Description: A tale of revenge. In 1986, teenage jujitsu artist Ryo Hazuki returns to the dojo of his father, Iwao Hazuki, only to witness his murder by a Chinese man, Lan Di. Lan Di steals a mysterious artifact known as the Dragon Mirror. Ryo vows to avenge his father's death and sets out tracing Lan Di's path. The first game in the series, Shenmue begins the tale as Ryo travels around Yokosuka, Japan, gathering clues about his father's murder and dealing with nefarious gangsters along the way. The sequel Shenmue II continues Ryo's quest, this time crossing the sea to Hong Kong, China. Ryo ventures deeper into the criminal underworld, meeting martial arts masters who aid him on his journey and offer insight into his father's death, and unravels the mysteries of the Dragon Mirror that his father kept hidden. Gameplay: * Take the role of Ryo Hazuki. * Explore a 3D open world searching for clues, examining objects, and talking to NPCs. * Battle enemies and bosses making full use of the moves of Hazuki-style jujitsu. * Beat quick-time events (QTEs) and mini-games. Key features: The best Shenmue experience Pioneering Dreamcast classics available for the first time on PC Updated user interface Choice of modern or classic controls Japanese audio available for the first time for a global audience Fully scalable screen resolutions An epic legend A tale of revenge on a grand scale Solve the mystery of your father's murder An experience never to be forgotten The world feels alive Talk to anyone, scour the world for clues NPCs live independent lives on their own schedule Faithful recreations of 1980s Japan and Hong Kong, China Distract yourself with arcade games, collectibles, duck racing, and more


  • PlayStation 4
  • PC
  • Xbox One
Initial Release Date: Aug 21, 2018
  • D3T
Publisher: Sega