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  • Summary: The Guild 3 is a fascinating trade and life simulation that takes place during the late Middle Ages. Step into the shoes of a citizen, acquire businesses and mansions, produce goods and trade them, start intrigues in politics and society, love, hate, bribe, fight and live through good and bad times!
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  1. Jun 27, 2022
    The Guild 3 is rarely challenging, often relaxing, and unintentionally funny most of the time.
  2. Jun 27, 2022
    The Guild 3 isn't a bad game, but isn't also significantly better than the previous chapter of the series. A terrible interface and some boring mechanics tend to spoil an otherwise interesting gameplay.
  3. Jul 3, 2022
    Graphically, the leap in quality compared to previous interactions is evident while the sound sector seems old and uninspired. The possibility of "living" one of the 13 professions available is certainly appreciable but after about ten hours the limits of the playful recipe begin to be felt. Basically The Guild 3 is a fair exponent of the genre of belonging but could have aspired to higher peaks.
  4. Jun 28, 2022
    Released 16 years after The Guild 2, the third entry in the series disappoints. Dated graphics, simplified gameplay, unintuitive interface and various other flaws greatly diminish its substantial potential. The Guild 3 spent six years in Early Access and judging by its state, it should have spent there an additional year or two.
  5. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Oct 19, 2022
    On paper, there’s a lot of variety in The Guild 3. But most of the “alternative” gameplay options either require unreasonable amounts of busywork, or simply aren’t profitable. And if you just want to run a workshop, – The Guild 2 would work just as well. [Issue#260, p.46]
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