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  • Summary: DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel to 2016's DOOM. Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal delivers the ultimate combination of speed and power, along with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat. As the DOOM Slayer, you’ll return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell.DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel to 2016's DOOM. Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal delivers the ultimate combination of speed and power, along with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat. As the DOOM Slayer, you’ll return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell. Set to an all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, you fight across dimensions as you slay new and classic demons with powerful new weapons and abilities. [Bethesda] Expand
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5 Tips For Doom Eternal's Nightmare Difficulty
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  1. Mar 24, 2020
    Doom Eternal has a lot in common with Doom 2. Both could never dream of matching the surprise or legacy of their immediate predecessor, but they each confidently expand on the historic foundations those games set. Using fast-paced first-person shooting as the framework, each sequel has wildly improved level design, a wider selection of demons to massacre, and a larger arsenal that come together to refine its core identity in the smartest, most respectful ways possible. However, Eternal is more ambitious than its 1994 counterpart, pushing even further and creating one of the best first-person shooters ever made in the process. The Doom Slayer has faced many nightmarish opponents and toppled them all, yet his greatest victory might be slaying the impossibly high expectations set by his genre-defining precursors.
  2. Mar 23, 2020
    Doom Eternal is not only a superb shooter, but carries the DNA of some of the best works by Id Software, and takes the studio back to the good old days of the 90s.
  3. Mar 22, 2020
    DOOM Eternal is an example of how to make a great sequel. Doesn't break with the 2016 game and allows us to embody a character that is a demon killer. It makes us feel powerful and is one of the most brutal games we've enjoyed in a long time.
  4. Mar 17, 2020
    DOOM Eternal is simply the best game of the IP as it shows an unmatched mastery of the Fast-FPS genre from id Software. The pure uncut cocaine of shooters.
  5. Mar 19, 2020
    A fantastic game, taking all of the elements which made DOOM 2016 such a surprisingly enjoyable reboot of the franchise and implementing dozens of new concepts in a way which makes the entire experience feel fresh all over again. There is more of everything in DOOM Eternal than players could have asked for, but the lack of a classic deathmatch and Snap Map functionality, something which was such an integral and entertaining part of DOOM 2016's community, makes it impossible to give the game a perfect score.
  6. Apr 4, 2020
    DOOM Eternal exceeded expectations, both where difficulty and enjoyment are concerned, and while not without its faults, it feels like a must-play game for FPS players. It knows exactly how hard it is but doesn’t shame players for choosing whatever difficulty they want, and with how many collectibles there are to amass, it offers a surprising degree of replayability.
  7. Mar 19, 2020
    There’s something primal and thrilling to id Software’s further embrace of video-gamey conventions.

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  1. Apr 13, 2021
    I hear a lot of people call Doom Eternal inflexible, and I don't think that's very fair or accurate, how flexible it is really depends on yourI hear a lot of people call Doom Eternal inflexible, and I don't think that's very fair or accurate, how flexible it is really depends on your pride and your ability to utilize the options that are laid out before you.

    The first time I played through Doom Eternal, I picked Ultra Violence because I thought "yeah I've played Doom before and that's the best Doom difficulty". I also turned off tutorials because from a YouTube review I heard they were frequent and annoying, and I had played so many id software games in the past I was confident in my ability to just pick it up and play it.

    I eventually turned the tutorials back on when I got my ass kicked by the Arachnotron for the 5th time without realizing the turret was a weak point. I didn't wanna miss out on any info like that again, and while I'd say my experience with the game was decently fun after that, I still felt like I was missing something, and like the game wasn't clicking with me.

    I liked the over the top story and bombastic level design that was much more dynamic and varied than Doom 2016, but in terms of combat I always felt like I was a few steps out of pace with Doom Eternal on my first playthrough.

    I think this is mostly due to the fact that the Ultra Violence difficulty is rather unforgiving, and that's not a bad thing, it's just rather demoralizing for beginners at the game who need to learn the mechanics. It's hard to learn those mechanics when you're constantly on edge and constantly at risk of dying due to the fact one wrong move can entirely throw you off, and considering Ultra Violence is most people's go to Doom difficulty I can see how so many people tried it and were instantly turned off, thinking there was something wrong with the game.

    Personally, my biggest problem was I found myself using a lot of the same abilities and weapons to do everything. Everytime I saw a weak point I'd use the heavy cannon scope and only the heavy cannon scope to take it out, never using the sticky bombs, heat blast, ballista, etc.

