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  • Summary: Explore a dangerous world and fight deadly creatures for untold treasure in this Lovecraftian inspired action RPG game. Uncover the dark and ancient mysteries of a haunting land with RPG elements and skill-based combat to slay adversaries, find hidden passages, and collective bountiful loot.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Feb 16, 2023
    If you’re into Metroidvanias, Elderand is a fantastic entry for the genre. The game looks and sounds great, the controls and mechanics and tight and responsive, and the challenge is fair with tough boss fights that are very learnable. With multiple weapon types to swap between and some optional things you can do that might change the game’s outcome, there’s no doubt that I’ll be playing through Elderand again. This is definitely one I’d recommend checking out.
  2. 81
    Elderand is a successful metroidvania take which adds nothing to the genre, but enhances what we are used to see in these games. The only drawback is a lack of action in the first minutes, but then the game starts to get interesting.
  3. Feb 16, 2023
    Elderand is an enjoyable, old-fashioned hack ‘n’ slash adventure that will challenge you without punishing you.
  4. Feb 21, 2023
    I may not have been particularly invested in the printed goal of the quest. Still, I certainly enjoyed my time expanding the map, grapple swinging, and trouncing any would-be adversaries that stood in my way of reaching said printed goal. But, in an industry riddled with a plethora of similar experiences ranging from middling to exemplary, a game that manages to simply be solid, fun, and respectful of my time is certainly enough for me.
  5. May 30, 2023
    As a tribute to Symphony of the Night, Elderand is fairly charming. There are some familiar callbacks to that inspiration, but it’s not as immediately accessible and balanced as that masterwork, and its attempts to add complexity amount to little more than distractions and annoyances. There’s no shame in wanting to make Symphony of the Night over and over again, but perhaps Elderand’s developers would have been well-served by embracing that formula more closely — every time it tries to go its own way, it just gets itself into trouble.
  6. Feb 20, 2023
    Elderand feels like a game that would have thrived in a previous generation of gaming. It holds onto some mechanics that just don’t feel that great compared to what the Metroidvania genre offers in the modern day. It’s not all bad, but there are better games in the genre that you can play.
  7. Feb 21, 2023
    Elderand is not a bad game. In fact, it's a competent Metroidvania and fans of the genre might enjoy it. It just doesn't go far enough in any one direction, either thematically or mechanically, to leave a strong impression, and it's hampered by lackluster combat.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 4
  2. Negative: 0 out of 4
  1. Feb 22, 2023
    Feels like a very classic metroidvania; relatively simple and even a bit clunky, but in a good way, and so is very reminiscent of oldschoolFeels like a very classic metroidvania; relatively simple and even a bit clunky, but in a good way, and so is very reminiscent of oldschool Castlevania games. Despite not reinventing the wheel in that genre, pretty much everything this game sets out to do, it does well.

    Great variety of weapons, magic, bows, armors, shields, items, etc. Everything feels super useful and varied aside maybe from a few consumables that are forgetable. The sense of exploration is great and intuitive, the unlockable abilities are super fun, so is the platforming, the combat is engaging (especially the fast bosses), there are tons of secrets to uncover, and the music is also quite amazing!

    The visuals leave a bit to be desired (some areas do stand out however!), but maybe that's only because I'm a huge fan of Blasphemous which set the bar VERY HIGH for pixel art and metroidvanias. Also it's a bit baffling that most of the text displayed is straight up in Times New Roman, making the dialogue and hints prompts feel unfinished when they're actually.. not.

    The story is also kinda meh. Cryptic and fine to ignore, but it does lead to great visual moments both in terms of areas to explore and boss designs.

    All and all, great little indie game for sure.
    A joy to 100% complete on my first playthrough, and will definitely play again
  2. Feb 18, 2023
    nice game
  3. Feb 21, 2023
  4. Feb 26, 2023
    Metroidvania features are nice. But gameplay needs to be much better. Movement is not good. And the same with fighting. It should be more fluid.