Description: As is tradition with the series, gamers trench race at high speeds in futuristic vehicles outfitted with weapons. New to the franchise with Pulse is a mag-strip, a part of the track that locks the vehicles onto the track, allowing them to race through loops, 90-degree-angled parts of the track, and steep drops. The game features seven different modes, wireless support, 24 new tracks, and eight teams (including one called EG-X). Downloadable content is available immediately upon release. The game's soundtrack features tracks from Stanton Warriors, Loco Dice, and Mason, but players can opt to play their own MP3 files from a memory stick.


  • PSP
  • PlayStation 2
Initial Release Date: Feb 12, 2008
  • Studio Liverpool
Publisher: SCEA


Clark Davies
Written By: developer
Robert Foxx
Written By: writer
Paul Tweedle
Produced By: producer
Michael De Belle
Sound: supervising sound editor
Mark Estdale
Casting Director