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  1. Oct 18, 2020
    The music is awesome. Yes there is a lot of potential here. It’s very retro with the crt filter. A fun game for a day if you can get it onThe music is awesome. Yes there is a lot of potential here. It’s very retro with the crt filter. A fun game for a day if you can get it on sale. The gameplay itself is challenging. Breaking doesn't work at all and the jump mechanic is hard to get used to since it’s difficult to judge distances. You restart the track every time you fail. When you fail the story continues so there is some replay value i think and some story decisions you can make. I enjoyed it but it was a little annoying at times. For two bucks it was alright. Soundtrack was the best part again. One playthrough can be completed in 2 hrs i think. Expand
  2. Sep 3, 2020
    I don't know where the creators/devs are from, if they're originally non-English speakers, but it comes off that way because these dialogueI don't know where the creators/devs are from, if they're originally non-English speakers, but it comes off that way because these dialogue lines are practically misogynistic when there aren't grammar errors. There was a lot of potential with this game, I got it on sale, but I deleted it shortly after trying it. The art is interesting but clearly budget. It's typical in visual novels to not ever show the protagonist really, but this game does this incredibly annoying thing where whenever the main character speaks, there's nothing but the background. The setting is interesting & the music is actually not too bad, but getting through the lines is very distasteful. Even the actual driving parts of the gameplay are not fun. You are relentlessly punished for performing badly when the controls are briefly given to you in a specific loading screen. When you pause, there's no options or controls. All in all, it might be the worst visual novel game I've ever spent money on. Expand
  3. Mar 31, 2021
    Brake simply doesn't work. The glitchey effect when sinchrony is low leads to cheap fails. It's a two buck game and it barely worth it.
  4. Apr 1, 2021
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is clear that the writers for this game do not have a firm grasp of the English language. Grammatical errors and awkward phrasing are pretty common throughout the dialogue. However, a good story could easily make up for those mechanical errors.

    Unfortunately, this game has one of the few stories that I'd actually consider to be actively bad. You play as an older man (who is explicitly described as an old man) who, seemingly no matter which dialogue options you choose, has sex with his younger student pilot. The player character's inner monologue justifies this as being unable to resist her (/control himself) any longer. We later learn that he inadvertently killed another female pilot he worked with because his 'uncontrollable' lust distracted him during a race.

    In addition to the explicit sex scene, the story establishes rather bluntly that piloting a ship between two people is a sex metaphor. It's not at all subtle, and it has troubling implications for how the rest of the story is handled. However, what truly compounds the original problem is that a good deal of the story involves a rather competently described situation wherein the student has just escaped from a wealthy snob who was grooming her. This good storyline gets entirely undercut by the decision to include a sex scene with the teacher and the student. What's more, it is utterly ruined when the 'training' he guides her through has to function both as a literal way of her moving on in her life where she passes the piloting exam and achieves some degree of self-actualization, but also as metaphorical sex sessions between her and an older, much more experienced man who urges her to place her full trust in him.

    In general with all the romanceable options, the game doesn't dedicate nearly enough time to establishing the player character's relationships to any of them. This results in his advances coming off as creepy, like he's an old lech who is terrible at reading social situations.

    To be sure, a lot of the problems this game had could have been smoothed out if the player character were a fellow student (perhaps a year or so older so that they still fit in with the rest of the storyline they chose) in the academy who was of a similar experience level to the main love interest. However, many problems would still linger such as the fast pacing which doesn't allow the relationships between the characters to feel natural.

    This is also a racing game. The controls are not terrible, but the lack of a map and graphics that show only obstacles that are immediately ahead turns much of it into a trial-and-error affair. Turning is frustratingly slow and generally requires knowing ahead of time where you'll need to go and braking as much as possible to survive the turn. You have 9 or 10 attempts at each level, and they are brief enough so as to be manageable in 4-5 tries. Still, nothing about them will be enough to satisfy someone who wants to play the game for the racing.

    There's multiple endings, but going through once was enough for me. The characters have the potential to be likeable and interesting, save for the protagonist of course, so the game would have been improved by spending more time developing them. As it is, they mostly hang around to help the protagonist complete some task and then later have sex with him for reasons that are poorly developed.

    The music is palatable, but not special. The character art is good enough but deserves to be in a much better game. There are many justifiable reasons to dislike this game. On top of those, I'll add on the additional criticism that I was disappointed by the lack of lesbians in this game. That may seem unreasonable to some, but compulsive heterosexuality is not so disconnected from the problems haunting the rest of this game.