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  • Summary: Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War Two first person shooter with open battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting front line and a unique resource based strategic meta-game. This is World War Two at a scale you’ve never played before.
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  1. Jul 23, 2021
    While it won't appeal to every shooter fan out there, Hell Let Loose's complex interplay of FPS action and real-time tactical planning rewards communication, coordination, and genuine leadership in a way few other games even attempt.
  2. Jul 26, 2021
    Hell Let Loose is a great World War shooter that reliably pursues the middle ground between action and strategy.
  3. Jul 26, 2021
    Hell Let Loose is a deeply immersive and really clever World War II shooter, when played with a good team on a good server.
  4. Jul 26, 2021
    Despite a very challenging start to the game, Hell Let Loose delivers a near-unparalleled experience as a gritty, hardcore WW2 shooter. With a deep layer of big-picture strategy and maps that perfectly capture the devastation of war, there are few games in the genre that bring so much to the blood-soaked table.
  5. Aug 16, 2021
    Hell Let Loose stands somewhere in the middle between truly authentic WWII shooters and their more casual-leaning counterparts. It’s not without faults, but the team behind it works tirelessly to expunge them all.
  6. Jul 26, 2021
    If players are looking for a quick fix of World War Two shooting action, then Hell Let Loose won't be for them. The pace, length, and harsh combat conditions dictate that players dedicate themselves to teamwork and victory. If players are willing to communicate over voice, work together to achieve local and broader objectives, and have the patience to play slowly, Hell Let Loose can be amazing. It may not happen every session, but a full game of Hell Let Loose with a dedicated, communicative teams is a must-experience gaming moment for any fans of tactical shooters.
  7. Jul 26, 2021
    Ultimately, Hell Let Loose is a hardcore shooter in every sense of the word. Though it’s very easy to get discouraged at the beginning, those committed to seeing it through will likely have a great time. Though the niche focus won’t appeal universally, providing you know what you’re getting in for, anyone after a tougher World War II shooter would do well to take a look.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 34
  2. Negative: 10 out of 34
  1. Aug 2, 2021
    Amazing WW II FPS game. Great designed maps . I really love Stalingrad map and Soviet katyusha
  2. Nov 21, 2021
    Atmoshpheric, immersive and engaging squad based WWII milsim(lite).

    Hell Let Loose returns what you put into it. If you play like a lone
    Atmoshpheric, immersive and engaging squad based WWII milsim(lite).

    Hell Let Loose returns what you put into it. If you play like a lone wolf run and gun you probably won't have the most fun. But if you join up with a squad and communicate and co-ordinate your attacks and your defence, there are many hours of action, fun, frustration and joy ahead of you.

    Graphics look wonderful. Great little effort from an indie game developer.
  3. Oct 30, 2021
    Absolutely amazing WWII game.
    It is breath taking in how beautifully some of these online battles can play out.
    Firstly the game is
    Absolutely amazing WWII game.
    It is breath taking in how beautifully some of these online battles can play out.

    Firstly the game is stunning to look at - and performs flawlessly even on my 1070 and 5 year old system. No other game seems to have captured Hell Let Looses feeling of a real environment at scale. Trying to get off the beaches at Omaha, battling house to house in some French village, through the gardens, fighting through a forest or across a valley - all feel like living breathing spaces.

    The explosions, and the smoke grenades, the surround sound - the massive viewing distances are all amazing, but realistic.

    Then on top of that you have the realism. At the start, the realism was deeply frustrating - as you still havent got a grip on what you're doing and you'll be killed every few minutes at the start - until you work out whats going on.
    This is no meaningless, run around and shoot game - This is a deeply team player, tactical war but without all of the painful learning curves that games like Arma 3 exhibit. You can learn all the controls in a few minutes - but learning how to be good in the different roles, is just like real life.

    You'll die every few minutes for the first few games - until you learn to look at your map, listen to your squad leader, orientate yourself with your compass.
    In this game - there's no rewards for killing an enemy or even any indication that they're dead. So the game is all about moving your squad up and capturing key positions on the map as you move to attack or defend areas. Unlike a capture the flag game, you and the enemy can't magically spawn at a captured area, instead the key areas represent points which you must control (having a majority of troops in the area) - before you can move on to the next capture point.

