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  1. Positive: 47 out of 50
  2. Negative: 1 out of 50
  1. Jul 2, 2015
    Her Story is likely worth playing if only because it is so profoundly different. When you throw in solid writing, passable acting, and the need for players to reach their own conclusions about what happened, it comes together exceptionally well.
  2. Jul 1, 2015
    Her Story is indeed one of the most beautiful surprises of 2015. Its design, its atmosphere and the way its lone actress plays her part, in a way we sometimes think she directly answer to our questions, put you in the middle of an amazing story. A unique game that other developers can take as an example.
  3. Jun 29, 2015
    If you like the idea of an open-ended '90s murder mystery with no guarantee you'll find a solid answer to its mysteries, then I can't recommend this highly enough. Her Story is a spectacular video game, and one of the most gripping personal narratives I've experienced in some time.
  4. Guardian
    Jun 25, 2015
    You could look over videogame history and pick out antecedents for some of what Her Story does but, even so, I’ve never played anything quite like it.
  5. Jun 24, 2015
    Sam Barlow has proven himself in the past to be an excellent writer, but with Her Story he has completely outdone himself and set the bar as high as it has ever been.
  6. Jun 22, 2015
    A game which dares to be different, something which confidently redefines what should be considered a 'video game', but is as profound and important as any other game available today, telling a vivid and engaging tale which is as rich and colourful as any open world sandbox; its tangents and offshoots as playful as any sprawling side quest.
  7. Jun 22, 2015
    An astounding performance by Viva Seifert, immaculate writing by Sam Barlow and a completely innovative concept cement Her Story as one of the most solid and mesmerising releases this year.
  8. Jun 30, 2015
    A beautifully crafted, written and acted investigative adventure. It's a smart and deep take on the FMV “genre” and even if it's probably not for everybody, anybody who's interested in these kind of experiments should give it a try.
  9. Games Master UK
    Aug 18, 2015
    Tells a fantastic story in a unique manner. [Summer 2015, p.77]
  10. Edge Magazine
    Aug 14, 2015
    Affecting and profoundly different, Her Story is a superlatively told work of crime fiction, and one that deserves to shift the conversation around interactive storytelling. [Sept 2015, p.110]
  11. Jul 23, 2015
    Her Story is an achievement in interactive storytelling that never spoon-feeds the player information, instead letting you do the digging yourself.
  12. Jul 6, 2015
    Her Story is not everyone's videogame. After all, you merely watch videos and take notes, trying to make sense of a murder story. But it works on an intimate level, feeding on the player's own thirst for truth. And doing so, it proves that videogames still have much to tell when it comes to original narrative solutions.
  13. Jul 5, 2015
    Her Story is an incredibly interesting twist in the investigative theme. More than that, the work of Sam Barlow could be an illuminating beacon for future games that aim at offering innovative gameplay in police fiction games. A real must.
  14. Jul 5, 2015
    Unique, clever and original. Her Story is a game like no other, that delivers a smartly crafted gameplay and narrative, and that anyone who finds its concept interesting should play.
  15. Jul 2, 2015
    This year’s most unique game is something that gamers far and wide should experience for themselves, be it as a pallet cleanser in between massive AAA releases or as something to show them the power of the medium itself.
  16. Jul 2, 2015
    Ultimately, above all else, the game comes across as feeling wholly authentic – and that is a word you can attribute to only a small handful of games released in this day and age.
  17. Jul 1, 2015
    Simply put, you've never played a detective game like this before.
  18. Jun 30, 2015
    Her Story is a captivating experiment in stripped down storytelling and the best use of FMV that I’ve ever had the good fortune to encounter.
  19. Jun 29, 2015
    Her Story is one of those games that makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to actually make it. A unique experience that’s bound to keep you thinking for days after you’ve finished it.
  20. Jun 26, 2015
    The hand of [Her Story’s] developer never intrudes far enough to spoil the basic thrill of solving a narrative puzzle completely on one’s own.
  21. Jun 22, 2015
    An atmospheric, captivating crime thriller with an interactive story that unravels differently for every player.
  22. Jun 16, 2015
    Her Story is a remarkable achievement in creating something which is personal, cinematic and playful. It’s a work that’s impossible to imagine as anything other than a video game, and one of the best I have played so this year
  23. Jul 26, 2015
    An excellently paced murder mystery where everything hinges on careful evaluation of clues and information received. Viva Seifert's strong performance and the simple yet addictive core mechanic of researching new leads, help make Her Story one that you're not bound to forget anytime soon.
  24. Pelit (Finland)
    Sep 9, 2015
    Her Story is a game about old computer full of archived videos, secrets and disorder. It is a crime story but as much a romantic dip into the FMV delicacy. [Sept 2015]
  25. Jul 13, 2020
    If you are on the hunt for a traditional adventure game, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you want one of the best live-action performances in video game history, a fabulous presentation, and an intriguing mystery to unravel, Her Story deserves your time!
  26. Impressive performance by Viva Seifert, great job by Sam Barlow. You will definitely feel like a true detective.
  27. Oct 21, 2015