    I wouldn't use a lot of the new abilities like the blood punch, ice bombs, grenades, etc. It was too overwhelming to think about in the middle of the incredibly heated battles. The things is Doom Eternal is flexible enough to let you play it this way, you can beat it but it's not very fun to do so. But still, I managed to struggle through the game on my first playthrough, constantly on edge and never learning anything, by the time I beat it, I was glad I had but I didn't feel very accomplished. In fact I felt kind of demoralized.

    I leaned later that my greatest mistake was never lowering the difficulty and giving myself more room to breathe. When I finally played the game again a year later, I finally chose Hurt Me Plenty on the difficulty settings because my pride in playing that difficulty had definitely been shattered by that point and I just didn't give a ♥♥♥♥ anymore, wasn't like anyone could see me.

    The thing is Hurt Me Plenty in classic Doom was pitiful, there were way less enemies making levels feel rather empty which leads to it generally being shunned across all Doom game's by the community, but what a lot of people don't know is Hurt Me Plenty in Doom Eternal is just a normal difficulty in any other game, it's the exact same enemy count and placements, just with less damage output and a little bit less punishment for not reacting fast enough.

    When I finally chose HMP, I finally had that room to breathe and it allowed me to get more creative with my playstyle, and just like that the game finally clicked with me. I started using Doomguy's entire arsenal, and learned how to utilize Doom Eternal's mechanics in satisfying ways that made me feel smart for figuring them out, it fully immersed me in it's combat puzzle.

    When I came back to the Ultra Violence difficulty, despite playing on an easier difficulty earlier, I had learned enough from that more easygoing mode that I was finally good at the game, and I managed to beat it in one go in Extra Lives mode, and while it was no Ultra Nightmare playthrough, it's one of the most satisfying experiences I've had in a video game.

