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  • Summary: This entry to the legendary Disgaea series tells a tale of revenge, and of rebellion.

    As a new and terrible Overlord named Void Dark seeks to enslave the countless Netherworlds, one young demon has stood to end his reign-Killia. In Disgaea 5, players lead Killia and his tenacious army of
    This entry to the legendary Disgaea series tells a tale of revenge, and of rebellion.

    As a new and terrible Overlord named Void Dark seeks to enslave the countless Netherworlds, one young demon has stood to end his reign-Killia. In Disgaea 5, players lead Killia and his tenacious army of rebels on their dark and dangerous path to vengeance. Filled with more over-the-top action and hilarious writing than ever before, Disgaea 5's damage numbers are surely headed for the record books.


    * Alliance Attacks: New to the Disgaea series, your relationship with your teammates influences a new battle system called Alliance Attack. These special moves are only available to main characters and only when their relationships are appropriately aligned.
    * Recruitment: A familiar feature for Disgaea faithful, this system lets you choose from over 40 races and jobs, and identify new party members with the exact traits you desire.
    * Revenge Mode: The Revenge Mode empowers your characters with bonus stats when they've become fed up of their allies being beat on.
    * Explore the Netherworlds: While previous games in the series have shown a glimpse of the darkness that is the Netherworlds, Disgaea 5 takes you to a myriad of those dark lands.
    * Languages: Enjoy English and original Japanese voices, and French and English in-game text!
    * Includes Laharl's and seven additional side-stories. Join past Disgaea characters for exciting post-game content!
    * Add seven great characters to your squad not found in the original retail release including Nisa, Girl Laharl, and more!
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. 100
    The main point here is that Nippon Ichi has done a spot-on job with Disgaea 5 in porting it to the Nintendo Switch. This is one of the best tactics JRPGs you can play. It’ll last you a long time, become more rewarding the more time that you put into it, and runs just perfectly on the Switch’s hardware. You could not ask for a better portable game than this.
  2. May 16, 2017
    Disgaea 5 Complete is the best version of Disgaea 5 and a great strategy RPG that is well worth your time.
  3. May 17, 2017
    If you own the PS4 version of Disgaea 5, there isn't a strong reason to get the Switch version unless you want to play it on a handheld device. Now if you haven't picked it up yet and need a dose of an amazing strategy game, I would highly recommend picking up this version over the original release. Disgaea 5 Complete also doubles as the best portable experience of any Disgaea game to date. Unlike the Vita version of its predecessor where certain things had to be removed to fit in the cartridge, nothing has been cut. You get the full experience wherever you decide to play it.
  4. Jun 2, 2017
    Between the DLC and the Switch’s portability, there’s a lot of new life breathed in. On the other hand, if you’ve never played this game before, this review is more of a warning. Spend your money wisely, for countless hours can vanish in a blink.
  5. Jun 7, 2017
    It’s so refreshing to be able to declare a third-party Nintendo Switch title as the truly definitive edition. Disgaea 5 Complete is just that – complete. It’s a competent strategy RPG packed to the brim with content that’s bound to keep RPG aficionados entertained for hours and hours. Despite this, some rough visuals and a little bit too much of an emphasis on grinding is bound to limit Disgaea 5 Complete’s mass appeal. Putting that all aside, Disgaea 5 Complete is accessible, and more importantly, great.
  6. May 23, 2017
    There’s little doubt Complete is the definitive version of the game, with all of its DLC scenarios on Switch included and worth exploring. Handheld mode is what really seals the deal, in effect “improving” the game’s visual presentation and exposing Disgaea 5, of all things, as far more pickup-and-play-friendly than anybody probably ever expected.
  7. Jun 7, 2017
    Disgaea 5 Complete is an inaccessible, ugly, and grind heavy strategy RPG that asks far too much of you to get anything out of it. Unless you already love the franchise, we'd strongly urge you to stay clear.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 32
  2. Negative: 3 out of 32
  1. Feb 6, 2021
    One of the two best games of its kind really ever made. It's kind of the perfect answer to the simplicity of Disgaea 1.
  2. Dec 5, 2017
    This is the game I bought my Switch for. Not Zelda, not Mario - But Disgaea. Want to know something else? I already owned it and had got toThis is the game I bought my Switch for. Not Zelda, not Mario - But Disgaea. Want to know something else? I already owned it and had got to end game (which is by no means the end of the game - is a bit misleading) on the PS4 version almost 18 months earlier.

