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  1. Sep 22, 2015
    While on-pitch matters between these two old foes are too close to call, Fifa’s breathtaking scope secures yet another silver pot for an already heaving trophy cabinet.
  2. Sep 22, 2015
    If FIFA 16 can turn a hardcore fan of hockey into a newly minted fan of football, then you know the game has something special to offer gamers, regardless of their previous experience with the franchise.
  3. Sep 22, 2015
    With a refined gameplay that requires a more tactical approach to achieve success, fine tuning of numerous details, and deeper options for both online and offline play, FIFA 16 has proven yet again to be the quintessential title for fans of the beautiful game.
  4. Oct 5, 2015
    FIFA manages to improve itself without drastic changes, but introduces lots of subtle and important enhancements.
  5. Oct 9, 2015
    Where last year’s game sometimes felt like a non-stop shooting gallery with blazing ping-pong action across the entire field, this year’s game more closely follows the pace of a typical real-life match. And that's a good thing.
  6. Sep 22, 2015
    Lots of small improvements both on and off the pitch make this the best FIFA in years.
  7. Sep 22, 2015
    Overall, FIFA is clearly the most technically sound sports franchise in EA Sports’ pocket, which can result in a lack of risk taking. For now, no risks are needed, as FIFA 16 is a fantastic addition to a storied franchise.
  8. Sep 22, 2015
    This new installment of the FIFA series is excellent, and not just because it marks the debut of the female players. The gameplay feels even greater than last year's chapter, thanks to notable improvements to the AI. And the Draft Mode for FUT is simply top notch.
  9. Sep 22, 2015
    After the missteps of the previous installment, FIFA 16 delivers new modes, new game elements and great balancing between attacking and defending.
  10. 90
    FIFA 16 has all of the intricacies that the hardcore players crave and require, but it feels quicker and a bit more arcade-y than before.
  11. Sep 22, 2015
    FIFA 16 is a beautiful game about the beautiful game. Driven by a need for authenticity, EA has created an unparalleled soccer simulation that improves upon FIFA 15 in every aspect. While the game’s elaborate controls and elite presentation still make it challenging for the uninitiated, steps have been taken to help welcome new players.
  12. 90
    There are no absolute game changers in the gameplay, but there is just enough to make the gameplay more authentic than ever.
  13. Sep 22, 2015
    Sports video gaming is at its best when you're fighting your ass off and the miracle comes through. And when it does, no game rolls out the TNT like FIFA 16.
  14. Sep 22, 2015
    FIFA 16 is full of scrappy back and forth, the ability to play patient possession football, and a greater range of passing than ever.
  15. Sep 21, 2015
    FIFA soccer is still improving its formula. This year's version is stronger in almost every aspect - a better football game by far.
  16. Sep 22, 2015
    FIFA 16 stands as a high water mark for soccer games, and sports games as a genre.
  17. Sep 22, 2015
    It takes the fundamentals of FIFA 15 and solves its failures to offer a great football experience. The audiovisual presentation and the quantity of licenses are brilliant, though the franchise has lost the gap with Pro Evolution Soccer.
  18. Sep 22, 2015
    Little by little, EA Sports is building an outstanding football game, fun for casual players and incredibly deep for those who want to master it. Yes, changes are subtle this year, but all of them are for the best.
  19. Sep 22, 2015
    FIFA 16 isn't going to blow you away with any single feature. Instead, it falls back on its strong gameplay to provide a fresh experience.
  20. Sep 22, 2015
    FIFA 16 doesn’t reinvent the wheel and needs to refresh its visuals but still, the addition of female soccer players with its own physics on top of the adjustments made on the pitch and to the career modes, make it a better game without a doubt.
  21. Sep 22, 2015
    There's so much gameplay, between classic matches and FUT, that fans will be very happy with this year's chapter. There are also some interesting improvements in AI and physics, and some issues of old that seem really hard to fix.
  22. Sep 24, 2015
    FIFA 16 delivers another deeply satisfying game of soccer replete with beloved franchise staples such as Ultimate Team, Co-op Online Seasons, etc. The core game is largely the same. But key additions in the Women’s International Tournament and the new Ultimate Team Draft add depth to a game already full of immersive play options. With the addition of Ultimate Team Draft, EA could honestly put out Ultimate Team as a stand alone release.
  23. Sep 22, 2015
    FIFA 16 doesn’t reinvent football, but talks about football: CPU might be a little ‘too perfect’, and the goal keepers are far from perfect, but the game is a step forward in the right direction.
  24. Oct 25, 2015
    Finally a true "next gen" FIFA, that eliminates most of the problems of its predecessor and introduces some interesting changes to FIFA Ultimate Team. The gameplay is now extremely solid, the content is impressive (with even female players to complete the package), and the introduction of the FUT Draft is an intelligent way for everyone to try out the greatest players. A pity the player campaign and Pro Club weren't changed as much, but FIFA 16 is still the best soccer game around.
  25. Oct 6, 2015
    To say that FIFA 16 is a return to form may very well be one of the biggest understatements of the year. In one foul swoop, EA has re-established itself as the preeminent name in soccer simulations.
  26. Sep 24, 2015
    For those soccer lovers that are very passionate with their teams and gets it to a next level. Just like other years, EA Sports launch this new title of their loved soccer franchise, FIFA 16, a better game than the last ones and with great development for a next generation console.
  27. Pelit (Finland)
    Nov 5, 2015
    FIFA 16 beats PES on license, general execution and net play, but loses on realism. [Oct 2015]
  28. Oct 6, 2015
    EA Sports have taken a fantastic game and tweaked it to make it just that little bit better. The passing mechanic feels slightly worse but in the end that is also forcing players to utilise the entire range of passing abilities so it is possible that this is by design. FIFA 16 is the best FIFA to date.
