Summary Sesame Street is a widely recognized and perpetually daring experiment in educational children's programming. This show has taken popular-culture and turned it upside-down. The fast-paced advertisements that had parents of the new era worrying for their children were the basis for the original format of this show. The show has often sati...

Sesame Street
Season 33
54 Seasons
Season Premiere: 2002
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Summary Sesame Street is a widely recognized and perpetually daring experiment in educational children's programming. This show has taken popular-culture and turned it upside-down. The fast-paced advertisements that had parents of the new era worrying for their children were the basis for the original format of this show. The show has often sati...

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Fran Brill

Zoe, Prairie Dawn, Muppet, Little Bird, Betty Lou, Arlene Frantic, Nora Nicks, Polly Darton, Roxie Marie, Lavender J Friend, Green Cheerleader, Jungle Girl, Woman, Carol the Baker, Little Red Riding Hood, Mary, Additional Muppet Performer, Big Grad Wolf, Billy Monster, Girl, Head Villager, Mother 'Listen to the Bells', Rita Rucci, Alice, Anything Muppets, Billy, Bird, Bug, Cuckoo Bird, Henry, Lavender AM Girl, Lifeguard, Little Bo Peep, Mouse, Mrs. Crustworthy, Numberella, Plumber, Reporter, Snow Grouch, Wanda Cousteau, 'Let's Go Driving in a Car' daughter, Additional Muppets, Additional Performers, Anne Phibian, Baby Monster, Big Sister Monster (speaking), Bird #1, Cafeteria Member, Caroline, Casey the Rabbit, Cereal, Chicken, Cloud, Countess, Daughter (Princess), Debra Starr, Det. Olivia Benson, Fairy Godmother, Fairy Nap-Mother, Fat Blue Miner, Flower 2, Frannie, Grandmother, Granny Sheep, Green Girl, Grouch, Hat Vendor, Helena, Hot Pink Girl ('Alphabet Conversation'), Hot Pink Subject, I. C. DeForrest, Imogene, Jezebel, June Moon, King's Daughter, Lavender Girl, Linda, Little Monster, Mae, Martha Sewer, Miriam Cheswick, Miss Vicki, Monotone, Monotones Vocalist, Mother, Norah Nicks, Nurse, Omagrossa, Penguin, Pipe Organ, Plate, Postal Worker, Princess Cutie, Princess Geraldine, Queen Quinella, Quinn Fabray Muppet, Roxie Marie Callahan, Rubber Balls, SMV VJ, SMV Video Jockey, Sandy, Short and Tall Singer, Small Bird, Summer Squall, Sylvia Little, Betty Lou, The Countess, Toucan, Transylvanian Woman, Twyla Sue, Ursula, Vertigo, Vivian, Vocalist

David Rudman

Baby Bear, Cookie Monster, Humphrey, Muppet, Hero Guy, Sonny Friendly, Davey Monkey, Chicago the Lion, Fish, Norman, Two-Headed Monster, Athena, Fearful, Duck, Flo Bear, Additional Muppets, Backup Vocals, Betty Bowl of Plastic Fruit, Big Bad Wolf, Blue Monster, Chicago, Lavender Sailor, Velma Blank, Additional Anything Muppets, Additional Muppet Performer, Angry Man #4, Big Bad Chicken, Camel, Cookie's Friend, Dentist, Duane, Ernestine, Fanny the Firefighter, Fearful Dwarf, Fish Dude, Grouch, Kermit in 'Do De Rubber Duck' (Assistant), Lavender Dentist, Mallard Capone, Monster, Mouse, Stagehand, Student, Tessie Twiddlebug, 'Air' Backup singer, Additional Performers, Airplane, Andre, Anything Muppet, Artie Abrams Muppet, Astronaut, Audrey, Audrey Pigeon, Baby Macaw, Baby Martian, Backup Monster, Beach Ball, Bip's Backup Trio, Bird, Blue Cowboy, Blue Haired Vocalist, Brown Horse, Bud, Captain Schnook, Carl the Porcupine, Cat, Cow #3, Cowboy, Cowpoke, Det. John Munch, Dog, Dr. Edwynn, Dr. Flippin, Dr. Johnson, Drummer, Ernie in 'Conga', Fat Blue Cowboy, Fat Blue Transylvanian, Flash Gizmo Space Cadet, Florist, Frankie, Freddy, Frog, Frustrated Muppet Man in 'Cerrado' and 'Abierto', Funky Tooth #2, Georgie, Granny Snuffle, Grasshopper, Greaser in the Park, Grouch Caller, Hammy Swinette (speaking), Hoots's Drummer, Humphry, Irvine, Jill (Assistant), Jill (assistant), Jogger, Jury Penguin 2, Kathleen the Cow, Kermit the Frog (Assistant), Lamb, Lavender Boy, Lavender Guy Named Ed, Lavender Hispanic Anything Muppet man, Lavender Kid, Letter V, Lion, Log, Man in Brown, Martian #2, Max, Maynard, Milk, Moe #4, Mommy Snufffleupagus, Mommy Snuffleupagus, Mookie, Mr. Finch, Mr. On Top Of, Neurotic Man, Norm, Oscar, Paramedic 2, Pipe Organ, Prince, Prince Charming, Princess, Production Assistant, Rhymeraner, Royal Servant, Royal Subject #2, Rudder Rabbit, Sheep, Sheep #1, Sheep-ret Service, Shirt, Shopkeeper, Sidney, Soldier Patrick, Spider, Spike, Step-Mother, Stepmother, Sully, The Big Bad Wolf, The Chief, The Letter U, The Letter X, The Number Two, The Penguin Thief, The Science Officer, The Wild One, Triangle Lover's Assistant, Trumpet Player, Wiggles, Zero