    Disgaea treats you like an adult. Yes - if you play the quest lines (about 15-20 hours - and really should be considered as only the entrée to the game proper) and do this without grinding - then it can be a moderate and balanced challenge.

    But that's not how I play it. That's not how anyone I read about or watch on Youtube plays it. In Disgaea 5 - within a very eclectic set of possible activates - you can do pretty much whatever you want whenever you want.
    Do you want to try and win the game with one character? Fine that's possible. Using only armies of Prinnies? Yes that's also possible. Create a weapon so powerful you can spend the next 3 days cleaning half a map of enemy mobs in one shot Yes - if you spend enough time levelling that weapon in the item world - you can do that.
    But you could also level... A curry... if you wanted Why would you do that? I have no idea, but the game lets you do it if you want.
    You can play the first few quest worlds then never go back to finish the quest at all and still have 500 hours of never to repeat tactical action in this game.
    Yes it's turn based (A bit like Like Final Fantasy Tactics or "Let's Cling Together" on steroids)

    Looking back the learning curve "could" have been a monster, but it isn't. Like most JRPG tactical JRPG games, elements are spoon fed to the player so after about 4 hours play you know a lot of the mechanics without realising it.

    But don't think for one minute at that point that you know them all. Not until you've made new laws, interrogated prisoners, visited the Item worlds, sent teams on missions.
    Gone to Char world (the weirdest pseudo dice board game you'll likely ever see) morphed your classes into new classes - made a tower of all the characters you have on the map and hopped from one side to the other in a single turn. Worked out how to place the gems to turn every coloured square on a map to every variation of colour - damaging your foes as you do it - and of course - thrown an exploding penguin at a Netherdemon.

    You see in Disgaea you CAN do all of these things - you can do one of them forever, dip in and out of some and never touch others - it's entirely your choice - If you do balance your activities you can create some superbly powerful team mates with some ludicrously awesome skills that work through some mega tricked out weapons and armour... but that's entirely up to you.

    You can set out to do your DARNDEST to break the game - and the game will give you the tools and scope to try.
    All these systems interlock. Your characters special abilities can gell into the weapons awesome stats
    which you can improve in the item world and give yourself an advantage making new ridiculous laws to play under; Like "Give all the XP to one character for the next map" or "Create a sequence of maps full of things like fish I need to carry and milk bottles I need to smash to give me better weapon stats". or my favourite "Make the curry much more powerful"

    Really I could go on and on and on.
    The tactical main game is colourful and rewarding.
    The meta game on your craft is so varied and forgiving.
    You can't actually do anything "wrong". You can decide to not bother to learn whole aspects of the game play, because they bore you or you just prefer doing something else - and that's just fine - no problem

    Disgaea is what a grind should be. Because you the player are treated like an adult - given a play box full of interconnecting aspects you can grind or ignore at your hearts content, and told to get on with it.

    No other game anywhere - ever (and I've looked long and hard) is anything even remotely like Disgaea
    It's Disgaea - go on break it. Go on, don't be scared - try and break it... it's daring you.
  3. Oct 1, 2017
    A damn near perfect port of a PS4 game onto a portable device in the Switch, this is an even better task than getting to play the original PS2A damn near perfect port of a PS4 game onto a portable device in the Switch, this is an even better task than getting to play the original PS2 game on the PSP years ago as this is coming from the beast console PS4 into the tiny Switch form factor.

