love letter to classic Final Fantasy and Xenoblade games. It doesn’t live up to the level of its influences, but given the small team and limited resources, it’s an impressive attempt. The story does rely on tropes and the characters aren’t all that likeable, and while the game comes close to reaching its ambitious goals, it never reaches its full potential. It does scratch the JRPG itch and fans of the games that influenced it will likely get a lot of enjoyment from Edge of Eternity, but ultimately it’s a good but not great JRPG.
  5. Jul 12, 2021
    Edge of Eternity aims for the stars and manages to reach a few of them, delivering a compelling plot and an expansive, varied, and often-beautiful world. Sadly, clunky dialogue, issues with exploration and combat, and a pervasive level of jankiness hold the game back. You have to admire Midgar Studio for pushing themselves, but as is, the Edge of Eternity may be too jagged for some.
  6. Jun 10, 2021
    Edge of Eternity is a beautiful game that is held back by the ambition of the developers. There are just too many moving parts here, and nothing seems to be fully executed. It’s by no means a waste of time, though, and provides hours of fantasy adventures in a new world, but it lacks focus and implementation due to the numerous features and broken narrative.
  7. Jun 8, 2021
    Edge of Eternity is an ambitious game, but it doesn't quite live up to its scope. The game feels like a homage to the classic Final Fantasy games of old, but its enchanting world is let down by the lackluster events happening on its surface. The combat system and character customization are well-done, but they don't matter if there isn't a good reason to keep moving forward. While JRPG fans will likely find enough to like that its worth giving Edge of Eternity a shot, other players should seek more engaging options within the same genre.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 8
  2. Negative: 2 out of 8
  1. Aug 15, 2021
    This game really blew me away. Graphics, story, and gameplay are much better than most jrpg games. It feels like a game made by a topThis game really blew me away. Graphics, story, and gameplay are much better than most jrpg games. It feels like a game made by a top publisher, rivaling many of the well known long-running jrpg series, even though it was mostly made by a team of nine people. It's an indie development, so it's not as polished as a AAA title, but it's a really good investment for the price, taking me more time to complete just the first few chapters than it took to completely beat FF7 remake.

    The combat is turn-based and uses enemy weaknesses, a grid system, and items on the map to help you or hurt you in battle. There is an in-depth gathering/crafting system and a lot of sidequests, some of which have a story attached to them. I usually stay far away from puzzles, but the puzzles in this game (almost all optional) are actually really fun. The crystal system to upgrade your skills and stats is unique, and sort of a mix between the FF13-2 upgrade tree and FF7 materia. Lots of customization potential, and several combat difficulty levels to chose from.

    Really great music, some of it by well-known composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

    The story is very engaging, I was surprised at the high quality of story writing and voice acting. It's so rare to come across a really well done story. A lot of it is quite funny, but there are serious aspects as well. I was barely holding back tears at one point. Some of the characters are all-time favorites for me now.

    Overall, this game has a lot of depth and replay value. You can beat it in 30-50 hours, but I've currently played for 190 hours. This is definitely one of the best jrpg games I've played in my life.
  2. Aug 4, 2021
    A fair score would be something like 7.7 for this game.
    It has beautiful graphics, nice voice acting and an ok linear story, but also has
    A fair score would be something like 7.7 for this game.
    It has beautiful graphics, nice voice acting and an ok linear story, but also has terrible facial animations (the indie studio says that they don't have the money to buy better tech to make better facial animations) and some pretty repeittive quests (some of those felt like playing a single player MMORPG).
    Overall it is a good JRPG, though.
  3. Jun 10, 2021
    Gamers with a good memory and wide experience might remember 'Septerra Core', the so-called 'JRPG' made by US based Valkyrie Studios. ThatGamers with a good memory and wide experience might remember 'Septerra Core', the so-called 'JRPG' made by US based Valkyrie Studios. That brilliant game featured anime-like characters and complex and original turn-based combat system that combined physical attacks with magical “cards” with various combinations. In many aspects 'Edge of Eternity' is a spiritual successor of 'Septerra Core'. The same 'anime aesthetics' made by Western developer, the same involving story, simultaneously dark and light, the same interesting characters and involving turn-based system, though not such as complex and original. Considering that 'Septerra Core' is in top-five games of all times in my list it was not a chance that I could resist to 'Edge of Eternity' charm.