    So my recommendation to new players is turn that difficulty down, use those cheat codes, do anything that makes the experience more fun and easygoing and your playstyle will begin to show itself naturally, don't force yourself to go in hard due to pride, this is a very different game than any FPS out there and you just gotta have fun with it. When you do that and fully utilize the options it gives you to tweak the game to your experience, it's not only not inflexible, it's one of the most flexible and fun experiences you can have with an FPS game. id Software knocked it out of the park. As I type this I am currently playing through my first Nightmare playthrough and I can officially say I'm addicted now.
  2. Mar 20, 2020
    The best Doom has ever been! I like how they went with a more story driven story mode, with the gameplay being even better then Doom 2016. TheThe best Doom has ever been! I like how they went with a more story driven story mode, with the gameplay being even better then Doom 2016. The music is spectacular, you feel it ramp up every time you kill a demon! And in my opinion there isn’t a better fps on the market. Doom Eternal is for me a 666 out of 10 would definitely recommend. Expand
  3. Apr 25, 2021
    Doom Eternal reminds me that games can be fun again which is awesome. Make games fun again.
  4. Dec 26, 2020
    Игра которая перенесла меня в мое детство, настоящий хардкорный шутер, который заставляет попотеть, даже на среднем уровне сложности. КрасиваяИгра которая перенесла меня в мое детство, настоящий хардкорный шутер, который заставляет попотеть, даже на среднем уровне сложности. Красивая графика, интересные загадки, и конечно же отличное музыкальное сопровождение, лично от меня 10 из 10 Expand
  5. Mar 25, 2020
    There’s a cliché phrase that gets repeated to death often: “you can’t beat the classics.” I find this quite to be not only overused, but justThere’s a cliché phrase that gets repeated to death often: “you can’t beat the classics.” I find this quite to be not only overused, but just plain tedious, and I tend to flip it around by saying, “can’t beat the classics, so let’s make new ones.” id Software seems to really understand that: their ever-popular “DOOM” franchise is one of gaming’s classics, and is one of the most iconic and well-known franchises in the history of gaming. While I recently went back to play the first two “DOOM” games and felt that they showed a bit of their age, both are still very enjoyable and I can totally understand why “DOOM” is considered a classic. In 2016, id Software decided to revitalize the series with their “DOOM” reboot, which was a massive hit: I would even go as far as to call 2016’s “DOOM” one of the best shooters in recent memory, and easily one of the best FPS titles of this generation. So, when “DOOM Eternal” was announced, my hype was through the roof: sure, Bethesda has been on a bit of a cold-streak with games like “Fallout 76,” “Rage 2” and “Wolfenstein: Youngblood” receiving reviews that ranged from mixed to extremely negative, but a part of me had a feeling that “DOOM Eternal” would be the shot in the arm Bethesda needed. And sure enough, it is: dare I say, for as much as I just praised the last “DOOM” game, “DOOM Eternal” actually stands even taller and not only lives up to the last entry, but even surpasses it (no easy task indeed).
    “DOOM Eternal” retains a lot of what made 2016’s “DOOM” work so well: it’s extremely faithful to the legacy of the “DOOM” franchise, yet still featuring plenty to entice gamers that may have never experienced the classic “DOOM” games. I also appreciate a lot of the game’s references to “DOOM II,” with the return of a number of enemies and gameplay ideas that propped up in that game, making this almost feel like a “DOOM II” for a new generation. That said, while “DOOM II” to me felt a bit like “DOOM More” compared to the first “DOOM,” “DOOM Eternal” doesn’t feel like that: the game makes several great changes and adds a number of new things to the gameplay that help it feel even better than the last one. The gameplay is even faster than before, the gunplay remains as smooth as ever, with a lot of weapons receiving fantastic upgrades that make them even more fun to use, there are several new weapons that are extremely fun to use, and the level design is even tighter than before. 2016’s “DOOM” already had some great level design to it, but I feel like “DOOM Eternal” comes through with some even more varied levels and areas, and they’re a pleasure to explore. The game also relies on platforming quite a bit, something the original “DOOM II” also did, but here, I think the platforming is smooth and controls well, and it feels more layered than “DOOM” games of the past. Visually, the game is still an absolute stunner, with some of the best graphics out there today, the soundtrack is still a blast, the combat is even more tense than before, and there’s a nice added challenge to the game, even if you play it on the lower difficulties like I did. The campaign is also a rip-roaring good time that feels even beefier than before, and getting to play as the demons themselves is a fantastic concept that’s executed very well.
    I honestly can’t think of too many problems I had with the game. I know some critics have felt that some of the additions to the arsenal felt a bit overwhelming to manage, but to me, I totally enjoyed that, and I think a lot of the new additions, like the flamethrower, rechargeable chainsaw, dash button, and climbing ability, just motivated me even more to want to learn the game. In terms of other flaws…maybe the excitement that the game provides might make you headbang so hard that you get overly-excited and give yourself a nosebleed? Yeah, that’s the best I’ve got.
    All in all, “DOOM Eternal” rises above its already-fantastic predecessor and continues to establish why the new “DOOM” games belong in a first-person shooter masterclass. “DOOM Eternal” pushes the series forward in meaningful ways, and honestly might even stand tall as the best entry in the franchise (I still have a few “DOOM” games to play, so talk to me about that later, but as of right now, “DOOM Eternal” is my favorite). Definitely give this game a shot, it’s well worth your time. With how much Bethesda has slumped as of late, leave it to id Software to pick up the pieces of their struggles and make something that’ll hopefully breathe some new life into the company. Whether or not they improve as a result is yet to be seen, but at least we can safely say “DOOM Eternal” will definitely be one of this year’s best games, and one of the best shooters of this generation of gaming.
    Rating: 10 out of 10 "Fantastic"
  6. May 14, 2020
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Personally, I really love this game. Enemies look like the old design from older doom titles are very good and I like the cartoonist but very gore. The game is a little easy but fair. Now the map in the campaign is very cool. I love the environment from hell on earth to Urdak, look very heavy metal. getting collectibles is very cool and upgrading predator suit can be very rewarding stuff like if you collect 14 cheat code and upgrade suit you get to play doom 1993.

