Description: The Omega Strain, an intense action game, offers more of what sparked the franchise?s popularity with the addition of four-player cooperative peer-to-peer online play, an innovative character customization feature, all-new features and weapons, and larger, richly-detailed, intense international environments. Featuring a lethal arsenal of all-new, high-tech weaponry and sophisticated gunplay, players can take on hostile terrorists alone or band together with up to three other agents online to combat world terror as a team.


  • PlayStation 2
Initial Release Date: May 4, 2004
  • Sony Bend
Publisher: SCEA


John Garvin
Written By: story,script
James Arnold Taylor
Cast: Gabriel "Gabe" Logan,Crush,Menacing Man
Kim Mai Guest
Cast: Lian Xing
Shannon Tilton
Cast: Teresa Lipan
Khary Payton
Cast: Lawrence Mujari
Paul Eiding
Cast: Stone,FBI Officer A
April Grace
Cast: Imani Gray
Bettina Spier
Cast: Alima Haddad,French Secretary,French Terrorist
B.J. Ward
Cast: Dr. Elsa Weissenger,Female PDA
Marabina Jaimes
Cast: Gina Hunter
Jennifer Hale
Cast: Maggie Powers,Mara Aramov
Alastair Duncan
Cast: Mihai Niculescu
John Kassir
Cast: Zohar,Officer A,FBI Officer B,Co-Pilot,Birchim
Endre Hules
Cast: Ivankov,Security Guard,Worker B
Boris Lee Krutonog
Cast: Dobransky,Thug B,Worker A
Igor Korosec
Cast: Yushenko,Soldier A,Jandran,Worker A
Alex Veadov
Cast: Zhidkov,Thug A,Soldier B
Edward Shkolnikov
Cast: Uri Gregorav,Worker
Mark Ivanir
Cast: Jandran,Sok-ju Yang,CDP Soldier A
Ethan Phillips
Cast: Broussard,Canadian Prime Minister
Said Faraj
Cast: Khorsh.Yemen Guard VIP B,Yemen Thug
Sam Sako
Cast: Al-Hassan,Yemen Guard A,Yemen Guard VIP A
Ghassen Mashini
Cast: Yemen Vendor A,Fadhil,Yemen Guard C
Kamel Haddad
Cast: Yemen Guard B,Thae-bok Jon
Jordi Caballero
Cast: Italian Thug A,Italian Thug B
Paulo Laurent
Cast: Dimitri Alexopoulous
Larry Cedar
Cast: Officer B,President,Pilot
Philippe Bergeron
Cast: Soren Masson,ALA A,Guard A
Phil Proctor
Cast: Proust,ALA B,Pulikovsky,CDP Soldier B,Samaev
Rino Romano
Cast: Jean Fournier,Guard B,Driver
Mio Takada
Cast: Ryusaki,Yakuza B,Japanese Worker A
Paul Nakauchi
Cast: Yakuza A,Matsua
Tony Masa
Cast: Japanese Worker B,Japanese Prime Minister
Yoko Ibuki
Cast: Female Radio Voice
Eck Stone
Cast: Than Muang,Soldier
Mike Benton
Produced By: associate producer
Marc Blank
Produced By: producer
Ken Chan
Produced By: assistant producer
Matthew Chastain
Produced By: assistant producer
Buzz Burrowes
Sound: sound director
Brian Min
Sound: lead sound designer
Ginny McSwain
additional voice director
Neil Moran
quality assurance tester
Jeff Ross
game designer
Kris Zimmerman
voice-over director
Chuck Carr
Music Department: music editor
Chuck Doud
Music Department: musical director
Michael A. Reagan
Music Department: composer: additional music
Victor Rodriguez
Music Department: music supervisor