Cast & Crew

Directed By

Written By

Raoul Peck


H. Rap Brown
Self - Black Panther Party
Leander Perez
Self - White Citizens Council
Sidney Poitier
Various Roles
Doris Day
Various Roles
Gary Cooper
Frank Flannagan
Tony Curtis
John 'Joker' Jackson
Clinton Rosemond
Tump Redwine (clip from They Won't Forget (1937))
Rod Steiger
Fay Wray
Ann Darrow
Willie Best
Exodus (clip from The Monster Walks (1932))
Kenneth Clark
Self (clip from The Negro and the American Promise (1963))
Stepin Fetchit
Richard (clip from I Ain't Gonna Open That Door (1947))
Audrey Hepburn
Ariane Chavasse
J. Edgar Hoover
Self - Head of the FBI
Narrator french version
Macc Plaise
Self (Portraits)
John Wayne
Ringo Kid
George Bancroft
Marshal Curley Wilcox (clip from Stagecoach (1939))
Louise Beavers
Delilah Johnson (clip from Imitation of Life (1934))
Dorothy Black
Peola Johnson age 10 (clip from Imitation of Life (1934))
Earl Bostic
Self (clip from I Ain't Gonna Open That Door (1947))
Sidney Bracey
Herbert Wilkes (clip from The Monster Walks (1932))
Godfrey Cambridge
Self (clip from Chiquita Banana commercial)
John Carradine
Hatfield (clip from Stagecoach (1939))
Linda Darnell
Edie Johnson (clip from No Way Out (1950))
Norma Drew
Teacher (clip from Imitation of Life (1934))
Carol Haney
Gladys Hotchkiss (clip from The Pajama Game (1957))
Arte Johnson
Self (clip from The Gong Show (1976))
Noble Johnson
Native Chief (clip from King Kong (1933))
James B. Lowe
Uncle Tom (clip from Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927))
Claudia McNeil
Lena Younger (clip from A Raisin in the Sun (1961))
Thomas Mitchell
Doc Josiah Boone (clip from Stagecoach (1939))
Jack Mower
Mr. Shelby (clip from Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927))
Gene Nelson
Tom Farnham (clip from Lullaby of Broadway (1951))
Vivien Oakland
Mrs. Shelby (clip from Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927))
Louise Platt
Mrs. Lucy Mallory (clip from Stagecoach (1939))
S.Z. Sakall
Adolph Hubbell (clip from Lullaby of Broadway (1951))
Isabel Sanford
Tillie (clip from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967))
George Siegmann
Simon Legree (clip from Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927))
Lester Vail
Bob (clip from Dance, Fools, Dance (1931))

Produced By

Joëlle Bertossa
co-producer: coproduced by
Raoul Peck
Patrick Quinet
co-producer: coproduced by
Audrey Rosenberg
consulting producer
Amy Shatsky-Gambrill
supervising producer


Henry Adebonojo
director of photography
Bill Ross IV
director of photography
Turner Ross
director of photography


Dominic Bartolini
audio description mixer
Sabrina Calmels
assistant sound editor: VF
David Gerain
sound recordist
David Gillain
re-recording mixer / sound designer
Simon Jamart
sound recordist
Jules Jasko
voiceover recordist : VF
Dominique Jockmans
sound mixing facilities
Valérie Le Docte
sound designer / sound editor
Daniel Marques
assistant sound mixer
Ivaylo Natzev
voiceover recordist
Philippe van Leer
foley artist


Jacen Bowman
makeup artist

Production Management

Desirée Jellerette
production manager: New York
Julien Melebeck
post-production manager



Pauline Archange
assistant editor
Jean Decré
assistant editor
Cécile Gianfrotta
assistant editor
Natalie James
assistant editor
Brendan Jenkins
assistant editor
Clesca Karim-Daniel
assistant editor
Jonathan Liebert
digital cinema mastering
Dominique Marcel
online editor
Sofiane Mehelleb
online editor
Aldo Mulone
online editor
Sam Pollard
consulting editor

Casting Department

Kinyarda Wright
casting assistant

Camera Department

Leroy Chen
first assistant camera
Trevor Cohen
digital imaging technician
Samuel Francois-Steininger
colorization and restoration
Matt Radican
Pierce Robinson
first assistant camera
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