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  1. Jan 27, 2021
    Bloober Team has long established itself as a purveyor of innovative and frightening horror experiences, but it will be tough to outdo this one. The Medium is a terrifying and disturbing look into the darkest recesses of human behavior, wrapped in an immersive, atmospheric, and beautiful looking game world.
  2. Jan 27, 2021
    A third-person horror game that's elevated by some of the sharpest writing and acting in the genre.
  3. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium is an atmospherically creepy psychological thriller that puts a new spin on the genre while evoking feelings that fans of Silent Hill will find familiar. If you’ve been looking for a tense horror game that’s largely without jump scares but will still leave you with chills, this one’s for you.
  4. Feb 8, 2021
    The Medium may lack the sparkle and glam of big games because of its introverted and personal nature but that’s the very reason its take on mental issues holds up so exceptionally well.
  5. Feb 1, 2021
    Overall, The Medium is a fantastic experience. It’s a troubling, emotional, and wrenching nightmare packed into a compact running time, and while its ending may be a little too ambiguous for some, I’m happy to say that The Medium offers a dark mystery that is absolutely worth solving.
  6. Jan 31, 2021
    The Medium is an ambitious game, for a studio like Bloober Team, this would probably have been too big of a challenge to take on a few years ago. The studio took a different approach to their horror games and focused on the narrative and interesting mechanics to make for an amazing game.
  7. Jan 29, 2021
    If you’re a fan of older adventure games, like Syberia or Still Life, The Medium was made almost specifically for you. If you’re an old-school survival horror fan who doesn’t think the genre’s done better than Silent Hill 2 in 20 years, The Medium is very much in your wheelhouse. If you’re not in either of those categories, I’m not sure if you’d get past the first 20 minutes. For me, it’s a 90%, because I’ll be thinking about this one for a while, but I can’t give it more than an extremely qualified recommendation.
  8. Jan 27, 2021
    With a fairly direct narrative, this might not be the sort of game that you’ll head back to replay often but this is an experience worth picking up. Bloober Team’s latest story manages to be both unsettling and engaging in equal measure. The presentation is fantastic, the characterization and voice acting is great, and the nods to other horror tropes is knowing rather than sloppy. This team from Krakow clearly know their chosen genre inside out and while it might be hard to fully discuss this new horror title without ruining the twists in the tale, I can be certain that The Medium will make you think twice about your next vacation.
  9. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium is not only the best game from the Bloober Team but also one of the greatest virtual psychological horrors out there. It's on the same level as the masterpiece I consider What Remains of Edith Finch to be. And if you accept the lack of survival and action elements in the gameplay, you'll get a great heir to the Silent Hill series. If you prefer story and atmosphere over typical action - it's a game for you.
  10. Jan 27, 2021
    While The Medium does not look truly next-gen, the excellent dual-reality mechanics and storytelling prowess of Bloober Team ensure it is one of the most technically and narratively sophisticated horror games to come out in years, recalling the best of games like Silent Hill.
  11. Jan 27, 2021
    Eventually The Medium's narrative threads begin to weave together, even connecting to the original goal of discovering Marianne's origins. The promise that everything somehow connects in some unforeseen and fascinating way is a thrilling reason to see the game all the way through. The connections to real-world events of Polish history make many of the revelations even more poignant--even if the supernatural aspects are fictional, it's deeply unsettling to think about how some of the evil present in this game did actually occur. And to that end, The Medium's conclusion sticks with you; it's one last horrifying reminder that trauma may not define a person, but it can have consequences we can't even begin to foresee if it's not adequately dealt with and simply left to fester over time. I can't say I enjoyed the ending to The Medium, but I am deeply satisfied with how it sets up the inescapable nature of its horrifying conclusion.
  12. Jan 27, 2021
    So far, The Medium is the best game developed by Bloober Team: a love letter to the horror genre and a major step forward for the studio.
  13. Jan 27, 2021
    The latest horror from Bloober Team is a great bridge between the new generation of consoles and the old classics of the genre, with an intriguing story, a surreal setting and a road full of puzzles to decipher.
  14. Jan 29, 2021
    The Medium is one of the best quality horror games in recent years. This game learns many essences of "Silent Hill", and tells a suspenseful story with its own pace.
