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  • Summary: We Are The Caretakers is a sci-fi turn-based squad management RPG. Assemble arcane teams of protectors to defend your planet and the endangered wildlife you rely on. Unite the world against an extraterrestrial threat. Fight for our future.
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  1. Jan 12, 2023
    We Are the Caretakers is unique in terms of fictional universe and themes. I know of no other video game that pits players against poachers and puts the preservation of a species so front and center. The experience offers a sense of discovery that I found delightful. The problem lies with the execution, which is affected by limited resources. Presentation never manages to do the world justice. The core mechanics are decent but they tend to become repetitive. We Are the Caretakers is a good strategy and role-playing mix that had the potential for so much more.
  2. Jan 30, 2023
    We Are The Caretakers is a reminder of just how much work it takes to properly bring something from a cool concept to an actual functioning game. I have no doubt that Heart Shaped Game’s intentions were noble, and their courage to venture into relatively unexplored territory in gaming deserves its due credit. But when looking at the bigger picture and judging the game for what it is, not what it is supposed to be, We Are The Caretakers is simply beyond the pale.