    Brilliantly fragmented, avant-garde, and quite compelling, Her Story is an innovative adventure that we utterly recommend. A well written, well acted, and well thought game.
  28. Aug 12, 2015
    A unique thriller that manages to draw players into an outstanding story with a different proposal. Atypical but simple. Interesting and effective. Her Story is one of those games that is one of a kind.
  29. Jul 7, 2015
    Her Story is more than just a very good example of storytelling. The idea is original, the story is fascinating and the performance is strong. Everybody finds his or her own way in this story, and for one person that way might be more beautiful than for others.
  30. Jul 3, 2015
    If you like creative game design, a good story and psychological suspense, Her Story is perfect for you.
  31. Jul 2, 2015
    A bold take on the long-forgotten FMV adventure genre, Her Story might be old-fashioned and light on what some might describe as traditional gameplay, but its sophisticated narrative and entertainingly novel take on detective work both allow it to soar far beyond the zenith of its seemingly outmoded remit.
  32. Jun 29, 2015
    With a strong script, great use of FMV, and a simple yet empowering core game mechanic, Her Story is the most unique game I’ve played in years.
  33. Jun 26, 2015
    Her Story is an intriguing experimentation in game narrative. Its vastly different approach to telling a complex story is reason alone to play it.
  34. Jun 25, 2015
    I won't stop until I've seen every little clip and then I'll hope for another game. The concept will work two, three or even four times. Agatha Christie didn't only write one book either.
  35. Jun 24, 2015
    Some players will likely have a gripe with Her Story's format or even have the audacity to claim that it's not a game. I assure you, it is as engaging as any AAA, blockbuster title I've encountered... as long as you're willing to observe, think and research.
  36. It’s weirdly compelling. I didn’t get up from my computer once during the two-and-a-half hours or so it took me to reach the end of my little investigation.
  37. Jun 22, 2015
    It's been days since I finished the game, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Her Story nails the dark, voyeuristic nature of true crime and the curiosity that follows.
  38. Jul 9, 2015
    Despite the fact that Her Story barely qualifies as a game, it has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to narrative; having said that, it won't satisfy all tastes, it is a game for the ones looking to be amazed.
  39. Jul 21, 2015
    Despite minor shortcomings, Her Story is a game worth playing.
  40. Jul 9, 2015
    Unlike 90’s FMV games that seems to be shouting "Look at me, I'm mature!" (with honorable exceptions), Her Story is, without saying a single keyword.
  41. Jul 5, 2015
    Her Story’s searchable video database is a unique and compelling way of telling its interactive story, making it worth the fairly short trip to the police station.
  42. Jul 1, 2015
    A fascinating and exciting experiment. It certainly tells a strong story, but it's the unique way in which it presents that story that makes the game so compelling. I can safely say I've never played anything quite like Her Story before, and while I don't necessarily think the "search engine murder mystery" genre needs to become the Next Big Thing, I cannot help but greatly admire the unusual ideas Her Story presents about how we tell and interact with stories in games.
  43. Jun 29, 2015
    An intriguing, beautifully acted genre experiment that took me completely by surprise.
  44. Jun 24, 2015
    This feat of intelligence and insight sticks with you long after the credits roll.
  45. Jul 31, 2015
    Sam Barlow made a bold step with this experimental game that paid off. It is a niche game that will not appeal to a large audience, but it nevertheless provides a captivating story (though not entirely original) that requires enough thought and research input from the player to keep him invested.
  46. Jun 17, 2015
    Her Story is a surprisingly rewarding experiment in game design. Perfectly presented, and with a beautiful soundtrack that creeps in at key moments of the investigation, this Sam Barlow presentation is most certainly memorable, and more attention grabbing than its passive nature might lead one to believe...It needs something extra to it to really stand as something special, but Her Story still kept me hooked long enough to dig out its secrets, and that’s definitely a success.
  47. Jul 24, 2015
    I'm always eager to see developers carve new territory in interactive narrative, but I'm not convinced that Her Story's format of chopping up bits of exposition and hiding them behind a nonsensical search engine mechanic is a major step forward for the medium. There's enough solid standalone writing to prevent it from being a waste of time, but I ultimately value Her Story more for its audacity than its success.
  48. CD-Action
    Sep 18, 2015
    Her Story met with extremely different reactions among our staff (from “this trivial babble makes no sense at all” to “the story captivated me and is still in my head”). [09/2015, p.49]
  49. Jun 25, 2015
    Despite the addictiveness of a Google-like search for murder clues, neither the artificial screen glare nor actress Viva Seifert's performance lend credibility to Her Story's lady-psychopath clichés.
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  1. As well as being a superb detective game, Her Story might be the best FMV game ever made.
  2. Dec 8, 2015
    It gives us an act and a person and challenges us to understand them even as it suggests that our understanding will never be complete.
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  1. Jun 28, 2015
    Being into unconventional games, this one caught my attention, and it sounded promising enough.
    But it doesn't work out very well.
    Being into unconventional games, this one caught my attention, and it sounded promising enough.
    But it doesn't work out very well.

