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  • Summary: BUTCHER is a fast-paced 2D shooter and a blood-soaked love letter to the cult classics of the genre.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. May 12, 2017
    BUTCHER is a fast-paced, bloody shootfest which gives you a run for your money. You die easily but keep playing because the game is so much fun. A must-buy for those who like a challenge.
  2. May 9, 2017
    It’s brief, chaotic, and hard as nails, but this is a glorious throwback that every fan of 90s shooters should pick up. Brutal and loud, BUTCHER makes for a suitable companion to last year's excellent DOOM reboot.
  3. May 16, 2017
    Quick and tough, Butcher's classic platformer gameplay will keep you glued to your screen for a while, especially if you like a challenge.
  4. May 10, 2017
    BUTCHER doesn't innovate the videogame market, but it's fun and should be enjoyed by gamers who are searching for a nice challenge.
  5. May 10, 2017
    This is a game for 2D shooters fans, even though we can't help but feel it is an unpolished gem that could have been so much more.
  6. May 9, 2017
    Butcher is a fun, addictive riff on a classic genre with an uncompromising approach that makes it feel both rewarding and frustrating. You're unlikely to get much mileage out of it unless you like a lot of repetition and a torturous level of challenge but if you're attracted by its over-the-top retro aesthetic, it's definitely worth checking out.
  7. 60
    BUTCHER pays a visceral tribute to DOOM on a 2D plane. The gameplay can be a bit shallow, the difficulty can result in repetition, but if you enjoy the speed run scene then this could have some legs.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 1
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  1. Aug 20, 2017
    Wtf?! Are people retarded? Why is this game not given more attention, it is so frickin' awesome! It's a gritty ultra voilent 2d sidescrollingWtf?! Are people retarded? Why is this game not given more attention, it is so frickin' awesome! It's a gritty ultra voilent 2d sidescrolling shooter inspired by Doom & Quake. It is fast gory has a really cool ( but super pixelated ) art style, the guns are so cool they thunder like howitzers and ALWAYS turn enemies to puddles of bloody gore! Music is cool dark industrial kind of grinding and pounding ( a bit hard to explain) I bought this game because it was cheap, I had seen the mixed reviews so I didn't expect much but DAMN this game is good! It is short though, I got through it in an hour but since it was so cheap and because of replay value I think it was worth it. Buy the game it's awesome! Expand