Richard Hunt

Two-Headed Monster, Gladys the Cow, Forgetful Jones, Richard (Two-Headed Monster), Don Music, Placido Flamingo, Timmy Twiddlebug, Sully, Anything Muppets, Green Alphabeat, Maurice Monster, Librarian, Sonny Friendly, Cow, Bear, Bruno, Little Red Riding Hood, Cheerful, Cowboy, Monotones Vocalist, Pig #2, Spaceship Surprise Mate, Alphabeat Vocals, Baby Bobby, Blue Man, Blue Martian, Brad, Counting Service Man, Delivery Man, Green Subject, Larry Rhymie, Lettuce, Old MacDonald, Pig #3, Potter Piper, Richard Monster, Stuie Monster, Telephone Operator, Additional Anything Muppets, Alphabeat, Benny, Clancy, Easter Bunny, Eddie, Eskimo Boy, Francine, Gilbert, Grenadier Guardsman, Hot Pink Brother, Lavender Alphabeat, Lead Beetle, Monsters, Sneaker, Wodehouse, Additional Muppets, Assistant, Backup Vocals, Blue Beatnik, Boy, Brick-house Pig, British Chap, Carl the Cop, Cavewoman, Cora Cow, Cowpoke, Crossing Guard, Dip Cat, Elmo, Frazzletone, French Toast, Girl, Grandpa Grouch, Green Beetle, Green Patron, Green Villager, Green Witch, Green Woman, Ham, Harvey Monster, Headline Howie, Horseman, Jamal's Brother, Lady Lulu, Lavender Cowboy, Lavender Monotone, Lavender Tarnish Brother, Leo the Party Monster, Letter E, Little Girl, Max, Mr. Moses, Orange Gold Son, Orange Gold Tarnish Brother, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Pig, Pink, Pumpkin Cowboy, Rockhead, Spud, Stan, The Young Woman Who Lives in a Hat, Tour Guide, Townsperson, Townsperson #2, Two- Headed Monster, 'Air' Backup singer, 'Spaceship Surprise' Officer, 2nd Motorist, AM Monsters, Additional Muppet Performer, Ali Baba, Alphabeat #1, Announcer, Apple, Apple Monster, Aristocrat, Aristotle, Back-Up Cow, Bad Barney, Bartender, Beetles Lead Vocalist, Beetles Vocalist, Bill Rhymington, Bip's Backup Trio, Bird, Blue Guy, British Guy, Brown Cow, Bruce, Butter, Caller, Caller #3, Candlemaker, Captain Vegetable, Carl Carrot, Cedric, Chauffeur, Cheerful Dwarf, Chester the Bartender, Classmate, Dark Green Monster, Delivery Woman, Dental Assistant, Dip, Dr. Kvetch, Driver, Farmer Fowler, Fat Blue Boy, Fat Blue Cowboy, Fenwick la Touche, Fish, Forgettinest Jones, Friend, Garbage Man, Gladys, Gladys The Cow, Greaser, Green Boy, Green Cowgirl, Green Eskimo, Green Greaser, Green Moviegoer, Green Wolf, Grouch, Grouch #2, Grouch Host, Grover (Assistant), Guy Smiley, Happy Squares Vocalist #2, Harry, Harvey's Victim, Hermine, Herry Assistant, Honkers, Jacques Shoesteau, Jacques Shoesteau (segment 'In, On, and Under'), Janitor, Joe, King Gerry's Doctor, King's Horseman, Lavender Man, Lavender Woman, Lead Singer of Movin', Leaky, Little Pig, Little Sammy Pottle, Magenta Boy, Man, Man on Telephone, Martian, Marty, Mate, Mice, Mirror, Monotone #1, Monotones Vocals, Monsieur de Gaullestone, Monster at Disco, Movin' Lead Singer, Muppet Performer, Nick Redfield, Oil Man, Old MacDougal, Old McDougal, Oscar's Nephew, Pigs, Plumber, Prince, Prince Charming, Pumpkin Man, Pumpkin Victim, Purple Grouch Guest, Purple Thief, Richie, Royal Subject, Second Weather Man, Shaking Shoe, Sheep, Shoe, Sid, Singer, Sister, Soldier John, Son #1, Spaceship Surprise Assistant, Subject #1, Subjects, TV Announcer, Tall Grey Monster, Tenor Elevator Singer, The Letter E, The Pig, The Shaking Shoe, The Two Headed Monster, Thief #2, Thoroughbred, Ticklish Skeleton, Toulouse, Tree, Tropical Grossbill, Two-Headed Monster (Stein), Umbrella Salesman, Various Anything Muppets, Various Muppets, Victor, Villager, Willy Nilly, Winnie Wiggins, Woman, Woodhouse, Yellow Moviegoer, Young Woman who Lives in a Hat, Zig-Zag Dancer, Zookeeper