    Here's what you basically do in the game:
    You are in front of a computer (in-game) and you have to search a database for keywords for which you then receive the first 5 matches.
    The clips are all about the same murder case, showing the answers the suspect has given throughout the interrogations over a few days.

    Additionally you have a DB Checker tool that displays the position of the last played clip. This way you can put it easier in order and even assign it a positional number.

    Now, I guess the idea is that you hear about new keywords in the clips, and then you search on with them so you get the complete interrogation. But that's not how it works.
    After bruting for 5 hours I noticed a major flaw there with which you can just cheat through the game really (I'll mention that one at the bottom again).

    The Story itself
    Storytelling is good and it probably wouldn't work too well if you just watched it in chronological order. But even then it would still be a good story.
    The issue is, the storytelling doesn't work at all if you spoiler ahead by accident really because you find a clip which is set on the last day.

    So really, it doesn't work either way.

    Now, your best bet in my opinion is to not play the game at all. The gameplay is crap anyway, it's just a time waster at best. Just watch a longplay on Youtube instead.
    OR - there's a flaw in the game that let's you get the clips in chronological order easily. Just reset the whole thing, search for blank. That gives you the first 5 clips because that's the default keyword.
    Change that keywords to 1,2,3,4,5 - search for blank again. Keep on going with 6,7,8 - you get the idea.

    Bottom line. Nice story, **** game. They **** it up big time.
    The game could work, I'm convinced. But not this way.
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  2. Jun 29, 2015
    This is what I call "Polygon Bait" - as in a game with an interesting idea of the type that particular review site loves to laud asThis is what I call "Polygon Bait" - as in a game with an interesting idea of the type that particular review site loves to laud as 'artistic', but in reality it is, at best and being very generous, average in its' execution and, crucially, not very fun as an actual video game. Mostly because it's not a video game, but we'll come to that later.

    Her Story is exactly the above, I give it extra credit for the cheap price point I purchased it at, and to be fair this isn't the worst game in the world - but the problem is that its' concept wears thin extremely quickly and devolves into repetition. The story is the strongpoint of the title, and easily excels beyond other "Polygon Bait" titles such as the atrocious Gone Home, but everything this game has to offer can be enjoyed exactly the same way by watching a playthrough on YouTube.

    There's no incentive to play the game yourself. It is more of an interactive movie than even the likes of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. That's not a bad thing exactly, as some people like those types of things, but I'd really like to begin to see these titles labelled clearly for what they are and not reviewed on a par with actual video games. If that makes me sound elitist or whatever, then so be it, but there has to be a distinction between various media, the same way there's a distinction between television and books. They are two different things.

    So yeah, an interesting but half-cooked interactive movie concept. If you have money to burn, get it on the cheap, but you are not missing out on anything revolutionary here. I'm waiting for the first truly revolutionary title of this type; this isn't it.
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  3. Jun 24, 2015
    Don't care if this fits into peoples definitions of a game it is an entirely irrelevant point - play it if you want and the huge majority thatDon't care if this fits into peoples definitions of a game it is an entirely irrelevant point - play it if you want and the huge majority that do seem to enjoy it. I play games to be entertained and this engaged me and entertained me more than anything I've picked up in years. Real craft and artistry pushes boundaries and does things others haven't tried before and this does that so very wonderfully, it genuinely is something unique and that is so very rare in this world. Full Review »