Description: Based on the award-winning Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham (published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint), The Wolf Among Us is a dark, often brutally violent, and mature take on the characters and creatures of fairytale and legend. A five episode series from the creators of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead, the player will experience what it's like to be Bigby Wolf (THE Big Bad Wolf), Sheriff of Fabletown.


  • PC
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation Vita
Initial Release Date: Oct 11, 2013
  • Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games


Nick Herman
Directed By
Jason Latino
Directed By
Dennis Lenart
Directed By
Matt Allmer
Written By: designer
Dave Grossman
Written By
Adam Hines
Written By: additional writing
Ryan Kaufman
Written By: writer
Dan Martin
Written By
Joe Pinney
Written By
Bill Willingham
Written By: characters
Adam Harrington
Cast: Bigby Wolf,The Woodsman
Erin Yvette
Cast: Snow White
Chuck Kourouklis
Cast: Toad,Bufkin
Melissa Hutchison
Cast: Toad Junior,Beauty
Roger Jackson
Cast: Ichabod Crane
Cia Court
Cast: Faith
Andrew Chaikin
Cast: Grendel
Gavin Hammon
Cast: Beast,Dee,Dum,Magic Mirror
Julian Kwasneski
Cast: Cabbie,'John',Caller
Sam Joan
Cast: Cabbie
Janet Lipsey
Cast: Holly
Cissy Jones
Cast: Kelsey Brannagan
Dave Fennoy
Cast: Bluebeard
Colin Benoit
Cast: Jack Horner
David Kaye
Cast: Dr. Swineheart
Molly Benson
Cast: Nerissa
Sandy Delonga
Cast: Vivian
Ben Knoll
Cast: Clever Hans
Anthony Lam
Cast: Prince Lawrence
Dustin Rubin
Cast: Flycatcher
Laura Bailey
Cast: Rachel,Auntie Greenleaf
Kat Cressida
Cast: Bloody Mary
Terence McGovern
Cast: Johann
Brian Sommer
Cast: Colin
Philip Banks
Cast: The Crooked Man
Kevin Howarth
Cast: Georgie Porgie
Bobby Vickers
Cast: Jersey Devil
Nick Herman
Cast: Radio Announcer
Arthur von Nagel
Produced By: assistant producer
Juan Manuel Delfin
Sound: uk dialogue recording
Tim Galida
Sound: dialogue engineer
Jory K. Prum
Sound: sound recordist
Joel Raabe
Sound: sound recordist
Connor Stock
Sound: dialogue editor
Mark Estdale
Casting Director
Julian Kwasneski
Casting Director
Victoria Prentice
Casting Director
David Bogan
Art Direction
Emmy Bautista
Production Management: Release and Submission Manager
Vanessa Blair
Art Department: cinematic artist
Javier J. Espinoza
Art Department: choreographer
Rogelio C. Gonzalez
Art Department: cinematic artist
Sean Manning
Art Department: Cinematic Artist
Jason Pyke
Art Department: cinematic artist
Jonathan Stauder
Art Department: cinematic artist
Derek Stratton
Art Department: concept artist
Anthony Tso
Art Department: cinematic artist
Ryann Weller
Art Department: choreographer,cinematic artist
Michael Hollander
Animation: animator
David Jon Nelson
Animation: animator
Stephan Vladimir Bugaj
creative development director
Julian Kwasneski
voice director
Keenan Patterson
lead progammer
Colum Slevin
head of studio
Jared Emerson-Johnson
Music Department: composer: theme music