Joey Mazzarino

Murray Monster, Blogg, Papa Bear, Muppet, Ingrid, Horatio the Elephant, Stinky, Merry Monster, Murray, Stinky the Stinkweed, Joey Monkey, Narf, Chicken, Two-Headed Monster, Big Rad Wolf, Horatio, Nucky Ducky, The Great In-Betweeni, Carson Daly Muppet, Davy Jones, Letter Y, Merry, Original Jay, Penguin, Pig, Rooster, 13, Accordion Player, Additional Performers, Alphabet Explorer, Amazing Al, Announcer, Ant, Anything Muppet #1, Baby Bunny, Baby Tooth, Backup Dancer, Baseball Cap, Baseball Hat, Bee, Beetle, Benny, Bernie Broccoli, Bert in 'Conga', Big Bad Wolf, Big Bo Peep, Big Foot, Bird, Birthday Cake, Blögg, Bolo, Boy #2, British Cricket, Bus Passenger #1, Cactus, Cafeteria Member, Camel, Cheese, Clumsy, Colambo, Colambo the Sheep Detective, Construction Worker, Cousin Bear, Crash Helmet, Dan Rather-not, Det. Elliot Stabler, Dog, E, Eggplant, Elephant, Farmer, Fiverine, Frog, Green AM, Green Transylvanian, Grouch Explorer, Grouch Thief, Gulliver, Gus Hopper, Helmet, Herbert H, Horatio Elephant, Horseman #1, Ingrid, Lyle Large, Izzy, Jack, Jack the Chicken, Jester, Jury Penguin 3, Kingsman, Lamb, Leonardo da Crunchy, Letter A, Letter R, Letter T, Mack, Mailbox, Man #2, Monster, Monster #1, Monster Doctor, Mr. Gue, Mr. MiCookie, Muffin, Number 0, Number 10, Old MacDonald, Old Macdonald, Old McDonald, Only One Cannoli, Paramedic 1, Philip, Phooey Louie, Pierre Blue, Rabbit, Robin, Royal Reader, Sheep, Spot, Swampy, Tan Monster, The Cream, The Elephant, The Great In-Betweeny, The Grouch, The Jacket Fairy, The Letter E, The Number 8, The Top Banana, Tom Wolf, Tomato, Tooth Fairy

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