    I've not even mentioned the best part of the game yet. The single massive difference with HLL and every other battle game out there - is how well it integrates voice chat.
    Without being able to use a microphone, the game is almost useless - and communication with your squad is absolutely critical.
    When a game starts - every one pairs off and joins one of the several squads that start to be created, and chooses one of the available roles.
    Once you learn what you're doing - you can also be the creator of the squad and be a squad lead.
    All the members of a squad are able to talk to each other on a squad channel - and they do this to communicate where enemy fire is coming from, to coordinate their movements and to talk about where best to defend or attack from. Their squad lead - not only can talk to the squad, but also has another voice channel where he can talk to all the other squad leads, as well as the overall battle commander.
    The command channel is more tactical and more closely aligned to the map and the overall progress of the battle.
    The command channel is for calling out large movements enemy troops - coordinating attacks across squads, calling in bombing runs, recon aircraft, requesting supply drops.
    The command channel is also used by the commander to issue orders or requests to the squads playing. The commander will ask for garrisons to be built - which are spawn points for the rest of the players, or he might advise to coordinate attack on an objective only after he's initiated a bombing run.
    The last voice channel is call proximity chat. This lets you just talk, shout or communicate with any friendly soldiers nearby - So this is like just talking to people in real life, rather than using a two way radio.
    Again this is brilliantly useful, and lets you run around the battle field and here other players, chatting about where they think enemy shots are coming from, injured players shouting for medics. Tank commanders asking players if they'd mind helping repair the tank, or asking if anyones heard an enemy tank in the village up ahead.
    That does bring me neatly onto tanks.
    I've played many battle games with tanks - and in HLL you might be forgiven for wondering why on earth a tank has 3 possible seats, when its fully manned. Well in HLL the tank is so beautifully realised that all 3 positions genuinely render different experiences. A commander has a periscope and zoom, and is fantastic at spotting targets anywhere around the tank and can communicate with command for instructions. The driver is a tough job requiring gear changes, as you nurse the giant beasts into a good position, but with limited visibility - the gunner has a zoom, fires high explosives, anti-tank, smoke and machine gun but has to deal with a turret that is slow to rotate.
    Damaged tanks can be repaired in the base, in make shift repair spots made by the rest of the team, by nearby engineers or by some tanks crew.
    Hell Let loose is a remarkable achievement and leaves you with some absolutely stunning game play moments, as battles rage between different areas. The community playing it - are great, and there is no other game like it at the moment.
  4. Jan 13, 2022
    Amazing WW2 simulator. Don't expect Battlefield or CoD. This isn't a run and gun game, it requires strategy and teamwork. There's a steepAmazing WW2 simulator. Don't expect Battlefield or CoD. This isn't a run and gun game, it requires strategy and teamwork. There's a steep learning curve and if you are a casual gamer let it be known that each match can easily last more than an hour. So be prepared to commit a good chunk of time for even just one match.

    The only real cons to HLL are the performance and some of the graphics at distance. The grainy trees can hurt your eyes after a while. Otherwise, it's excellent for what it is. If you're unsure pick it up on sale from steam and give it a quick try before the refund timer limit is up.
  5. Aug 12, 2021
    Hell let loose is a WWII multiplayer FPS where two teams of 50 men face each other on huge, historically inspired maps. It has a focus onHell let loose is a WWII multiplayer FPS where two teams of 50 men face each other on huge, historically inspired maps. It has a focus on communication and command structure and it is highly recommended if not outright required (on some servers) to have a microphone and to communicate. Individual skill does play a role, and a good soldier can cause quite a lot of damage to the enemy team. However, as the maps are large, communication between at least a few squad leaders and the commander are often essential in order to win the game. There are different voice-channels in the game: a proximity voice chat, a squad voice channel and a channel for only the squad leaders and the commander. The commander coordinates the squads and the attack and defense and is also responsible for the flow of supplies. He spawns the vehicles like tanks and has several abilities in his repertoire to influence the game like for instance the "bombing run" or a “reconnaissance flight”. The squad leaders are responsible for coordinating the players in their squads and the different roles. They can place outposts on which only their squadmates can spawn. This is absolutely essential for a good defense and offense and therefore, in my opinion, good squad leaders have the biggest impact on the game. This is something I really like about the game, when you get the combination of a good commander, some good squad leaders and teammates who care for teamplay, the experience can be very rewarding and due to the scale of the battle, feel very unique. (Sadly, as in every other game in which teamplay is essential this will not always be the case and there can be steamrolls as well)