  15. Jan 28, 2021
    A deeply thought-provoking and mature psychological horror game that honours its influences without relying entirely on nostalgia.
  16. Jan 27, 2021
    Despite its linearity, I'd argue that The Medium is a genuinely chilling ghost story that's sure to leave a lasting impression. The splitscreen effects make for quite a few memorable moments, and there's no denying the growing sense of accomplishment as you solve difficult puzzles and make your way through the cursed resort. It may not be on the same level as some of its inspirations, but I'd definitely recommend The Medium to any fan of classic survival horror.
  17. Jan 27, 2021
    Literally straddling the line between supernatural and real-world horror, The Medium is satisfying, sleek, and sophisticated in every department. While it makes only limited use of its signature simultaneous reality mechanic, and features some of the same gameplay frustrations as earlier Bloober Team games, it’s easy to overlook such stumbles. The Medium sidesteps scare gimmicks to deliver a masterclass in mature horror, one rooted in atmosphere, all-round restraint, and an enthralling region-specific story.
  18. Jan 27, 2021
    I couldn't do anything with previous works that were quite jumpscare-heavy with Bloober Teams, but The Medium grabbed me straight away.
  19. Feb 25, 2021
    The Medium isn't an unflawed masterpiece. It's got some performance issues on PC and some jankeyness in unexpected places. However it has got this absolutely unique horror atmosphere, beautifully crafted worlds and some absolute heart-string pulling story moments. This is a successful return of the "horror adventure" game style from those golden oldies everyone fondly remembers. Bloober Team has done an outstanding job making this title and it's one hundred percent recommended to all fans of horror.
  20. Jan 28, 2021
    Like many of Bloober Team's titles, The Medium isn't a horror game made for all horror fans. The lack of jump-scares can be refreshing, but some will be turned off by the lack of combat and danger. The game's relaxed pace, its linear nature, and the ease of its puzzles can erode the tension of the mystery. The strong atmosphere, grounded characters, and solid storyline will attract horror fans who are looking for something other than grotesque monsters to hunt down or run away from. For those who value plot over punch, The Medium is a journey worth taking.
  21. Jan 27, 2021
    With The Medium, Bloober Team delivers a sordid story — though not always easy to pin down. Despite the sometimes ludicrous character animation, blurring effects not necessarily justified, and the presence of a few artifacts, the graphics are high quality and often well-inspired. The chases and the passages in the characters' psyche are quite memorable. If you don't mind games which are linear and focus on the narrative more than the action, you'll have a great time with The Medium — and its amazing OST.
  22. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium is full of deep and intertwined narrative, moreso than many other games from recent years. If you love The Longest Journey, Silent Hill and The Evil Within for the overall atmosphere and tone, but also prefer something less action-oriented, then The Medium is something you don't want to miss.
  23. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium is a really good horror adventure with some stand out ideas and excellent presentation. It makes the most of its influences to create an atmospheric and involving narrative, but its wider context as a next-gen exclusive may lead many to expect it to be a grander step forward than it is. Taken on its own merits, and particularly for genre fans, this is a genuinely great game and I look forward to replaying it to take in all the amazing details and touches that I may have missed first time through. With some questions left unanswered, I hope it does well and develops into a franchise.
  24. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium is a step forward for Bloober Team, mature enough to propose a compelling, twisted dark thriller with an astonishing visual art. Without run&hide sessions and with a more complex level design. it could be a more enjoyable game.
  25. Jan 27, 2021
    One could argue that outside of its creative double-world approach, The Medium isn’t the sort of revolutionary horror game that one might hope for from the start of a new generation in gaming. But you know what? It doesn’t need to be revolutionary. It just needs to be spooky, have fun gameplay and tell an entertaining story, and Bloober Team succeeds on all of those fronts.
  26. Jan 27, 2021
    I think I've hit my legal limit on flowery language in this review already, so I'll keep it plain and simple in the end; The Medium is a fun, unsettling atmospheric horror game that is guaranteed to knock your socks off if you even remotely appreciate artistic design. It's not a "traditional horror game," but, then again, none of the Bloober Team games I've ever played have been traditional horror games. If you have a day to spare and want to spend it with a game guaranteed to draw you in (even if it takes a few hours to do so), then I don't think you'll regret taking The Medium out for a spin.