  29. Games Master UK
    Nov 3, 2015
    Not a massive step forward, but EA's evergreen series remains well ahead of the competition. [Nov 2015, p.74]
  30. Oct 25, 2015
    It’s still great, but next year we do hope EA concentrates on what’s in the game less, and more about what’s fun to play.
  31. Sep 28, 2015
    The things EA hasn't shouted about are the things that they've clearly worked the hardest on and while there are still flaws, this is the best on-pitch representation of the beautiful game since Konami's PlayStation 2 efforts.
  32. Sep 25, 2015
    Overall FIFA 16 feels more like a complete package compared to earlier installments in the series. New nifty changes to the gameplay and a few fresh concepts like women’s football makes it the best FIFA game so far.
  33. Sep 24, 2015
    A marked improvement over last year, but the absence of pace is sorely missed. FIFA 16 is not as good on the pitch as PES this year – again – but it’s a great football game regardless, with unrivalled off the pitch options.
  34. Game Revolution
    Sep 24, 2015
    FIFA focuses on fewer aspects, only adding a few new things and sticking with their already solid gameplay. Both make tough cases, and it is obvious this has been the closest race to date. As a whole, FIFA 16 plays well and fantastic visual cues.
  35. Sep 22, 2015
    New moves threaten to weigh down FIFA’s snappy pace and breezy playability, but while slightly slower and more methodical, 16 plays a deeper, more balanced game of football.
  36. Sep 22, 2015
    FIFA 16 provides a great football experience and though it's not perfect yet, it's a solid base for a full year of FUT and Season Online matches.
  37. Sep 22, 2015
    Better than FIFA 15, FIFA 16 delivers some big changes in terms of defense, freedom, pace and A.I. It needs some practice to fulfill its potential and appear truly pleasant, tense and realistic. There are still some issues, like the referee, that can irritate. It's not the perfect game but the whole package is so appealing that it's impossible to resist if you are a true football fan.
  38. Sep 22, 2015
    The complete package is as substantial as ever, and those who’ve acclimatised to FIFA’s play style in recent years will likely consider it good enough. But in the face of much stronger competition, ‘good enough’ might not actually be good enough.
  39. Sep 28, 2015
    Without a doubt, FIFA 16 provides countless hours of fun football. Any soccer fan will find tons to enjoy here. After all, this game is your mom’s mac and cheese. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. And that’s the problem.
  40. Mar 2, 2016
    The improvements to FIFA 16 this year are notable in some areas but as a whole it’s starting to feel like the series is getting stagnant, with too much effort being put toward expanding revenue sources rather than delivering innovation that would appeal to a wider audience. Despite that, it's still the most reliable and consistent sports gaming franchise and that holds a lot of weight in the minds of consumers. With FIFA 16, you know you’re playing a really good game, but you might not completely believe it as much as in the past.
  41. Nov 30, 2015
    Overall, the core of a highly successful soccer game is in FIFA 16 but there's a niggling sense of "been there, done that," alongside a healthy dollop of "coulda shoulda woulda" that gets in the way. It's just a bit too safe and predictable. FIFA is still the Cup winner, but PES 2016 has made this annual Friendly a more heated affair.
  42. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Nov 15, 2015
    FIFA has PES beaten when it comes to attention to presentational detail and atmosphere, but maybe that isn't enough anymore. For flowing football, though, you should look elsewhere. [Issue#130, p.71]
  43. Sep 23, 2015
    Beaten to the ball. A frustrating but undeniably well put together package.
  44. 70
    Let's put it in football terms: PES = modern, continental manager. FIFA = Mike Bassett. Like Liverpool, FIFA has talent, but it could be a long road back to contention.
  45. Sep 22, 2015
    FIFA 16 is an incremental improvement, but with legacy issues still plaguing the on-field action the changes feel hollow in light of PES 2016's overwhelming turnaround.
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  1. Sep 22, 2015
    The complete package is as substantial as ever, and those who’ve acclimatised to FIFA’s play style in recent years will likely consider itThe complete package is as substantial as ever, and those who’ve acclimatised to FIFA’s play style in recent years will likely consider it good enough. But in the face of much stronger competition, ‘good enough’ might not actually be good enough. With its biggest rival matching its dynamism and beating it for fluidity and responsiveness, EA Sports has work to do if FIFA is to regain its title as king of the digital sport. Full Review »
  2. Sep 23, 2015
    I have played FIFA since the days of fifa 98, and its unfortunate for me to say this years fifa has been a massive let down. The fact it seemsI have played FIFA since the days of fifa 98, and its unfortunate for me to say this years fifa has been a massive let down. The fact it seems to be a remake of fifa 15, with a few new things added which makes it feel like you have spent £40 on what feels like dlc for fifa 15. The main thing that stood out to me within my first few games is the poor physics and the terrible passing. I use to be an avid fan of the ultimate team series, brilliant concept with a challenge to find the best players but after about 2 games, the feeling of boredom overwhelms me and i need to play something else. For me a video game should be wanting you more and more and more. this game does not do it for me. Poor show EA. Full Review »
  3. Sep 22, 2015
    Fifa is getting better each year.
    fantastic graphic a lot of animatins gameplay has been improved good defence and
    Fifa is getting better each year.
    fantastic graphic
    a lot of animatins
    gameplay has been improved
    good defence
    and ...
    Thank you EA , Thank you Fifa
    Full Review »