Description: In Resistance: Fall of Man, the U.S. and Britain band together in a last-ditch effort to save Europe and Asia from a horrific scourge. In mere decades, the Chimera - a species of unknown origin propagating a virus that converts other life forms into more Chimera - has overrun Russia and all of Europe. Humanity’s hope for survival is slim, and the tide of the battle rests on the shoulders of U.S. Army Ranger, Sgt. Nathan Hale. Resistance: Fall of Man draws players into a deep, frightening story that rewrites the 20th century and pits the United States and Britain against a horrific species of unknown origin. In addition to an epic single player campaign, the game features co-op, split screen multiplayer and highly customizable online gameplay. Greater processing power on PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray technology enables more immersive visual and sound effects in Resistance: Fall of Man, heightening the chaos of large-scale warfare. Insomniac Games has combined its passion for creating exotic weapons and vehicles with a proprietary physics system to create a unique human and alien arsenal. [SCEA]


  • PlayStation 3
Initial Release Date: Nov 14, 2006
  • Insomniac Games
Publisher: SCEA


Brian Hastings
Directed By
Brian Hastings
Written By: additional writer
Peter Jessop
Cast: Lt. Cartwright,Additional Roles
David Kaye
Cast: Nathan Hale
Robin Atkin Downes
Cast: General Hadley
Brian McCole
Cast: Buckler
Steve Blum
Cast: Soldiers,Black Ops
Craig Robert Young
Cast: Various
Bryan Bernal
Produced By: assistant producer
Marc Mailand
Sound: sound designer/re-recording mixer
James C. McMenamy
Sound: supervising sound editor
Chris Olander
Sound: audio apprentice
Jackie Weyrauch
Sound: sound
Gerhard Borchers
Visual Effects: lighting artist
Phil Allora
Art Department: cinematic artist
Wes Louie
Art Department: concept artist
Rolf Mohr
Art Department: concept artist
Sung Jin Ahn
Animation: animation intern
Kevin M. Grow
Animation: lead animator
David Hancock
Animation: senior animator
John Lally
Animation: animator
Herschell Bailey
quality assurance tester
Mark Cerny
technical assistance
Terrance Cohen
senior software engineer
Corey Garnett
network engineer
Neil Moran
service coordinator
Aurelien Poma
community coordinator
Dan Southworth
motion capture artist
Jason Tonick
miscellaneous and assorted crew