    Considering realism and historical accuracy, there is some things that are not accurate but I think that for the sake of good gameplay, sacrifices have to be made and I don’t really mind.
    I have played other "realism" shooters before and must say that I usually prefer the more arcadey kinds of shooters where individual skill can sometimes weigh in more than teamplay, especially in games with a queue system where you play with randoms every game. In HLL, I have my few favorite servers where I often encounter familiar faces which is something that I often miss in modern queue-based games. In terms of immersion and fun, as far as I'm concerned, Hell let loose offers the best blend of arcade and realism that I have played so far. Unlike some other "realism" shooters, the gunplay is less punishing but more importantly, the movement is much more crisp and responsive which has always been a big turn-off for me with other "realism" shooters where movement tends to feel slow, sluggish and unresponsive. The game has a steep learning curve but if you are a person that is open to learning and enjoys the progress as a journey instead of seeing it as work, once you get the hang of it, it is quite rewarding and fun (only in relation to the game mechanics, there is no real grinding for equipment in this game). The community is somewhat small but dedicated, with large-sized clans and dedicated servers. The devs are active, releasing patches every other month with new content, bug fixes and meta adjustments. As with every other game, they sometimes make changes not everyone agrees to and there are still optimisation issues and bugs but I still get the feeling that they try to serve the community and deliver a good gaming experience. The game is quite demanding in terms of hardware, for reference: I play in 2k with everything set to high and have mostly over 144fps with dips under 100 in particular situations with a 5900x and a RTX 3080. My friend has a 5900x and a RTX 3090 and he plays 4K Ultra with an average of 80 fps with dips in particular situations (bombing run, lots of smokes and players).

    That being said, there is a lot more to this game than I can write in this review. Beware, this is a niche game, everyone has a different taste and some may not like this game which is obviously totally fine. However, don't let yourself be turned off by revenge reviews where people rage that the devs do not care about their particular vision of the game. Since I started playing, the forums have been flooded by the same few people who snobbishly call themselves "Veterans" and who look down on "casual" players because they have played the game since the early stages and therefore think their opinion represents the whole community and is the most important. I get that it’s frustrating to like a game only to have it change over time or not implement the things you wish, it has happened to me too, but that does not mean the game itself is bad. Even if you don’t like the game, it certainly does not deserve a 0.

    In conclusion: Make up your own mind.
  6. Nov 22, 2021
    Very disappointed with this game. Millions of bugs: you are covered behind tree, fence etc. you shoot exactly at enemy but all the bulletsVery disappointed with this game. Millions of bugs: you are covered behind tree, fence etc. you shoot exactly at enemy but all the bullets will hit the tree. DESYNC! We have dozens of videos where we shot the enemy but he didn't die, because of desync. Bullet just missed him and in the end it is you who die. This happens all the time! The concept of this game is bad from its basics. The point of this game is literally finding and destroying enemy's garrisons. I haven't realized the ww2 was waged like this. And what is realistic about this? Garand will kill by 1 shot, but M14 takes 2 shots? Why is the carbine unlocked at higher levels then, if it is worse weapon? :D Also tons of toxic players who will teamkill you, bcs you took sniper rifle or shot him with arty by accident. Mostly no communications at all from other players in your sq. Very poor optimliazition, shuttering and FPS drops are usual. This game is NO FUN and I do regret buying it, instead of PS Expand
  7. Aug 1, 2021
    DOA. Worst development of any game, on par with Dayz. Team17 (publisher and developer)(makes those 2d arcade worms games by the way) does notDOA. Worst development of any game, on par with Dayz. Team17 (publisher and developer)(makes those 2d arcade worms games by the way) does not care about history or it's $220k kickstarter who supported a historically realistic ww2 experience. Battle of Stalingrad includes all: g43,stg44,ppsh,mg42, panther and tiger tank. None of which existed in early war 1942 eastern front, and does not follow reality/history. So now it's an arcade shooter and the originally target player base is driven away by console casuals as the devs shift their focus on releasing a console port. Who announces a console port during early access? When the base game is painfully neglected, they create microtransactions for skins and shiny spawns. They don't fix their own game and they just mask new content to grab the next fish when so many have dried out. 1 million copies sold and 3k average playerbase says it all. Expand

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