Description: Sequel to the early PlayStation RPG. As a member of the Alliance, a military force only really hinted at in the original, you play the unwitting hero of the game: an orphan who has been raised by a quiet, unassuming battle hero in a seemingly ancient war. Alongside you in the ranks is your best friend Jowy, a boy born of nobility but who has never been able to receive approval in his stubborn father's eyes. As the game begins, you are immediately tossed into a tale of political strife, betrayal and war on a grand scale beyond your scope in the early stages. As the game wears on, the plot will twist, turn and develop in numerous ways that expose the personalities of each of the characters involved. The battle system is turn-based, with the option to equip Runes for special abilities, combine party member attacks to create chain combos or devastating spells, and the option to run the battle in Auto mode.


  • PlayStation
Initial Release Date: Sep 29, 1999
  • Konami
Publisher: Konami


Yoshitaka Murayama
Written By: scenario
Yoshitaka Murayama
Produced By: producer
Hidehiko Kouyama
Art Department: monster designer
Juntaro Saito
Art Department: object designer
Fumi Ishikawa
Animation: character designer
Junko Kawano
Animation: character designer
The Warsaw Chorus
Music Department: choir