Conan (2010)
S1 • Episode 1
Baa Baa Blackmail
Air Date: Nov 8, 2010
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Summary Conan O'Brien will host Conan, his own late night show, airing before Lopez Tonight. It will be his first talk show ever to air on cable television.

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Andrés du Bouchet

Tony the Cameraman, Self, Santa Claus, Francisco Guglione - President of Boliviguay, Leslie the Wahlburgers Warrior, Butterscotch the Clown, Carmine Denunzio, Commercial Spokesman, Australian, El Chapo, Schmecky, Trey Triplethird III, 555-Flower Spokersperson, Aldous Trunt, Arturo Palazzo, Average man who thinks about is sex every 50 minutes, Bane, Captain America Ferrera, Carl Masterson of Masterson's Machette's, Chad Italiano, Charles Bayliss - VP Intl Operations, Chef James Arno, Chief Hopper, Christopher Columbus, Comic Khan, Conan Chat Caller, Conan's Employee, Corona Beer Customer, Cyber Monday Spokesperson, DJ Butts, Darrel Stouffer, Declaration Signer, Ellis Island custom official, Fat Jesus, FedEx Delivery Driver, Gary, Giles Fontana, Gravy Man, Green Bay Packer Cottage Cheesehead, Head of Security, High-Powered Holiday CD spokesperson, Hosni Mubarak, Insane Man in Anti-Mistletoe Toe Missile Commercial, Justin Bieber fan, Lou Grabinsky, Ludwig van Beethoven, Man on street, Marcelino, Marcelino Cantori - Pest Control Officer, Nikolai Arensky, Nog Hog Singer, Penis Pun Spokesman, Phil the Stagehand, Port-a-Potty Attendant, Postal Worker, Pot Smuggler, Real Original Rey from Rey's Pizza, Reggie James, Ronny Tripwell - Undead Reporter, Ross McMichael, Salting Crew, Security Guard, Security Guard at Dryer, Self - Debate Audience Member, Sergei Stanislav, Silvio Berlusconi, T-Shirt Clerk, TSA Agent Mario Batista, TSA Agent Phil Batista, Tofurky Hunter, Toll Taker, Tommy Hurst, Tony Grim, Tsa Agent George Batista, Ugly Voter

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