    Absolutely great from NIS and hoping to see more love like this on Switch, perhaps we could get to see some of the older Disgaea titles making their way onto the lil Nintendo machine.
  4. Dec 2, 2017
    Disgaea 5, a great game that has been ported over to the Nintendo switch, brings plenty of enjoyment and several hours of gameplay. I oftenDisgaea 5, a great game that has been ported over to the Nintendo switch, brings plenty of enjoyment and several hours of gameplay. I often find myself playing in short bursts in handheld mode. Thus, Disgaea 5 could easily create a “pick-up and play” experience which separates the Switch version from the PS4 version. However, Disgaea offers so much more than a great “pick-up and play” experience.

    In terms of gameplay Disgaea 5 provides sweet honey that satisfies even the hungriest of gamers. Additionally, Disgaea 5 will provide you with hours upon hours of endless gameplay. However, the fighting mechanics create an addiction that surpasses the addiction of a boy and warm delicious chocolate. Disgaea 5 has a library of different techniques you must master. Combination techniques, different special attacks, different abilities, class changes, Disgaea 5 offers several different battle mechanics and techniques one should become acquainted with. The variety of battle techniques however, creates additional enjoyment within the game and allows the player several choices on how to dispose of certain enemies. Want to watch a combination attack, with a cheesy cutscene of people jumping into space to bone-rush the crap out of an enemy? You can do that. Wanna beat the sh*t out of someone with an eight-man tower? You can do that. Wanna be that guy that just uses nothing but strong broken characters? Well you can do that if you really want to…
    The ability to constantly rotate and try out different characters allow the player to try different flavors and discover how to create the perfect recipe for success. The constant mix and matching in combat sequences never bores the player and creates a fresh and unique experience for each battle. Thus, in terms of combat Disgaea 5 offers a great experience.

    Disgaea 5 offers several great gameplay experiences outside of combat. Leveling up your class, upgrading weapons to crush withering opponents, buying and purchasing items to create advantages before combat sequences, Disgaea 5 allows the player to customize characters with ease. However, the council meetings offer interesting gameplay experiences. Council meetings help the player pass bills that normally benefit the player. You can bribe members of the council to sway a few votes in your favor. However, you also have the option to duke it out with council members if everything fails (would not recommend doing). You can also recruit characters that you can customize and take along with your main party. Additionally, the switch version includes all the DLC thus, you have access to all the side quests and additional characters. With the variety of customizations, the player forms a special connection with the playable characters. The multiple customization options make the characters feel unique and makes the customized character feel like special in their own aspects.

    The characters provide a unique experience that provide simple yet comical humor that makes each character likeable. Watching the characters interact with each other allows the player to feel a connection with each character. Additionally, while each character may have different reasons, each character pursues the same objective. Having the same objective allows each character to form relationships with each other and makes the player have a stronger understanding of the plot. Disgaea 5 revolves around Killia and the rebel army that want to defeat Lord Void Dark, an overlord who currently has captured several Netherworlds. Each character within the rebel army has different motives like being driven by revenge, driven by wanting to become the strongest overlord, and simply not wanting to follow through with a marriage. However, each character has the same end goal, to defeat Lord Void Dark. Thus, the different motives allow each character to stand out and, help the player grow attached to the different characters within Disgaea 5. Do you enjoy watching soap operas? Do you like cheesy skits? Yes??? Then you probably will enjoy the dialogue in Disgaea 5. Watching the dialogue and interactions of different characters provide laughter and enjoyment. Overall, in terms of story Disgaea 5 has a solid story that makes the player want to progress through the game.

    Graphically Disgaea 5 does its job and not much else. The colors however, have a cute little charm and the characters have great detail. Some stages however, look very similar. These similarities unfortunately, make a few stages lack in special value.