    but anyway the gameplay is fantastic. I love the dash mechanic in this game. you can dash your way to dodge any demon attack and the weapons are very good. getting ammo and armor is pretty easy when you find them on the ground in the map or you can use the chainsaw to slash enemies like Zombies, Possessed soldier, Imps, etc. I love the wall climbing parts, very easy. I also love the new enemies like Marauder, Doom hunter, Gladiator, and Whiplash. their interesting and make it challenging in a fun way. Not much about Carcass, he's very easy to kill by getting around his shields. he more like an Overwatch character that was supposed to be in the game but cut because the developer didn't put time or didn't they put effort. Anyway But the Final boss I the most like is the Icon of sin. I really love that now it is finally real and not in texture like doom 2. I can finally beat him. As I said, he looks very real. I like secret encounters. also about the Marauder, I like him. he follows the rules other enemies do and goes on an offensive hard. he uses his shield when you attack him too early and he attacks you in a long-range of you try to use any long-range. I forgot one thing he summons dog if you attack other enemies. so attack when he is close and when he attacks.
    Also, love the Soundtrack. Doom series is also famous for its music with heavy metal. the Chrous is, let's say very heavy metal. I'm not being sarcastic.

    Now Battlemode, which is basically 1v2 battle. slayer vs 2 monsters. it was alright. but I miss snap maps from Doom 2016. if you don't know Snap maps, its a feature from doom 2016 where you can create a map or visit other player maps.

    I know battle mode is short, but that's all I got. but another thing I like is that you can custom doomguy with skins, and gestures and taunts. and you can also custom skin from weapons.
    Overall that Game is Perfect like Doom 2016 and a very great sequel.
  7. Apr 17, 2021
    Doom Eternal gets a 0 from me for SEVERAL reasons.
    The first one being The marauder. now to preference. i'm good at the game. I can kill the
    Doom Eternal gets a 0 from me for SEVERAL reasons.
    The first one being The marauder. now to preference. i'm good at the game. I can kill the marauder and not have an issue doing so. the issue for me personally is that i don't like being TOLD when to pull the trigger. he is, quite literally, a massive game of Red-Light (Shield) Green-Light (eye glow).

    The other problem i have is them sponging up the enemy to have WAAAYYYY Too much health. while all the while choking you for ammo. Yeah, i know that the chainsaw now exists. but now instead of jumping into the fray with my chainsaw ready to tear a demon a new **** with my chainsaw, i'm running AWAY from the fight to find a conveniently placed imp or zombie to get my ammo back. and i'm doing this EVERY OTHER MINUTE. which, suffice to say, breaks the loops of combat and puts you in positions that you'd really rather not be in. often ending with you getting raped in a corner by 15+ demons at once.

    Oh and did i mention there's also an INCREDIBLE amount of enemies per level and you'll often have waves spawning overtop one another which only adds to the problem. oh what's that? use the BFG and Unmayker? Yeah, i would. IF I HAD AMMO FOR IT, AND IF IT DID ANYTHING. The BFG no longer kills everything it passes through anymore. which is QUITE annoying and underwhelming.

    all of this is compounded as well by movement canceling and knockback combined with screenshake so that way your feet are effectively planted to the floor.

    I don't like being told when to shoot, and i don't like having control over my character taken away.

    Oh yeah, and the BFG is on the scroll wheel now and not on it's own dedicated button.

    so yes. you will accidentally switch to it and panic fire it on an imp or zobie when you really just wanted your shotgun. it will happen, several times.

    AND I HATE BEING PULLED OUT OF COMBAT EVERY SINGLE TIME TO BE GIVING A 1 ON 1 TUTORIAL DEAR HOLY **** DO THESE TUTORIALS BREAK THE ****ING FLOW. WREEEE And yes i turned them off and you wanna know what happened? when the witches that possess demons showed up I had no idea how to deal with them with the ghostbuster style microwave beam that was useless in the main campaign. so when the final boss came round, i spent literally 30 minutes just fighting before pausing and googling. so yeah THE TUTORIALS ARE QUITE NESSACARY. they stayed off though and i thankfully didn't have anything like that occur again.

    But it would have been so much better if they put us in scenarios where, maybe you see someone do something similar with them. there is a thing called Show don't Tell. and this game needs to learn to shut the everloving **** up.

    I like the fact that you have a nice base of operations, i like the collectibles and secrets, I like the fact that you can break away your enemies' armor. and i LOVE the fact that you can target weakpoints to shoot off to make them less of a threat! However, everything else that i listed is SO profound that all these few good things i mentioned are null and void.


    I want to love this game i genuinely do but this game does everything so backward. making itself harder for the sake of making it harder. unessacrly spongey enemies. Choking you for ammo and changing the entire gameplay loop simply by changing how the chainsaw and ammo is dolled out made me so bored and annoyed that i've played the game once out of respect and now i will put the game down and never touch it again.

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