Description: Following a 1987 family movie "Harry and the Hendersons," this series tells us the story of Harry, a Bigfoot who accidentally becomes a member of the Henderson family. The family almost runs down the poor bigfoot on the road, so they decide to take the creature to their home to help him recover. They name him Harry, and soon Harry decides to stay at their house. Harry is adorable, he has the IQ of a young child and he is a sweet and kind creature, who everyone would like. The series mostly revolves around the family trying to keep Harry's presence away from guests, and they always must save Harry from troubles. Various people will help the Henderson family to save Harry, and toward the end of the series Harry will be discovered, and he'll become a celebrity.


Production Company:
  • Amblin Entertainment
  • Universal Television
Initial Release Date: Jan 12, 1991
Number of seasons: 3 Seasons
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