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  • Summary: It’s Clara’s last day on the island where she grew up. She needs to complete preparations, visit her favorite places, and say her goodbyes before leaving on a journey she may not return from.
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  1. 60
    Overall, Eastshade Studio has a good setting primed ready for their main game, Eastshade. The environments are beautiful and the interactions are cleverly done, let’s just hope that they sort out the mouth masks, the stuttering, blurring, and the framerate before Eastshade arrives.
  2. Jul 31, 2017
    Leaving Lyndow has some promising aspects, but overall it's a frustrating experience. The puzzle sections are poorly thought out and mostly implemented to impede the player's progress and extend the running time for a little while longer, while the technical hiccups shatter your story immersion.
  3. Jul 30, 2017
    Even at its budget price, Leaving Lyndow doesn't offer enough content to make it worth buying. Furthermore, its awful technical problems ensure what is here is unenjoyable to play. If it was supposed to get me excited for its upcoming counterpart, it failed.
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  1. Sep 28, 2017
    A girl prepares for the journey of her lifetime. She’s studied for years to finally graduate and join the Guild of Maritime Exploration, andA girl prepares for the journey of her lifetime. She’s studied for years to finally graduate and join the Guild of Maritime Exploration, and now she must prepare for her trip and say goodbye to the life she’s known up until now. Have you ever been faced with a life changing event that made you visit all the people and places you hold near to your heart? If not, you’ll see what it’s like with Clara.

    Leaving Lyndow is the part of an RPG that you probably skip past when playing a full game to get to the “fun” portion of the game. If you’re not a fan of backstory or knowing why you’re playing a game, stay away from this, as that’s the entirety of the experience. This is a prologue to the studio’s upcoming game Eastshade, and is seemingly using the same engine and mechanics. That’s not to say this will have everything the full game will feature, but it’s a great way to dip your toes in to see if this will be up your alley.

    This is essentially a walking simulator, except there are people to interact with. There are a few games in the genre with NPCs, but it’s likely to save on time and money that they are often barren, as a lot goes into creating characters. The first person you’ll come into contact with is your mother, and it may make you question what type of species you are, as they certainly don’t appear to be human. This design aesthetic holds true with the rest of the characters you meet as well, and some of the walking animations may even make you laugh, whether they’re meant to or not. To be quite honest, it’s not made clear, but it’s not especially important to the game. It also seems to chug a bit with the frame rate, which makes moving around seem taxing on your eyes.

    On the other end of the spectrum for graphics, you have the environments, which are rich and lushly rendered. The focus outside of talking is clearly exploration, looking at all of the beautiful landscapes that you’ll be leaving behind. And as you are a painter in Eastshade, it makes sense that the world around you is gorgeous. While exploring, you’ll even have a vision – past or future, it’s not 100% clear, but certainly one of the more intriguing portions of the very short experience.

    In addition to exploring and speaking with people, there are collectibles and mini-games to play. Of course, they aren’t all mandatory for the game’s completion, but they do add more to the experience. Start to finish, you can 100% the game in about 30 minutes. Leaving Lyndow is a short experience, but one worth taking if you’re interested at all in their full length title that the devs have been working on since 2013. In addition to giving a taste of the game, it provides you with the backstory that will likely not be present in the full release. It may even leave you wondering what happens.
  2. Jul 27, 2017
    Leaving Lyndow
    Over before it begins
    Leaving Lyndow is a walking simulator where you play as clara Its her last day on the island she grew
    Leaving Lyndow
    Over before it begins
    Leaving Lyndow is a walking simulator where you play as clara
    Its her last day on the island she grew up on, and its time for you to pack and say your goodbyes before you set out on a journey you may never return from..
    This game takes less than an hr to complete..
    Im not a game length snob though, so this isn’t much of an issue
    my biggest issue with this game is how unimpactful saying goodbye really is…
    I had high hopes for this game when it started…
    Its beautiful, its peaceful..
    youre walking around your house for possibly the last time, looking at drawings and pictures..
    But the impact ends there…
    There are 4 other locations in this game
    The forest, the farm, the docks and the teahouse..
    Here you look at items from your past and have conversations with old friends and relativies, some with belief in you, others without…
    but I felt no real connection from any of them..
    This isn’t helped by the fact nothing in this game is voice acted.. not even Claras thoughts…
    so you never get a true feel how she feels about any of these people youre leaving behind..
    there are some mini games in here like playing mack music, hide and seak with some dolls, and a basketball kind of game… none of witch are enjoyable.. except for the doll hunt.. I had a little fun there…
    Leaving Lyndow doesn’t have much going for it aside from the beautiful music and atmosphere…
    I believed this was a real place…
    I don’t feel my time was wasted, but this isn’t a game ill be telling people about..
    Unless they watch this video of course
    I give Leaving Lyndow
    a 5/10