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  • Summary: Everything turns to ash, in the end. "Shio" is a challenging platformer game in which you deep and moving story by jumping from lantern to lantern. If you like challenge yourself, you will like Shio as well.
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  1. Aug 23, 2018
    Shio is a lovely surprise which offers up a precise and beautiful platforming experience. Although it lacks the level of polish as something like Celeste, if you’ve already conquered that mountain (or – sacrilege! – you’re not a fan of its pixel aesthetic), this is a tightly crafted, technical platformer in a similar mould that’s well worth a look.
  2. Nov 27, 2018
    Shio is a curious game. The proposal, beyond the gameplay, contains a meaning that can hardly be appreciated by the casual public. However, all those players who love 2D platform games and who are looking for a challenge will have a good time.
  3. Sep 25, 2018
    When moving through one of Shio’s stronger, more flowing stages, the difficulty curve is manageable. Unfortunately, the difficulty is unpleasantly noticeable and frustrating thanks to many poor choices in level design and the hero’s inability to move more precisely. Those looking for a challenge will find it in Shio, but me? I’d rather take a leisurely stroll.
  4. 55
    Overall, while the game doesn’t quite live up to the game it was inspired by, it does have its own merits and reasons to play through it. If you’re a fan of challenging platformers, then I’d definitely recommend giving this on a shot and suggest keeping a few spare Joy-Con at hand to replace any you may break in frustration.
  5. Aug 25, 2018
    Shio would be a lot more enjoyable if it didn't rely on its only gimmick and repetitive stage designs throughout its entire campaign. As it is, it's a tough game to recommend as there are many more challenging, varied, and rewarding platformers out there.