    Among the positive sides of the 'Edge of Eternity' I'd mention involving story – for our days it is a rare exemplar of a story-driven RPG featuring complex characters with very different motivations and addictive turn-based combat system. The latter includes characters movements, physical and magical attacks, as well as opponents strengths and weaknesses against some attacks. The dialogues might not be on the high literature level, but they are ok - sometimes silly, but most of the time relevant and meaningful (at least in the main story). World’s art design is wonderful, reminding of a fairy-tale (though sometimes it is very dark, like a horror). The world is weirdly beautiful and the lighting system is very good, making the world shine in its best. The main characters’ art design is mostly good – at least female characters are beautiful and quite different. Selene's 3d model is without a doubt my favorite – her breasts animation is mesmerizing. At the same time while attractive, Selene's model is not at all vulgar like it often happens in Japanese or Western games - the art designer achieved right balance here. The voice acting is decent and the music (piano) is matched with good taste. The world is big enough and gives the gamer freedom to roam around without engaging into combats if he don’t want to or to fight every enemy on the map. There are puzzles with decent rewards and there is crafting system allowing you to made weapons, armor, potions, etc. While you’d need at least 20+ hours to complete the main story, thorough gameplay (completing side quests, riddles and various activities) would take about 60 hours and you could easily spend more than 100 hours in the game collecting different materials and crafting. Did I mention Selene's breasts animation already? Anyway this positive aspect of the game deserves to be mentioned twice.

    The shortcomings are following: Though game has a third person view your character is unable to jump which could be quite annoying in some places. Camera control in combats is a bit clunky and lucks of intuitive WSADQE control. Dialogues while ok are mostly mediocre and you would probably want to skip them. Another minus is that the world, while beautiful, is not at all interactive - it's rather some kind of decorations. There are neither player controlled choices or dialogues between character and nor loyalty system in the game. Relationships between Daryon and Selene are quite weird for my taste, rather reminding not brother and sister relations but relationships between lovers. Myrna’s and Fallon’s 3d models are not as ‘well-turned’ as Selene’s model an a bit vulgar. Daryon’s (main hero) art and 3d model is in no way reminds a soldier. Rather he looks like some anime version of K-Pop 'idol' – slim, short, effeminate and dystrophic soy boy. His character is also repulsive – hysterical, unreasonably stubborn and dumb. Fallon’s character is simply unreliable – she is some poorly written tsundere. The ending of the game is pretty weak and involves some ridiculous melodramatic scenes which are in no way could invoke sympathy in the gamer since he simply won’t be able to develop emotional connection with the characters whose “ill fate” these scenes depict. The political agenda with all that left-liberal “diversity” propaganda is also spoiling the game but surprisingly it is quite tolerable here.

    "Midgar Studio" is a small French developer and it was quite surprising for me to discover their gem of a games. I've bought it on a very early access stage in 2019 and almost two years since purchase I can say it was totally worth the money that I've paid. Overall 'Edge of Eternity' is a decent game for those who love turn-based combat, attractive aesthetics in anime style, involving story and are tired of typical and soulless games which are mass-produced now by 'effective managers'. 8 out of 10 (outstanding game).
  4. Apr 3, 2022
    This is for sure an indie game, some UX decisions, some of the crafting decisions, they are really odd for sure. I think this company hasThis is for sure an indie game, some UX decisions, some of the crafting decisions, they are really odd for sure. I think this company has potential though, I really like the characters and while the story for sure took a dive I see what they were going for.

    I am looking towards the next game, this is an ok first attempt but you this aint it.
  5. Jun 11, 2021
    So to start off I'm early game!
    I will drop the game for the following reasons so don't expect an update.
    In my personal opinion the game
    So to start off I'm early game!
    I will drop the game for the following reasons so don't expect an update.

    In my personal opinion the game looks and plays like a PS2 HD remaster (not remake).
    Reminds me of Suikoden iV with its stiff and awkward animations.
    Story is your run of the mill RPG sobby sobby.
    Dialogues so far range from try hard funny to ouchi cringy.
    After the prologue, once you get your first taste of the open map/world you're blown back to dragon age 3.
    Empty and lifeless you run and collect shiny stuff or kill some animals that keep to themselves for... other stuff.
    Do some fetch quests, get a mount (the idle anmation OMG THE IDLE ANIMATION OF THESE KITTIES... you laugh at first but that turns into horror and despair once you realize how the poor animal must feel running or jumping or run-jumping on an imaginary treadmill 24/7)...

    So far so meh, what killed it for me though it the level progression.
    It is somehow capped by the story progression?!?!!

    You want to waste some time and level your char so you can breeze through the next 2 chapters?
    Forget it, once you reached a certain level you can't go further until you do some of the quest's / story.
    That might be a bug but I don't care anymore.

    Leaving it a 5 cuz small indy dev, kickstarter fanism etc so (Fana)ticks are only half mad at me ^^

    After 1 hour in i already lost interest and incentive to keep going.
    Graphics are little better then Roblox, bonus objectives in battles sometimes make 0 sense, fetch quest right from the start send you to points miles away to get some measly coins or exp that might not even be given to you due to the stupidest lvl cap i've seen in a long time.