  27. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium is yet additional proof of Bloober Team's talent in creating authentic digital nightmares. Gameplay-wise the game is inspired by the classics of the past without giving up its own personal imprint, and the story is also well written. The art direction, though, is the real deal.
  28. Jan 28, 2021
    The Medium is at its best when you are exploring its remarkable, beautiful worlds, or enjoying the excellent composition and art direction. Unfortunately, the gameplay does not meet that high mark, and often detracts from what is otherwise a stellar aesthetic experience.
  29. Jan 27, 2021
    Although it has demanding system requirements, The Medium is still a marvelous offering when it comes to its visuals and gameplay. Its locations will haunt and horrify you, and its dual-reality system will provide refreshing ways to complete your objectives. Unfortunately, it also suffers from a few technical hiccups, and its bizarrely abrupt conclusion leaves a lot to be desired.
  30. Feb 9, 2021
    The Medium is an interesting title to play through, but I think it is fair to say that while the split-screen, dual world element is a fascinating idea, it never truly excels at pushing the idea to its maximum potential. There are teases of what could be done here, but this is no new revolutionary way to play. Taking The Medium as an horror game, it brings a brilliant soundtrack that gives life to its locations with eerie atmosphere, an engrossing story that I wanted to see until its conclusion; the main element people will remember once the dust has settled in. Expect The Medium to be a mixture of uncomplicated investigatory item solving and walking through its striking environment art, a captivating and well presented world that is visually pleasing (or disgusting depending how you look at it), but one world where the scares are scripted to certain parts of the story, which stop any potential for this game to have a truly frightening experience.
  31. Feb 3, 2021
    The Medium is a decent psychological horror from the start, but it’s rather hollow when it comes to gameplay.
  32. If you like the horror, thriller genre, I can say that The Medium is a game where you can get a nostalgic taste.
  33. Jan 27, 2021
    The Bloober Team delivers a psychological and supernatural thriller with multiple controlled influences, and a story that is both dark and touching. The Medium is an artistic work in its own right, both visual and musical, whose universe deserves to be explored. The Polish studio also manage to take advantage of this playful duality between the physical and spiritual planes without necessarily innovating too much during a linear adventure. The threat weighing on Marianne, as intense as it may be at times, loses too often in intensity to permanently mark the players. The Medium is ultimately an “arty” horrific experience like the developers' previous productions.
  34. Jan 27, 2021
    Some of the best horror games of the last decade have offered combat-free frights. After all, abandoned buildings are scarier when you can’t push back against the shadows. However, The Medium’s lack of combat highlights the challenge of letting atmosphere and puzzles carry a horror experience. The idea of exploring split realities is neat, but Bloober Team needed another gameplay hook to hang its hat on, because this horror show is a bit shallow.
  35. Feb 2, 2021
    If you go into The Medium with very high hopes, you will be disappointed, but if you walk in just looking for some eerie atmospheres, some award-winning voice acting and some nostalgic horror feels, then you will have some fun.
  36. Jan 27, 2021
    You can tell that Bloober Team loves horror and The Medium has a lot of lovable details. The atmosphere and original mechanics are the strong point. But the story loses strength and even becomes confusing. This added to the excessive linearity and the chases obtuse design don't allow me to recommend it more than to true fans of the genre.
  37. Feb 2, 2021
    The Medium is a flawed horror experience with an interesting story and a visually captivating spirit world. Fixed camera angles add excess clumsiness and the terrible framerate drops make it difficult to enjoy the split-screen views. With some glacial pacing and a lack of genuine scares or challenges, it fails to create a strong bond with either of its two worlds.
  38. Feb 10, 2021
    The Medium creates a nightmarish limbo for untethered souls in which players must evade, outwit and even aid its horrific inhabitants, but the strong atmosphere and effective scares aren’t enough to completely atone for a poorly constructed story and one-dimensional protagonist.
  39. Feb 3, 2021
    The Medium impresses with its next-gen graphics and unique, split-screenplay that lets you jump between the human and spirit worlds. Unfortunately, the horror game's not particularly scary.
