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  • Summary: A teenager who has lost her sight (Kit) and a mysterious cat (Hodge) team up in a surreal fantasy adventure into the unexpected — both together and separately — each using their own unique talents to explore compelling environments and solve intriguing puzzles.
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  1. Jul 2, 2019
    Another Sight on Xbox One delivers 6 hours of unique platform/puzzling that I’ve had a blast with. The switching gameplay works extremely well and you must have a heart of stone if you can’t enjoy playing as a cat called Hodges.
  2. Jun 19, 2019
    Another Sight does a wonderful job at making you feel invested in not only its characters, but its world, its story, and its deeper meaning. Whilst fairly short, it makes great use of its time through a constant influx of diverse, intelligently developed puzzles. Overall, despite some minor issues with its platforming elements, the game offers an adventure that’s every bit as engaging as it is intriguing, and one that’s unlike anything else readily available.
  3. Jul 11, 2019
    Another Sight begins with an original proposal in platforming genre but ends with some problems. Good if you're looking for something short to disconnect from other games.
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  1. Jun 24, 2019
    Another Sight provides a unique view on history, stunning artistic style, and puts players in a challenging plat-former where sight isn'tAnother Sight provides a unique view on history, stunning artistic style, and puts players in a challenging plat-former where sight isn't always a luxury. Playing as a blind girl (Catherine) and her new found feline friend (Hodge) you switch back and forth between the two to conquer skillfully crafted puzzles, and parkour platforming. Seeing with Kat's (Catherine's) ears and using Hodge to activate switches and other various mechanisms or distracting foes you unravel a well woven story including some of Times Greatest minds. It can at times feel like you're doing a bit extra to get past the stages and the platforming can be daunting at times, but the game makes up for this with a rich environment and plot line that keeps you "clawing" for more. The visuals for Kat's "Sight" are amazing giving you different colors for sounds and smells to help guide the way. Overall the Experience is well worth the effort, and that being said it's a great game for those who want a different kind of challenge, gift wrapped in a beautiful artistic style. Expand