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  • Summary: Which team is the best at 3-on-3? Choose from ten countries to find out. Shots vary according to the shooting distance. Fake dunk, aloof - a variety of techniques to choose from! Speedy! Powerful! Move your body to hip hoppin' rap music. When the power guage reaches its max, Super Dunk sparks!
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  1. Nov 15, 2017
    Street Hoop is a game that offers a quick basketball fix: you simply choose a country and then play commences. Despite the lack of options and the fact there's only ten countries available, the simple pick-up-and-play approach works well. The game therefore shares similarities with Super Sidekicks, but it works better here thanks to the fast-paced high-scoring nature of the matches. There's lots of enjoyment as the action moves from one side of the court to the other, shooting, dunking, feigning moves and players shoving each other out of the way. Further entertainment is provided by successfully keeping (or winning) the ball to prevent your opponent unleashing a super shot and winning with the last throw of the game is thrilling. Playing through the arcade mode entertains, but the game works best in two-player mode and Street Hoop is a good option when looking for a quick bout of two-player fun.
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