Description: Once Upon a Time... There's a New Show on CBS-TV called The Dick Van Dyke Show debuted on October 3, 1961 and fresh out of the pilot called "Head of the Family" in 1960 as part of "The Comedy Spot". On this Series, Set in New Rochelle, NY at home. The Show focus on Robert "Rob" Petrie is the husband and Father of 1 Child and the Head Writer of the mythical "THE ALAN BRADY SHOW" where his co-writers Maurice "Buddy" Sorrell & Sally Rogers. Buddy Sorrell is a Married Man and he's unflappable and also he can insult Mel Cooley. Sally Rogers is a Single Woman as she's looking for a Husband. Melvin "Mel" Cooley is the Brother-In-Law of the Star of the Show and the unseen wife and The Star of the Show is Alan Brady is egomaniac, arrogant, selfish, obnoxious and stubborn Boss of Rob, Sally & Buddy in New York City. At Home, There's Laura Meeker Petrie is a Sensitive but Nervous and absolute Sexy Wife and Mother of 1 Child when she knows, sees and hears about goings-on of Rob's follies and non-sensible activities. The Child is Richard R. "Richie" Petrie is the 1 and Only Child of Rob & Laura happens to be their own son as he's being obedient and an habit of trouble and very loud when he gets into havoc of his wild fantasies and mischievous schemes and finally The Helpers lived across the street where Millie & Jerry Helper are helping out. Stories relates the trials and tribulations of the Petries, the Helpers and the Writing Staff of "THE ALAN BRADY SHOW". On September 7, 1966 THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW is hot on CBS-TV when its Cancelled. The Daytime Edition of the show aired reruns from August 1965 to September 1969. Syndicated from 1969 to 1991. From September 1991 to September 1998, Nick-at-Nite aired the show and in 1997, TV LAND airs the show. In 2004 CBS-TV and TV LAND airs the true last episode of the show. -------------- NIELSEN RATINGS (Top 30 or Better) No Ranking in the 1961-1962 Season No. 9 in the 1962-1963 Season No. 3 in the 1963-1964 Season No. 7 in the 1964-1965 Season No. 16 in the 1965-1966 Season No. 12 in the 1965-1966 Season (Daytime) No. 11 in the 1966-1967 Season (Daytime) No. 18 in the 1967-1968 Season (Daytime) No Ranking in the 1968-1969 Season (Daytime) __________ THE BROADCAST HISTORY of The Dick Van Dyke Show October 3, 1961-December 26, 1961 Tuesdays at 8:00-8:30pm January 3, 1962-September 16, 1964 Wednesdays at 9:30-10:00pm September 23, 1964-September 8, 1965 Wednesdays at 9:00-9:30pm September 15, 1965-September 7, 1966 Wednesdays at 9:30-10:00pm on CBS-TV Nighttime. August 2-13, 1965 Monday-Friday at 7:30-8:00am on CBS-TV August 16, 1965-September 2, 1966 Monday-Friday at 11:00-11:30am on CBS-TV September 5, 1966-September 5, 1969 Monday-Friday at 11:30am-12Noon on CBS-TV Daytime.


Production Company:
  • Calvada Productions
Initial Release Date: Oct 3, 1961
Number of seasons: 5 Seasons
Rating: TV-G
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