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  • Summary: Fox n Forests is a 2D action platformer with RPG and puzzle elements inspired by the glorious days of 16-bit! Switch between various seasons on the fly, shoot and slash with your magic melee crossbow and snatch loot to unveil the mystery of the 5th seasons.
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  1. Jun 7, 2018
    Fox N Forests is a pretty decent game. The only real downside is the pacing and having to do the same levels over again just to collect seeds to continue the game. The game plays great, looks just how I wanted it to, and has that style that really gives off the nostalgic feel. People looking to scratch that 16-bit platformer itch will have a good time with it, and people looking to find nice 16-bit recreation will get something well done here.
  2. Jun 7, 2018
    While Fox n Forests is never going to be remembered as a classic, it’s certainly just as good, if not better, than many of the platformers of yesteryear that people cling to with rose-tinted glasses.
  3. Jul 3, 2018
    I think that Fox n Forests is an excellent reminder of the good old days when games were simpler, times where we spent summers sitting on the couch playing games with our friends taking turns, beating the levels over and over again trying to beat each other's scores. While Fox n Forests isn't going to be remembered as one of the greats, it's definitely a game that even if the 16-bit platformer isn't your thing, you should give it a look.
  4. May 31, 2018
    While my rose tinted nostalgia glasses may be firmly pressed against my nose, FOX n FORESTS is a wonderfully accurate reminder of the good and bad times of the 16-bit era. Younger players may balk at its simplicity given that things certainly have come a long way since, but the game pulls off its aim so well that it’s hard not to be impressed.
  5. Jun 8, 2018
    With old-school design comes both nostalgia and frustration. It knows that and it's surprisingly proud of that. It's clearly made with a lot of love for the genre. If you're nostalgic for such games too, there's really not much to dislike, but neither is there anything new to behold.
  6. Jun 7, 2018
    All in and Fox n Forests has a great nostalgic look, whilst the sound quality is equally as retro. It has some really well thought out levels and the seasons gimmick is sometimes used to great effect. However this is all let down by the slightly sluggish controls and frustrating design choices that ultimately hold you back.
  7. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Aug 17, 2018
    Perfectly competent retro adventure that's missing a certain modern spark. [Sept 2018, p.76]
Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 2
  1. May 29, 2018
    Fox n Forests
    Almost up there with shovel knight
    Fox n Forests is a 5 hour long action 2d platformer with light Metroidvania aspects Here
    Fox n Forests
    Almost up there with shovel knight
    Fox n Forests is a 5 hour long action 2d platformer with light Metroidvania aspects
    Here you play as Rick the fox who is only interested in food and gold, but the season tree and patty the partridge need your help..
    Theres a threat of a 5th season, so the season tree gives you a power to change seasons and go out and collect bark for new powers as you of course are their only hope
    The game consists of 4 different sections for each season, these 4 sections contain 2 platforming levels, 1 boss level and a bonus level that focuses on the5th season unlocked after collecting all 10 seeds hidden through out the 2 levels in each season
    for the most part this is a pretty stragith forward platformer, you collect coins and other collectables to unlocknew moves, upgrade your health, your mana, as well as unlock checkpoints in levels, as dying without activating a checkpoint starts you back to the beginning of a level as well as takes away everything you collected
    there are tons of enemies around which are more of a threat than any of the platforming ever comes close to posing, thankfully you have melee attacks as well as a bow.. and as you progress the game, defeat the seasons bosses youll unlock new magic arrows, which will give you access to areas in cleared levels, which is sortve the hook of the game..
    You cant just run to the end of a level, there is incentive to explore not only because certain upgrades need you to have a set number of a certain collectable found, but because after you defea the boss and gain a new magic arrow, youre given a goal of seeds to collect..
    so youll have to run back to levels you’ve clearned searching for these seeds.. most of which until late in the game, wont be accessable your first run through a level..
    The game is designed in a way to force the player to go back and play these levels multiple times..
    I normally have an issue with such a thing, but this game is so unique and fun to explore that I didn’t mind it here…
    The game shines in its moments of seasonal manipulation.. each area has two seasons you can swap between, freezing lakes or even evaporating them completelyy, exposing platforms in trees, making leaves fall for you to jump across
    I don’t feel the game took full advantage of this mechanic, but it helps in making the search for collectables that much more fun, swapping seasons and looking for new oppenings and possibilities..
    every level is full of hidden areas..
    my only complaint with this game really aside from not doing enough with the season changing enough is its bosses..
    theyre ridiculously easy…
    im not asking to be killed in one hit… but aside from the final boss, I never needed more than 2 tries…
    they have multiple stages, but they never change up enough to be anything other than just the first stage but now I have to dodge an additional attack.
    But the charm of this world and its addictive adventure aspects make this an easy recommendation for platforming fans.
    it truly is unique and worth picking up.
    I give Fox n Forests
    an 8/10
  2. Jun 7, 2018
    Old-school platformers for me never get old and I still play a few classics to this day. Unfortunately though there hasn’t been that many newOld-school platformers for me never get old and I still play a few classics to this day. Unfortunately though there hasn’t been that many new game’s that adopt the classic platforming formula over recent year’s, well that is until now. FOX n FORESTS the new platformer out on Xbox One takes the old-school platformer style and brings it back to today’s modern surroundings, and guess what? It’s awesome to say the least. Everything about this game screams retro and the gameplay stands up to any modern platformer in my opinion. The gameplay brings back a lot of nostalgic moments and they have got the perfect balance of being fair and challenging at the same time. You will also notice that the game also has a lot of variety present throughout and I found this to be especially the case when it came to the enemies. Each enemy has its own unique style and being challenged by them never gets dull. In fact the whole game never gets dull and that’s thanks to the exploration you can do in the game. Exploring the levels gives you lots of rewards and trust me you will need these rewards because upgrades and unlockables are expensive, in fact they’re a little too expensive which in turn can cause you a few problems every now and then. Thankfully though the problems aren’t too severe and you can easily look past them thanks to the game’s nice level design. The levels in the game have all had a lot of thought and effort placed into them and if they were a little shorter then they would be absolutely perfect. Don’t get me wrong the length of the levels isn’t a major problem it’s just that they can drag a little at times. I was able to look past the length though in the end and that was thanks to the interesting mechanics that are in play throughout the levels. Each mechanic plays an important part in your progress but the one that impressed me the most was the season-switching mechanic. This mechanic gives the game a unique flavour which in turn keeps things fresh and interesting for longer. Another thing that keeps the game fresh and interesting is the presentation side of things. Visually the game ticks a lot of boxes for me and the amount of charm present in the art style is off the charts. The sound design also has a lot of charm going for it as well and it combines with the visuals extremely well, which is great. At the end of the day FOX n FORESTS is a game that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with and even though it has a couple of shortcomings I fully recommend that you give this game a go especially if you like retro platformers that follow and improve the old-school style. Expand