Description: The expansion offers an epic addition to the Total War series boasting more that 30 hours of gameplay and features a brand new campaign game map, spanning Alexander's unification of Greece and his subsequent conquest of the Persian Empire. The expansion pack also includes six new historical battles portraying Alexander's triumphs against the Greek, Persian, and Indian forces. These new battles are available for online and LAN multiplayer use. The new campaign in Alexander gives players the objective of matching the achievements of one of the greatest generals in Western civilization. It adds four new factions to the original game, including the Macedonians and Persians. More than 60 new units are also now available, including Persian scythed chariots, elite immortals, and all of Alexander's most famous units, including the Hypaspists, Phalangists, and Companion cavalry. [Sega]


  • PC
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Initial Release Date: Jun 19, 2006
  • Creative Assembly
Publisher: Sega


Brian Blessed
Cast: Narrator
Oleg Mirochnikov
Cast: Various
Luci Black
Produced By: producer
James Brown
Produced By: producer
Mike Brunton
Produced By: producer
Jamie Ferguson
Produced By: producer
George Fidler
Produced By: producer
Marcus Iremonger
Produced By: executive producer
Ross Manton
Produced By: producer
Melvyn Quek
Produced By: producer
Robert T. Smith
Produced By: producer
James Whitston
Produced By: producer
Jeff Woods
Produced By: producer
Ben Potts
Animation: animator
Mathieu Walsh
Animation: animator