Description: Like System Shock 1, there will be persistent levels (i.e., drop an item on one level, and you could go back later to retrieve it), gameplay elements like logs, inventory, skills, persistent world, leaning, hacking, rpg elements, multiple weapons and enemies, and a compelling storyline. Unlike most other first person shooters, the purpose of System Shock was not to kill everything in sight; nor was it a "find the key to move onto the next level" game. The plot was always present, but not so confining as in traditional shooters - there was almost always more than one task to accomplish. Levels were realistically designed and had logical reasons behind them. It is the principle of System Shock 2 to continue this game design. [sshock2.com]


  • PC
  • Dreamcast
Initial Release Date: Aug 11, 1999
  • Irrational Games
  • Looking Glass Studios
Publisher: Looking Glass Studios


Sergey Petrov
Directed By
Ken Levine
Directed By
Victor Voron
Directed By
Ken Levine
Written By
Kemal Amarasingham
Cast: Myers,Rosenberg
Laura Baldwin
Cast: Turnbull
Matt Boynton
Cast: Martin
Eric Brosius
Cast: Droids
Terri Brosius
Cast: SHODAN,Dr. Marie Delacroix,Bitching Betty
Rob Caminos
Cast: Norris,Tommy Suarez
Steve Canniff
Cast: Frank Yang
Erin Coughlan
Cast: Melanie Bronson
Esra Dayani
Cast: Erin Bloome,The Many,Midwife,Janice Polito,Rebecca Siddons
Bill Farquhar
Cast: Dr. Marc Miller
Rob Fermier
Cast: Yount
Fred Galpern
Cast: Malone,Hacker
Dorian Hart
Cast: Xtra Man 1
Alexx Kay
Cast: Malick
Ken Levine
Cast: Enrique Cortez
Andy Meuse
Cast: Xtra Man2
Josh Randall
Cast: Taz Amanpour
Gayle Robertson
Cast: Alice Murdoch
Mike Romatelli
Cast: McKay
Stephen Russell
Cast: Announcer,William Bedford Diego,The Many,OnceGrunt,XERXES
Karen Saltus
Cast: Angela Loesser,OSA Recruiter,Constance Sanger
Christina Sherman
Cast: S.H.O.D.A.N.
Randy Smith
Cast: Croker
Michael Swiderek
Cast: Grassi
Daniel Thron
Cast: Prefontaine,Navy Recruiter,Dr. Watts,Wood
Ian Vogel
Cast: Juan Curtiz,Anatoly Korenchkin,Military Recruiter
Nate Wells
Cast: Bayliss,Marine Recruiter
Kemal Amarasingham
Sound: sound technician
Eric Brosius
Sound: sound designer
Ramin Djawadi
Sound: sound technician
Sergey Petrov
Sound: sound recordist
Mauricio Tejerina
Art Department: concept artist
Nate Wells
Art Department: 3d artist
Matt Boynton
level designer
Tom Leonard
ai programmer
Ken Levine
lead designer
Michael Thomas Ryan
lead designer