    E for Effort

  6. Mar 7, 2022
    Well. Let's say it easy. If this game was realised 10 years ago, i give it 6/10. But unfortunately it was realised in 2021.
    Yeah i know taht
    Well. Let's say it easy. If this game was realised 10 years ago, i give it 6/10. But unfortunately it was realised in 2021.
    Yeah i know taht it's a cheap indie game but doesn't matter. After 7 hours of playing i'm not very keen to return.
    Pointless dialoges.
    Wood combat system.
    No bestiary.
    Something wrong with character faces, it's change color every game's day.
    No prize for battle enemies besides leveling weapons.
    Looting. Looting. Looting. Endless looting.
    Character's animation. I swear god i don't understand how it;s possible to be born as a human, meeting other humans almost every day of your life. And after this create such a walking/running animation. Characters literally move like my cat when he tried to walk next day after anesthesia.

    So i can't even call this game bad. It's just faceless.
  7. Mar 13, 2022
    - Irritating. You do NOT need to be aware of the studios size. Get out with that nonsense.
    - Good music
    - Good landscape design, dungeons
    - Irritating. You do NOT need to be aware of the studios size. Get out with that nonsense.
    - Good music
    - Good landscape design, dungeons and mines are disgusting though.
    - Decent VA and mostly amazing music, some of it in ch4 is horrible.
    - Sound FX's are horrible and not impacting at all. Like fallons gun, sounds like a bb gun, it should sound like a sherrifs cannon rifle from the old west. It definitely doesn't. Its pathetic.
    - Story is laughably bad, except for a few scenes in ch2 ending.
    - This is not a small studio issue, its a lack of intelligence in the devs issue.
    - Crafting is horrible. I'm not going to 1, kill a monster for a drop, 2, hunt down a plant from a specific region, 3, buy an ingredient that only appears in 1 specific store you can't even reach when teleporting is blocked, just for 1 potion that barely even heals any HP. If you think that's a lot for just a potion? Wait til you look at armor and weapons.
    I play gacha games that have worse upgrade your character methods in them. That says something.
    - You spend the majority of this game with only 2 party members. Ya, not lots of tactics going on here.
    - Your mount is taken from you obsessively and you rarely have access to it. I'm talking maybe 15 minutes every 10-20 hours of story advancement. To add to this issue, there is no auto-run yet the size of the world is ridiculously huge. You are literally forced to run without auto run for hours, and hours, and hours. It's really really painful. And again, a dev choice. Not smart, even a little.

    For two years almost all games have been a 1/2 at best, so this game has that going for it that it isnt that low i guess. This is no ffx. Thats for sure.

    Biggest problem is this game lets you unlock and recruit people then takes it all away just because you advance a chapter. You cant ever make progress in your party. You do tons of work to craft grind quest then equip them and they go poof because of the story….never to come back. Its literally the worst idea for an rpg ever. You hit endgame with only 6, yet have 12-14 join your party at random points in the story, letting you equip & upgrade gear, or waste tons of time leveling them, only for them to vanish permanently.

    The graphics are good for a budget game
    Bugs dont ruin it. So thats good…. Since its 2022 especially….

    The problem….. is the devs low intelligence decisions to just lock things like your mount, teleporting, or flat out take them from you, forever, like party members and tons of gear.

    I cant even trust that I can PLAY the game, grind, get gear. Etc. Because in 10 minutes that person may be gone forever anyway.

    The choices these devs have made for “tactical battles” is outright bad. Example. Enter battle, before you even move once, tentacles appear from no where and slam your entire turn away. This repeats until you're dead, all before you even get 1 turn to react. It'ss not even a mini boss. Just a normal fight.

    The only amazing fun things in this game are the environments, at night only, daytime lighting makes the game look old.

    And the kitty mount. Which surprise, the devs decided to also take it from you every corner you turn, followed up by locking you from teleporting…..the teleport blocking is major. IDK what they are thinking, seriously. If the teleporting was locked short term, ok sure, but its not short, we are talking 10's of hours, it opens up again for maybe 30 minutes, then boom, you do one part of the story and they all lock all over again for 10's of hours. No devs, No. Go back to school.

    Game could've been good, devs decisions are horrible. I rate it a 4 because its playable and when its night, looks gorgeous on an oled tv. Beyond that, forget this game honestly. Persona 5 is still the Turn Based RPG king for this decade.

    Also, the fact that this game struggles to hit 60 FPS, let alone 120 on the PS5 is a joke.

    Verdict? Once you start to see all of these problems around chapter 3 and 4, you are NOT going to enjoy this game at all, not even a little bit. It has done nothing but bring out irritation in me, and definitely NO enjoyment. And I'm someone who typically plays ALL games on the highest difficulty setting.

    This game is not difficult, it's a chore, and that's a major difference.

    @ The art & music designers, for the outer worlds if they ever read this. Freaking amazing work with so little money, but my advice, RUN. You are clearly very talented, and the only reason this game is NOT universally rated freaking 1. Your talents are being wasted here. Either take over or get jobs elsewhere, this studio doesn't deserve that level of work. They put trash all over your fantastic artwork.

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