    Overall, Disgaea 5 provides several hours of entertainment which provides a great on the go experience. If you like JRPG’s and want a game that will last a while, I would recommend Disgaea 5. The great gameplay, plot, and character development creates an enjoyment within Disgaea 5.
  5. Dec 17, 2019
    No hace falta llevar décadas jugando videojuegos para saber que los Tactics no son el género favorito de los usuarios. Sin embargo, DisgaeaNo hace falta llevar décadas jugando videojuegos para saber que los Tactics no son el género favorito de los usuarios. Sin embargo, Disgaea llega con un tono descomplicado en el que a veces sientes que no hay límite para las horas de juego que le puedes invertir. Con una historia y personajes divertidos, así como mecánicas que parecen nuevas y clásicas a las vez, creo que es un juego al que hay que darle la oportunidad. (Si igual tienes dudas, dale una oportunidad a la demo).

    Lo Bueno:

    - El humor del título le da mucha personalidad.
    - Un universo de posibilidades de ataques y combinaciones.

    Lo Malo:

    - El gameplay puede ser demasiado complejo para el propio bien del juego.
  6. May 31, 2017
    Digaea 5 is a solid strategy/tactical RPG for the Switch. Don't be fooled by the "complete" in the title of this game as all it includes isDigaea 5 is a solid strategy/tactical RPG for the Switch. Don't be fooled by the "complete" in the title of this game as all it includes is the free day 1 DLC from the PS4 version. I think non-hardcore strategy RPG /anime fans will have trouble getting into this game, as it is full of anime cliches and many complicated interconnected systems.

    A game, like a movie, needs to be aware of how much is too much. All the systems are cool from a value standpoint, but is it fun to trudge through them over and over again on over 50 characters? No, probably not.

    It can be fun at times, like the new Revenge system that gives your character the ability to have a "limit break" of sorts and some are very powerful. The odd thing is some characters can use their revenge abilities right away, while others have to wait until they reach a certain point in the story, sometimes very late in the game. This causes confusing as you'll still fill your "Revenge" meter and be wondering why the game would let you fill it if you can't use it.

    Item world (you can go inside a randomly generated level dungeon inside an item to level it up) has been revamped as well. It's a lot more forgiving and enjoyable than past iterations IMHO. There's also a new board game "Chara World" that can be used to give your characters some awesome boosts as well.

    You have so many characters in Disgaea 5 that doing all these activities for each character can get overwhelming and exhausting. You do have to do at least some of it to get a high enough level/stats to progress the story. It can get monotonous.

    Disgaea 5 is a time sink. The story and characters you've seen before so I'm not sure if many people will like this game unless you have A LOT of time to devote to grinding and min/maxing your characters, which is the least fun it has been, simply due to the needless layers of complexity. The game scales in such a way the prior Disgaea games were much slower to progress too throughout the main story.

    The story is about anime and Disgaea cliche as it gets. Some people will love this, but I think many people will be bored by it. The voice acting is great, albeit the usual crew (personally I'm getting tired of Lucy from "Fairy Tail" being in almost EVERYTHING games and anime, but that won't bother you if you don't play many games/watch anime). The writing however is just okay. You have the main character that eats a lot (see every anime ever), the Etna clone from Disgaea 1 who uses people and mistreats Prinnies, a monster-servant penguin in the game, demons in the game not acting like demons should ect. I wish they mixed up the story a lot more personally, as it is too similar to prior games.

    The game runs super smooth on Switch docked or in handheld mode, so there is no technical problems with the game. I did have one "an unexpected error occurred and the game has to close", but it was just once, so I'm not going count that against Disgaea 5. The resolution looks good as well on a big screen, no jaggies, textures look good.

    Again I love tactical RPGs and have played a good portion of them. Disgaea 5 is solid, but veterans of the series may be bored, while newcomers may be overwhelmed by all the systems, even if the game introduces them gradually. I think the game would have benefited from some streamlining. As it stands, this game will probably just appeal to fans of strategy RPGs and JRPGs.
  7. Oct 12, 2019
    It's been released 2 years ago and is still full price. Reallyv unforgivable

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