Description: This shooter-meets-action title combines high-octane gameplay and a grim-yet-charming art style into one unforgettable adventure. Use Poisonette's powers to purify poison mires while blasting away enemies as her gunslinging vessel. You can also customize your gameplay experience by choosing between a male or female vessel, unlocking weapons and enhancements with each world you purify, and increasing certain stats of Poisonette through choice-based dialogue. A poisonous partnership: swap between the poison-absorbing Poisonette and her gun-wielding vessel, and combine firepower and zone control to destroy the creatures of the poison mires. Enigmatic encounters: uncover the mysterious circumstances that set Poisonette and her vessel on the poisonous path towards redemption. Corrupt and colorful: with an art style that's as grim as it is charming, this twisted tale practically jumps off the screen! From vivid stages to vibrant gameplay effects, this adventure is as much a visual experience as it is visceral.


  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
Initial Release Date: Apr 13, 2021
  • Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: NIS America