  40. 60
    As a horror game, The Medium doesn’t have enough resistance or solid scares overall, and as a tone piece, it often misses the mark with a lack of maturity and care in scripting. The core conceit of the game rears its head unexpectedly as it fails to reconcile its deep themes with its desire for shock, and its desire to create a horror experience without any strong mechanical grounding. The game doesn’t really provide anything to bridge its evocative artwork to its less than accomplished themes...For those that want to explore a fascinating looking interpretation of a spiritual world, however, The Medium is a rambling holiday in a wonderful macabre charnel house, but if you want something a little more bracing, you might want to look elsewhere.
  41. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium is a game with neither big flaws nor anything it really excels at. The gameplay is quite simple and the story kind of reaches a mid point in between a horror book and a socio-political discourse that do not really match. In the end, it all amounts to a mediocre game by Bloober Team that, most likely, will have been forgotten by the end of the year.
  42. Jan 27, 2021
    Bloober Team does well to keep things taut all the way to the end, but there's a frustrating amount of untapped potential beneath its gameplay gimmicks and art direction.
  43. Jan 27, 2021
    Despite some missteps, there is good in The Medium. If you want a decent horror story to wade through, which offers telltale signs of the classics we’ve come to know and love, then Bloober Team’s latest is just that.
  44. Jan 27, 2021
    My favorite part of The Medium ended up being its "semi-fixed cameras," which blend old and new design philosophies in a way that seems genuinely palatable in 2021.
  45. Jan 28, 2021
    I really wanted to like The Medium. It tells a grown-up tale fitting for the genre and features strong location design and sound design. But In the end I have to say that I was bored for at least half of my nine hour long playthrough due to the repetitive gameplay and shallow presentation.
  46. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium isn't even really a horror game, despite the setting and themes, and lacks any scares bar an early cheap jump. For a studio so focused on creating psychological horror it's hard to see this mildly spooky action-adventure as anything other than a misstep.
  47. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium is a poor game that is rife with bugs, bad ideas, and some nice things to look at.
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  1. Jan 27, 2021
    The Medium manages to unite in a single game four elements that are not easy to find well integrated in a single title: it maintains a good narrative tension, telling a difficult story in an affordable way, and its soundtrack perfectly complements this narrative. Its aesthetic proposal gives a unique framework and, at the same time, complements the story. Finally, it properly integrates its playable mechanics within the product. It is a risky work, which invites, like the rest of the Bloober Team games, that each one has their own interpretation of what happens on screen.[Recommended]
  2. Jan 27, 2021
    The story's emotional beats are written and executed well enough that I was nonetheless happy to go along for the ride even if some of the pieces didn't make much sense in hindsight. I'd still recommend waiting for a few patches to hit before you jump in, especially if you're planning to play on PC. But despite all the issues, I was invested the whole way through and came away with the feeling that The Medium is a journey worth taking.
  3. Jan 27, 2021
    Eventually, The Medium abandons its surprisingly empathetic take on the afterlife altogether to become a thriller, which, while honing in on a single thread, ends up being shallow and disappointing. The twists aren’t predictable but aren’t shocking, either, and while the latter half of the game sets itself up as an intricate web of interconnected relationships and secrets, it teases out hidden identities and other twists for way longer than it took for me to figure them out, leaving me waiting for the story to catch up. By the time I’d rolled credits and began processing what had just happened, I realized I didn’t have many plot points or striking moments to chew on.
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  1. Jan 29, 2021
    Really good game , bloomer team make narrative games that are really stunning
  2. Jan 29, 2021
    a pretty good game, but not the best, it should be longer, have harder puzzles and more mecanics
  3. Jan 29, 2021
    Gracias, gracias por este juego, por yamaoka en la musica y por volver a traer este tipo de juego de terror en 2021. Siento injusta laGracias, gracias por este juego, por yamaoka en la musica y por volver a traer este tipo de juego de terror en 2021. Siento injusta la comparación con Silent hills pero es que es directa es normal que no se pueda comparar estéticamente. Han conseguido captar los inicios de esa saga que tantos fans tiene ahora. Puzles sencillos y a la vez complejos si no miras bien. Narrativa ni muy densa ni muy floja y las cámaras y escenarios de 10.
    Por supuesto sin descontar el soundtrack que es simplemente genial.
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